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Summary: Three people who attend a prayer meeting find out that God is going to go on strike unless the church they attend starts to take living the Christian life seriously.
Style: Dramatic.     Duration: 7min
Actors: 3M/F, 1Voice

God (off stage)



Setting: Three people have been praying.

Mary. That was a good prayer meeting, thought we really got through to God.

Jane. So do I, I lost count of the number of prayers I said.

Sue. Don't you think we pray too much at times?

Mary. We can't pray too much, can we?

Jane. No, of course we can't. God always listens to our prayers.

Mary. Ye,s he hears everyone.

Sue. But at times I think we just come hear and pray and don't listen to God at all.

Jane. We always listen to God, but sometimes he doesn't talk.

God. That's because I can't get a word in edgeways.

(All the women/prayers look shocked.)

Mary. Did you hear that?

June. Yes, what was it.

God. It's me

Sue. (Nervously) Who's me.

God. Me, almighty God the one who created this earth.

Mary. Are you all right?

June. You don't ask God if he's all right.

Sue. Please excuse her, Lord. I think she's a bit shocked.

God. Why don't you expect to hear from me?

Mary. Err, yes, but not like this.

Jane. You don't usually speak like this to us.

God. I have to do something to get your attention.

Sue. Don't we listen enough then, Lord.

God. Well, you've rattled on all night, and come to think of it, you're a bit thin on the

ground tonight, where is everyone? Don't tell me Coronation Street is on tonight.

Mary. It is a bit cold tonight.

Jane. Shut up, we'll get into trouble.

God. At least you've turned out.

Sue. Thank you.

Mary. Shush, you can't creep to God, you know.

God. No, you can't, after all I see beneath the surface.

Jane. We know, God. (Hanging her head down.)

God. At least you realise that, not like a lot of my people in this comer of my vineyard. Do you see them on a Sunday after the meeting -- their little legs can't get them out of this place fast enough. How is my kingdom supposed to grow when my people can't even be bother to come and pray, let alone listen to me?

Sue. Some do listen, Lord.

God. Not enough of them, though. I gave you two ears and only one mouth to try and overcome that, but it doesn't seem to have worked.

Mary. How about doing something miraculous, Lord. Like parting the Red sea or things like that, then people would listen.

Jane. You could send a lighting bolt down to strike a few people. That would make them listen.

God. That doesn't do much for the free will I've given you, does it.

Sue. It would make them sit up though.

God. That isn't the point. I want them to do things voluntarily.

Mary. Some people do have a lot on.

God. I know they do, but I only sent my son down to die on a cross for them so that they could have unlimited access to me and so that they could spend eternity with me. I suppose I am asking a bit to much of them.

Jane. If you put it like that it does sound as though we are being a bit selfish.

God. Only a bit? I'd say that at times you’re very selfish. Do any of you actually listen to the sermons preached in the church?

Sue. Yes, we do.

Mary. Be careful, you’re not supposed to talk back to God.

God. Ok, so you do listen, but how many of you actually put things into practice in your lives? That's the important part, you know. How many of you are actually involved in things in the church or how many want to be involved?

Jane. We've got a few people who do a lot of things.

God. Exactly my point; everyone has a ministry to perform. It shouldn't be left to a select few.

Sue. But people have their own lives to live, with their families and other things.

God. Haven't you read my word; if you put me first I will give you everything you need? Your families will not miss out, because I will bless everything you do. I know what I'll do; I'll go on strike.

Mary. You can't do that.

God. Why not?

Sue. You’re God; you’re always there.

Jane. Yes, God is always there to listen and help us.

God. Not if I go on strike. It's very popular nowadays, you know; you humans are always doing it. So why can't I do it.

Mary. It would be chaos.

God. Do you think so?

Jane. Yes, it would.

God. Not necessarily; some of you would not notice at all.

Sue. What do you mean, God?

God. Well, some of you only come to talk to me when you need something in your lives. They wouldn't miss me at all.

Mary. But God, you’re always there. You hold the universe together, you keep this world going. It would matter if you weren't there.

God. Not to some people it wouldn't.

Jane. That's only the people out in the world not the people in the church.

Sue. We know, God, but there are people who love you and want to work for you.

God. At times there isn't much difference. Why should I stay around for a few people who want to change their lives?

Mary. You died for them Lord, that's why.

God. I didn't die for just a few people. I died for all of mankind, so all could come to salvation. And I expect my church to provide an example to the world, to be different from them, so that they could see how much I love them. That's you and your people, you know. Don't forget I did turn my back on Israel because they didn't listen to me. Don't think I won't do the same again if my church doesn't listen.

Jane. Does that mean you aren't going on strike then, God?

God. Not this time, my dear, but I will not always be patient and wait for them.


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