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Summary: This is a series of 5 skits revolving around a day in the life of a Christian woman, Beth, who is seeking God's will in her daily life. In every situation, she attempts to do God's will but feels inadequate. In the end, God's plans for her are revealed, teaching her to trust God in all things and showing everyone that God's plans are perfect. Could be used as a series, or combined as one item.
Style: Dramatic.    Duration: 5 x 2-7min
Actors: 7F, 1M (VO)

Sarah (Beth's boss)
3 co-workers
Mary (co-worker)
Kate (Neighbour)
God (voice only)


1. God's will is sovereign

(Beth is driving to work, listening to the radio. This can be done as a recorded video in a car, complete with sound effects)

(recorded) “... and that's the wrap-up of the candidates for next week's election. Don't forget to vote!”

Beth: It is soooo hard to really know what the candidates believe and what they will do once they are elected. It's very confusing this year! I know that God wants me to pray for our leaders, but I really don't know where to start with this group. There is not anyone that I really like. (chuckles and looks upward) However, I do need some nail files, notepads, and pens for my purse so, dear God, can you send some of those political ad items my way so you can tell me who you want in office? (laughs out loud)

(sounds of thunder and lightening)
Oh, great..... more rain! I bet my basement will be flooded again tonight.
(praying, looking upward)
Dear Lord, you know how much work that flooded basement is for me. Can you please keep the rain away from my neighborhood today?!?! My knees still ache from the last time I had to move everything out and that “wet smell” drove me crazy for days!

(looking back at the road but starts to squint)

Why can't I see through the rain this morning? These windshield wipers aren't working so well anymore and the traffic is terrible.

(looks around and ponders things for a minute)

I think I'll take the back way to work. The traffic is slower and I can see better. (sigh) I guess I need to add windshield wipers to my “to do” list this weekend.

(makes actions like she is turning; briefly looks upward)

Well, whatever happens, I know that you are in control today, God. Your will, not mine!

(make actions like parking the car and exits)

2. God desires everyone to be saved and we are used by Him for that purpose

(Beth is at her desk in the office. A desktop cross is visible, along with picture frames seen from the back. Sarah comes in.)

Sarah: Beth, are you ready for the committee meeting at 9:30? I need the budget for last month to complete my report. Do you have the numbers for your department?

Beth: Oh, hi Sarah! I thought I emailed those to you but, yes, I have them right here.

(As Beth looks through her papers to get the numbers, Sarah very deliberately looks at Beth's pictures and then picks up the cross.)

Here's my budget.

(starts to hand the budget to Sarah but sees her holding the cross)

Sarah: Is this new? I know you always have a cross on your desk but this one looks different.

Beth: (eager to talk about the cross) Yes! It was a birthday gift from my prayer partner. I love the detail on the front!

(Sarah starts to look bored)

It reminds me of........

(Sarah quickly interrupts and grabs the budget out of Beth's hand)

Sarah: OK, yeah...yeah...'s pretty. Thanks for the budget.

(walks out quickly)

(Beth sighs and shakes her head as she watches Sarah leave, then bows her head in prayer)

Beth: (can be recorded but Beth will need to react with concerned expression) Dear Lord, I know you have put Sarah on my heart. I don't know why we have starts to conversations but she always walks away. I feel I have failed you. Am I missing an opportunity? I can't seem to find your plan for me to tell Sarah about your gift of salvation! What am I missing?!? (pauses and calms down) I lift up Sarah to you and pray for her to turn to you. Your will be done. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Beth: (out loud) Time for the meeting!

(gathers her things and exits.)


3. Our response is important

(Beth, Sarah, and 3 others are in the break room, around a table filled with papers, laptops, and coffee cups. Have at least one empty non-breakable cup on the table. Co-worker #3 does not speak but provides a strong visual response for the audience to see.)

Co-worker #1: (eagerly sharing gossip) Did you hear about Mary downstairs? This is soooooo good! Well, Karen told Sue, who told Amy, and passed it onto Julie at the ball game last night when Carrie overheard it and texted me, Dottie, Kathy, and Trish..... that Mary might be pregnant!!! She was sick in the bathroom last week and holding her stomach. Isn't she separated from her husband?

(Co-worker 3# leans in and is obviously picking up on every word)

Co-worker #2: Separated? I don't know about that but he certainly hasn't been around recently. I wonder whose baby it is? That could be why her marriage broke up. Nothing like an affair to break up a marriage!

(Beth and Sarah are listening and are visably annoyed by the assumption. Co-worker 3# nods in agreement like that is a reasonable thought.)

Beth: So, she was sick and holding her stomach so everybody thinks she is having an affair and pregnant? She could have just had the flu.

(Sarah nods in agreement. Co-worker 3# nods in agreement like that is also a reasonable thought.)

Co-worker #1: My version is better.

Co-worker #2: Are you really that naïve, Beth? Have you seen how she dresses? Positively drab and she certainly could use some make-up. I bet her husband is bored with her and that caused the breakdown of their marriage.

(Co-worker #3 seems taken aback by that comment)

Sarah: I can't believe any of this! I have known Mary for years and she is a wonderful person. In fact, I think her husband is deployed overseas right now. I think the flu is the most logical explanation and I feel sorry for her that all of these rumors are floating around! (keeps talking as actions continue)

(Co-worker #2 reaches for a paper and accidentally knocks over the unbreakable coffee cup onto #1's papers. #1 screams, jumps up, and interrupts Sarah. Co-worker 3# watches it all and begins to intently watch Beth to see what she will do)

Co-worker #1: You idiot! Look what you have done to my papers and laptop! You are going to pay for this mess! Look at my dress! This is “dry-clean only”!

Co-worker #2: Don't make such a big deal about it. (starts to clean up and holds up dry papers) See, the cup was empty. You are such the drama queen! Don't be so ridiculous!

Beth: OK, let's all calm down. It was an accident and nothing was ruined. It's time to turn the other cheek and “do unto others and you would do unto them”.

(Co-worker 3# nods in agreement like that is a reasonable thought.)

Co-worker #1: There you go again, talking about that Bible stuff. That won't clean my dress!

(she storms off, followed closely by Sarah and co-worker #2)

(Co-worker 3# very obviously looks to Beth to see her response.)

Beth: (talking to #3) I know God wants me to be a peacemaker and be His salt on the earth but these ladies are driving me crazy! If it were up to me, I'd give them some pepper with that salt, but it's God's will, not mine!

(Co-worker #3 and Beth laugh then exit.)


4. He provides power to do His will

(This segment requires acting with emotions and needs to portray discomfort, gratitude, and the peace the comes from being a child of God.)

(Scene: Break room.  Mary (the co-worker with the rumors swirling about her) walks in and puts a plastic grocery sack on table. Bows head and prays but looks very sad and lonely. Beth walks in and is startled to see Mary, then acts uncomfortable.  Mary looks at her with discomfort then looks down at her lunch bag.)

Beth:  oh, um... Hi Mary.   Are you having a late lunch, too?

(Beth awkwardly sits down. Mary starts to get up and moves bag.  )

Mary: (stammers)  I'll move this.... Gotta go....

Beth:  (tries to comfort Mary) No, please stay.  I don't think I've had the pleasure of your company for lunch before.  

(Acts more calm and tries to be pleasant)

I'm Beth from accounting. ..... and I'm hungry!   My budget meeting ran late.
(Opens nicely packaged lunch bag.)
Oh, NO!  I have my son's lunch bag!

(Pulls out a PBJ Uncrustable sandwich) I'm allergic to peanut butter but my kids love it so I have to buy these. (Picks up PBJ) I can't make them at home without breaking out.

(Beth notices Mary hasn't opened her lunch.)

Beth:   Would you like this?  

  1. (smiles slightly; speaks as though she would like it but is embarrassed.) Oh, no, but thanks.
  1. I'll just leave it here for someone to eat, then. (Opens rest of the bag.) Oh, great.....Blue Smurfberry yogurt and plain carrots.  Oh well, I guess the blue yogurt will have to be my carrot dip today.  I can't imagine Kevin's comments about the pasta salad in HIS lunch bag today. Can you just see the other 4th graders at his table when he opens it?

(Beth makes a funny face. Both grin and act more comfortable. Mary opens her bag and pulls out a small container.)

Mary: Would you like my mother in laws homemade tortellini? She is always trying to get me to eat something and it is very good. I'm just not hungry today.

Beth:   Oh, is that homemade???  It looks wonderful!

Mary:   (Beaming now) Yes.  It is a family recipe that she makes for my husband's birthday.  He is deployed right now but she insisted on making it anyway. I know what is in it but I've never been able to make it taste like hers.
(Picks up the PBJ and a post-it note is on the bottom.   Picks up the note and reads it out loud.) “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Beth:  (Beth takes the note from Mary's hand)  I put a note in his school lunch bag everyday.  I don't know if he reads it but he does know that I care. I remember sharing lunches at school when I was young. I guess you never outgrow that, do we? (both laugh) Haven't we had a lot of rain this month?  I bet my basement will be flooded again.   That is soooooo much work to get it dry and I left my umbrella at home today.

Mary:  That is a lot of work.   I'm tired of looking like a drowned rat when I come to work.

(Both laugh comfortably. Beth picks up the plastic grocery sack from Mary's lunch.)

Beth: (being funny) Hey, this could be a rain cap for when I leave. (pretends to put the bag over her hair) That would certainly give the gossip mill around here something to talk about!

(Beth is suddenly embarrassed and Mary is uncomfortable then she freezes. Both know what the gossip mill has been saying about Mary. Beth's thoughts can be pre-recorded and heard audibly or she can turn away from Beth , speaking directly to God)

Beth: Oh, dear God, what do I do now?!?! Mary has already been hurt by the gossip and now I threw it in her face? What do I say? Dear Lord, give me the words to make this right!

(Beth takes a deep breath and reaches out for Mary's hand.)

Beth: Hey, I know people around here can say hurtful things and we can't stop them but very few actually believe any of it. I have really enjoyed our lunch together and hope to see you again soon.

(Mary looks shyly at Beth but with gratitude.)

Beth: (picks up post-it note and hands it to Mary then takes a deep, deliberate breath) The only one I know that will never hurt me is Jesus. (reading the note) “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” If you don't know Him, we can talk sometime. If you already know Him, we help each other.

Mary: (smiling broadly) Yes, He is my Savior, too. I've been praying to find a Christian co-worker.

Beth: (smiles at Mary) You know it really is just a matter of time before somebody makes up something about me. (looks at watch and suddenly jumps up) Oh, they are probably making up something right now! I'm late for my next meeting. The gossip mill probably already has me convicted and sentenced for taking too many breaks even though this is my first one all day. You know how everybody likes to keep track of everybody but themselves! (speaks and laughs as she exits) Let me know if you hear anything!

Mary: (smiling broadly; bows head and prays out loud) Thank you Jesus!

(exits smiling and in a good mood)


5. God's will revealed

(Beth is at home with neighbor, Kate,  who is helping her with her flooded basement. If you have a stage with steps, create a set on the top level to look like living space with a comfy chair and stack boxes & stored items below to resemble a basement. God's voice is heard but the actor is not seen. Kate sings at the end or a pre-recorded audio is used)

Beth: (sarcastically, standing at the “basement”) Well, what a fantastic end to a fantastic day! I come home to a pool in my basement. (wearily looks around)

Kate: It could have been worse! You had less than an inch and you had prepared by having everything up high, so you didn't lose hardly anything this time. 4 or 5 high power fans and you should be dry by tomorrow night! (bends over and picks up a Bible) Even your Bible is dry this time!

(both smile and Beth takes the Bible)

Beth: It may be here and dry but I wanted the Scriptures to be alive and growing throughout the day. Today was rough. (hugs the Bible)

Kate: Rough day, huh? I'm sorry you have water in your basement but I'm always glad to have a chance to talk with you. I am always encouraged whenever I come here and I'm blessed to help a sister in Christ. (Beth looks surprised) Yep, I work in lots of houses every day all year long helping other people and I know that this is a home that honors God. (Beth smiles with gratitude) Hey, I've got this covered. Why don't you go upstairs and just talk to God about your day. Spend some time in prayer.

(Beth moves to a different area of the stage, sits in a chair and tries to fall asleep.  Kate picks up a box or other item then sits with her back to the congregation, being very still to not draw attention from Beth. Beth tries to get comfortable but she her mind is racing and she finally realizes she needs to talk to God about her day.)

Beth: God, may I ask you some questions?

God: Always, dear child.

Beth: I tried to serve you today but everything went wrong. I want to do your will but I didn't do anything fantastic today for you. I still don't know who to vote for in the election, I was late for work with the rain and traffic, Sarah cut me off when I tried to talk to her about the prayer cross, I tried to be a peacemaker at the meeting but that didn't turn out well, and then I made that stupid comment about the gossip mill to Mary. I opened my mouth and inserted my big, clumsy foot! To top it all off, my basement was flooded. I feel like today was a total failure!

God: I will always be with you and your day was NOT a failure! I have the election under control and your prayers will be honored. Yes, you were late for work but you did get there. If you had stayed on your original route, a distracted driver would have missed a stop sign and broadsided your car, nearly killing you.

Even though Sarah cut you off about the cross, you have planted the seeds and she is now comfortable enough to at least start a conversation with you! Remember, the parable of the sower? Somebody plants the seeds, somebody waters them, and I harvest them. Trust me! You WERE a peacemaker today and your coworkers will remember what you said about Mary. You see, she has cancer and needs your prayers and support.

I made your meeting run late so that you would be alone in the lunch room with her. She had been praying to meet a Christian co-worker and you were an answer to her prayer. Even though you felt bad about the gossip mill comment, you asked for My help and I gave it freely. I didn't put Philippians 4:13 on your heart today for your son but for Mary. I even threw in that wonderful tortellini! In my name, continue to be her friend and defend her.

Beth: I see that You are in everything but I feel like I was a ship being tossed by the waves.  I wanted to do your will today but I feel like I was simply reacting to situations instead of submitting to your will for my life today.   There are sooooo many things I wanted to say and so many people I wanted to share your Good News with but I was always running late or letting other people dictate my actions.

God: But you DID follow my will for you today.  I put all those things and all those people in just the right spot for you and you didn't back down once!  You did not hesitate to share my words with everyone today.   It was my will for you today that you would respond to the opportunities I presented and you did it without hesitation.  My will isn't always something big.  It can be as simple as a smile to a stranger when you don't feel like smiling.  My will for your life isn't always a big fantastic plan or change of direction in your life. It is often a moment that can change lives for me..... including yours!

I love you, my child, and you invited me into your life today. Remember how you prayed for my will and not yours to be done? You sought to do my will and you put your faith in me. I kept you close to my heart and protected you, as always. You see, not only did I use your life today for my glory but I sent you help for your flooded basement so that you can spend time with me.

Remember Romans 7:4? “So, my brothers and sisters, you also died to the law through the body of Christ, that you might belong to another, to him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit for God.” The fruit you grew today will honor Me. Trust me, Beth! My will for you is perfect.

Beth: Your will not mine! I trust you Lord and thank you for ….. well..... EVERYTHING!

(Beth falls asleep while Kate works while softly singing “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”. If Kate does not want to sing, have a radio in the basement as a prop and use a pre-recorded song as if it was playing on the radio.   Exits at end of song.)

(Beth wakes up, hugs her Bible with a smile then exits)


© Copyright Claudia Rudolph, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
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