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Summary: A "solid" bible-study leader has a problem practicing what he preaches. Written to set-up a sermon on Romans 12 dealing with hypocrisy. Key words: Hypocrisy • Marriage • Encouragement • Honesty
Style: Dramatic.     Duration: 10min
Actors: 2M, 2F, 1C +VO



Tom: The bible-study leader.
Wendy: His wife.
Matt: His son. About 8 years old.
Sarah and Doug: Bible-study members.
Extras: Use the congregation and 3 or 4 'plants' within the congregation, on the first row with Sarah and Doug.

Props: Offering plates, bibles, toys, TV remote control.

Notes: Tom should be played as straight as possible. Do not over stereo-type.


SCENE 1: Tom is leading a group Bible Study.

Tom: So remember, brothers & sisters, the Bible says we are to love each other with the same love that God bestows on us. FORGIVE, as He forgives us. Never hold grudges or try to get even when you are wronged. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ has loved the Church. Love and respect your children. Be patient with them when they do wrong.
Let's close with a word of prayer.
Dear Father, we seek Thy divine guidance. We seek to please Thee in all our relationships so that Thy name may be glorified. Grant us the serenity to forgive wrongs, and to love those around us. We give Thee the glory. Amen.
Now, it wouldn't be church without an offering (chuckle chuckle). Seriously, remember that tonight's collection will go directly to buy Bibles for our sister churches in Russia. So dig deep. A little sacrifice never hurt anybody!
(Tom passes a tray down one row, crosses across the front to receive the basket on the other side. While so doing, he carefully, and trying to hide, pulls out a wad of money, and takes one dollar bill which he visibly puts in the offering.)
OK! That's great brothers and sisters. May the Lord bless your giving. That's all for tonight... see you all next week.

(3 or 4 people get up and leave from the front row, pausing for quiet conversation. Sarah & Doug make their way to Tom.)

Doug: Thanks for the lesson tonight, Tom. Hit home again.

Tom: Thank you for saying so, Doug. Hey, have you guys moved in to your new apartment yet?

Doug: No, but we will very soon.

Tom: Just remember, give me a call whenever you need me to help. Your friendship is important to me. I really want to help you.

Doug: Thank you Tom, I will. God bless you.

(Doug leaves. Sarah has been waiting her turn, but has to touch Tom's arm to get his attention before he follows Doug out.)

Sarah: Tom... Tom, I think I need some help. I'm having... family problems.

Tom: I'm sorry to hear that Sarah. How can I help? Do you want to talk?

Sarah: I don't think so, but thanks. Right now I just want to ask you to pray for me. I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Tom: Of course I'll pray for you. And anything else I can do. And if you change your mind about wanting to talk, just give me a call. I'm more than willing to listen, anytime of the day or night. I mean it now... Anytime, day or night. Okay?

Sarah: Okay. Thanks Tom. You're a real brother.

(Lights go dark as Sarah walks off.)

(Lights go up on stage, Tom's living room. As Tom enters, he notes it is kind of messy...)


(Wendy the Wife enters.)

Wendy: Hi, honey. How was Bible study? Sure hated to miss it tonight.

Tom: I thought since you didn't go you might have had time to CLEAN THIS PLACE UP! Just LOOK at this PIG STY! What have you been doing all evening?

Wendy: I'm sorry Tom. Your Mom had some breathing problems tonight, so I stayed at the hospital with her a little longer till they got her more comfortable. As usual, she said to tell you she loves you and sure wishes you'd visit.

Tom: That's a laugh. She never could tell me she loved me when I was growing up. Now that she thinks she's about to die, she can't tell me enough. What a hypocrite!

Wendy:Tom, give it up. She's sorry and wants to tell you. I think you should go see her.

Tom: I don't think so. You weren't there when I was a kid. I got more spankings from her than I got pats on the back. She wouldn't even spend time talking to me. NO! She didn't have time for me then -- I don't have time for her now. How about fixing me something to eat?

(Wendy stares sadly, then walks away. Tom picks up the TV guide, reads, then shouts to Wendy.)

Tom: Wendy, don't make any plans for next Monday night. There's a great game on Monday Night Football. I've got 10 bucks riding on the Vikings in the office pool. Like taking candy from a baby...

(Phone rings, Tom answers.)

Tom: Hello... Hi Sarah... Your father threw you out of where...? You mean, like, you don't have anyplace to stay tonight...? Wow, that's tough. Hey, I've got an idea, Sarah. Remember [your preacher's name] talking about how a number of people have opened their homes to folks in distress?... Yeah, that's right. So why don't you give him a call and see if he can lead you to one of those folks. I mean, we'd have you over here but my wife is -- real sick... Oh, nothing serious, but you don't want it. Thanks for asking, though... Ok, good luck, Sarah. Bye.

(Enter Wendy.)

Wendy: Here's your sandwich, Tom. Who was that on the phone?

Tom: Oh, ah, nobody important.

(Enter Matt the son.)

Matt: Hi, Daddy. How do you like my airplane?

Tom: (Irritated) Great! You've been in the Legos again. You better not have made another mess in your room or I'll have your hide. (Matt backs out dejectedly.) That kid is gonna make me crazy!!!
(Phone rings.)
What IS this?!?!?! Grand Central Sta... HELLO?... Oh, hi Doug... No. Everything's fine. How about with you?... Good... Sure I'll help you move. Like I said, your friendship is... Monday. Did you say Monday?! Ah, gee, Doug. Of all the evenings, that's, ah, well, I've got this office thing that I just don't think I can get out of... Yeah. Isn't that the pits!?... Well, I'm sorry too. Let me know if you change the day. Sure. Okay, bye.

(Wendy has been staring and getting more and more angry.)

Tom: And what's YOUR problem? Can't a guy have one night a week for himself?

(Wendy picks up a Bible. Tom thinks she's gonna hit him with it and defends himself. She hands it to him.)

Wendy: Romans 12, 9 thru 21. Read it. Please.

(Tom begins looking up the passage.)

Tom: Since when are YOU teaching ME what's in here?......
(Wendy leaves.)
Romans, Romans, Romans.... 12... verse 9....
"Love must be sincere" ... so tell me something I don't know.
"Honor one another above yourselves."... "Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality." Ouch....
(Lights begin to fade.)
"Do not repay anyone evil for evil."
(Thinks about that one a little harder.)
"Live at peace with everyone." Wow.
(Tom slowly reaches for the phone, picks up the receiver, dials 3 or 4 numbers, then drops his head as lights go to black.)

By Tom Mitchell and John Wayne Samples, ©1996 JSam Communications, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This script is available at no charge to church theatre groups who do not charge to watch the performance, and who include the author's details in an appropriate credit.

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