Summary: A parent and child are assembling a nativity scene and discuss the true meaning of Christmas.   Themes:    Christmas, family.
Style: Dramatic.   Duration:   7Min
Scriptures: Luke 2:7
Actors: 1M, 1F, 1M/F, 1C





Mom:    This is going to be a great Christmas. I’m feeling more and more like Santa every minute.
(Mom puts on a funny Christmas hat.)
Child:    Mom, this set looks wonderful.
Teenager:    I didn’t know that you had painted it yourself. (Teenager putting more figures on the table.) Why did you make this magi guy wear purple clothes?
Mom:    Purple was a color worn by royalty at that time, so I figured that was a good color for one of the 3 kings.
Child:    And this one, with the yellow and green outfit? Are those royal colors, too?
 Mom:    (A bit sheepishly.) Well, actually, I just really liked those colors together. Did you see how I made the camel’s clothes match?
Teenager:    (A little questioningly.) I had wondered about that. And about this rainbow angel. I thought Angels were supposed to be in white.
Mom:    Well, you see, this Angel was a very special Angel. This angel was on the most wonderful “Angel Job” of all: Proclaiming the Birth of the Savior. I had to be especially careful about how I did this angel. I remembered this beautiful book that my grandmother had with the most fantastic pictures of Angels in it. I could look at those pictures for hours. The angels had multi-colored gowns and their wings were so beautiful you could feel their softness. The glitter made them magic. This nativity angel would be dressed like that. I named her “Gloria”.
Child:    I see that is what her banner says. I hope her last name’s not “In Excelsis Deo”.
Mom:    Now you are being silly. But truly, I am very pleased at how each piece came out. I took hours on each one. I think that you can see the joy and wonder on Mary’s face. And just look at how sweet the baby Jesus is.
Child:    He really is cute.
Teenager:    But why did you go through all that trouble to paint a nativity scene yourself. You can just pick one up at the store.
Mom:    Oh, you’ve seen some of the nativity scenes in stores; they haven’t caught the Wonder of that night. I can never spend 5 minutes thinking about God really coming down to earth and being born as a baby child, without thinking WOW! (Pause.) I tried to put that WOW in this nativity scene. As I painted each detail, I remembered the miracle of that night. God must love us an awful lot to give up His heavenly existence and become human.
    (Dad enters.)
Dad:    Hey. The nativity scene looks wonderful.
Teenager:     That’s cause it’s not just any old nativity scene. It’s special.
Dad:    Well, it’s meant to show a rather special night. The wonder of Christmas is shown in that little scene. I look at it and I remember John 3:16. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” It always gives me a warm feeling, like I’m precious to God. Have you ever felt like that?
Child:    Well, I know what it feels like to be precious to you and Mom.
Teenager:    That’s the wonder of Christmas? That we are precious to God?
Mom:    That’s right. Whenever you are feeling low on Christmas spirit – look at the nativity and just meditate on how much God loves you.
Teenager:    Won’t the stores be surprised to hear that one?
(Everyone freezes then exits.)


©Copyright Debra Wehr, 2014. All rights reserved.
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