Summary: Three scenes to show how people have trouble recognizing who Jesus really is.   Themes: Christmas, Jesus is King, Christian living.
Style: Dramatic.     Duration: 10min
Scriptures: Matthew 2:2, Luke 2:13-14, Luke 2:25-30, Luke 2:36-38, John 18:36, Ephesians 4:17-19
Actors: 5M, 3F, 1M/F



Innkeeper's Wife


(Setting:    Jesus at the Manger, Jesus preaching. and Jesus in the hearts of today's believers.)

SCENE 1    
(It is the morning after Jesus is born. Jesus' parents, Joseph and Mary, are talking to the innkeeper's wife. Mary is holding Jesus. Innkeeper's Wife is on stage as the scene begins.)
Narrator:    Often we fail to recognize Jesus for who he is. A conversation like this may have occurred some years ago.
(Joseph and Mary enter stage. Mary is carrying baby Jesus.)
Innkeeper's Wife:
Joseph, I'm so glad we were able to find room for you and Mary. I see the baby arrived, and you are both well.
Mary:    Yes, thank you. God's greatest gift is here.
Innkeeper's Wife:
I know what you mean, babies are a wonderful gift from God. I remember when my little Jacob was born. He's such a treasure.
(She looks happily reminiscent as she remembers.)
Mary:    Jesus is a very special baby. He is God's son.
Innkeeper's Wife:
How sweet. You've already dedicated him to the Lord. Have a safe journey.
    (Innkeeper's Wife exits the stage.)
Mary:    (Mary is Confused.)
She just doesn't understand. Gosh, Joseph. The king of heaven was born as a baby here and she doesn’t seem to know. I would have thought all the angels would have woken her last night with all their singing. There were legions of them. Wouldn't that make her take note? And all those shepherds bowing down and worshipping? You’d think that everyone at that full inn would have gotten a clue.
Joseph:    Some people sleep through anything. Don’t worry, Mary. Not everyone will recognize him. We know who he really is, and God will reveal it to others, in His time.
    (Joseph and Mary exit the stage.)

(The two disciples, Mathias and Jonah, enter as the narrator speaks and freeze.)
Narrator:    Joseph was correct. There were those who recognized how very special Jesus was. Three wise men from the East knew that a King had been born, and brought Jesus royal gifts. At the temple in Jerusalem, Simeon and Anna knew, as soon as they saw the baby, that he was the messiah. However, most people saw nothing unusual about this baby. Even later, while Jesus’ ministry was in full swing, people did not see Jesus as he truly was; an heir to a heavenly kingdom.
Jonah:    That guy sure can preach it. He’s a true prophet. And just look at all these people who follow him.
(Spreading out his arm.)
Mathias:    Yes, surely this is the promised Messiah, who will save us from Roman rule. With him as our leader, I am sure that we can overcome the Romans.
Jonah:    I’ll be glad to give him my support. I have a strong arm and am willing to fight.
Mathias:    It will be good to have a Jewish King to rule over us.
    (The two disciples exit the stage.)
Narrator:    Well, Mathias didn't get his wish. He must have missed the part where Jesus said His kingdom was not part of this world. The twelve apostles understood; they even argued about who would sit on the right side of Jesus in His heavenly kingdom. The Roman soldiers that crucified him took notice when the earth quaked and said “Truly, this must be the Son of God”.

SCENE 3    
(Frank and Sue enter the stage and freeze as the narrator speaks.)
Narrator:    Even today, multitudes claim that there is no evidence of God. Nevertheless. Jesus is living and active in the hearts of His people. Those who have placed Jesus on the throne of their lives make him King of their choices and act according to the will of Jesus.
Sue:     It always amazes me how Carl drops what he is doing and takes care of whatever I need.
Frank:    Yeah! He's a really nice guy. He helps out in so many ways. Carl never pushes me aside or makes me feel bad. Even though I used to pick on him all the time. He always seems glad to see me and almost delighted to help me out.
    (Carl enters the stage.)
Sue:    Yeah! He definitely puts others before himself.
Frank:    Hey, Carl. Sue and I were just talking about you.
Carl:    I hope it was all good.
Frank:    How could it be otherwise? Carl, we were wondering, what makes you such a nice guy?
Carl:    Honestly, I'm just trying to do what I believe Jesus would do.
    (Frank, Sue, and Carl freeze until the narrator finishes speaking.)
Narrator:    When you see unselfish acts of forgiveness and love, in the lives of God’s people, we can know that Jesus is alive and ruling as king in some hearts. Many of us make Jesus a part of our lives, but do not make him the King. Today , it is easy to see that Satan rules in the world of men. But there will come a time, when Jesus will come, in all his Glory, to claim his kingdom. And that is why, my friend, that WISE MEN STILL SEEK HIM.

(All actors exit the stage.)


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