Summary: Based on John 5. A sick man without much hope, until Jesus and his disciples turn up.
Style: Dramatic.       Duration: 10min  
Actors: 1M


A very sick man.


I’d been at that pool of Bethesda for almost the whole of my adult life, thirty eight years. I cannot remember a time when I was ever healthy. I got used to being infirm and after a time I just lay there feeling completely lost.

Someone provided food for me every day by bringing me basic meals, but for the rest of my time I was alone.

You may wonder why I was there. It’s very simple. An angel went down at a certain time into the pool and troubled the water. Then whoever first stepped in after the troubling of the water was made whole of whatever disease he or she had. 

When I was first laid at the pool I had very high hopes for my healing. I knew there was no other way to be healthy again. But gradually I couldn’t walk, and had no-one to help me into the pool.

We saw many people coming to the pool. Some just to look at the sick folk, others coming to assist and feed someone in their family who was incurable. A few even came to mock and laugh at our troubles. We got used to it all.

Then suddenly, one day, my whole life changed. At first I did not notice another crowd of people that had arrived at the pool until I heard a voice say: “Do you want to become well? Are you really in earnest about getting well?”

I remember thinking, without looking up, “What an idiot! Of course I wanted to be cured!”

Then I saw this man (much later I learn that He was called Jesus) looking at me, and He was looking at me with such compassion and love. He was like no one I ever met before.

I was a little stunned by His presence and His remark, but gathering my wits, I replied: “Sir, I have nobody when the water is moving to put me into the pool; but while I am trying to get in, somebody else steps down ahead of me.”

Jesus just looked at me and said: “Get up! Pick up your bed and walk!”

Suddenly I felt myself strengthen and knew instantly that I was cured. I leapt to my feet in pure joy and headed for my home. I even forgot to thank Jesus in my happiness.

It wasn’t long before I was challenged for walking with my bed on the Sabbath. I just told them that the man who healed me had said: “Take up your bed and walk.” So I did! 

“Who was He?”, they demanded but I didn’t know because Jesus had already disappeared into the crowd.

I made my way to the temple to praise Jehovah for His mercy and suddenly Jesus appeared at my side and said: Behold, you are made whole. Sin no more lest a worse thing come to you.“

I later told the Jews that it was Jesus who had healed me. Some got very angry and talked about killing Jesus because He had done this thing on the Sabbath.

But Jesus, when He heard about their schemes answered them, “My Father has worked until now, He has never ceased working and He is still working and I, too, must do my divine work.”

I pondered many times about Jesus and all that had happened to me. I even sought Him out to listen to His wonderful teachings, and I took up His invitation to the crowds, to repent of my sins.

He had said, ‘Sin no more lest a worse thing come to you’.

 After I was saved, I realised that all sickness came from the evil one and that sin could cause sickness to anyone. I had forgotten that long ago I had been a sinner and not a nice person to know.

Now I knew I was cleansed and would spend eternity in heaven with Jesus. Praise God.


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Glory to God