Summary: Loosely based on Exodus 3. Moses tells the police about a burning bush!
Style: Light-hearted.    Dur:  7min
Setting: Police station where the policeman answers the telephone.
Actors: 1M, 1M/F





P          Hello, Sinai Police station…

M         Oh! Hello, I want to report a fire.

P          Well if you could give me a few details sir…

M         Yes of course constable.

P          Er, Sargent actually sir.

M         I sorry Sargent!

P          What is your name sir?

M         Moses.

P          Okay Moses, is this a structural fire, a building, or a natural fire sir?

M         It’s a burning bush, Sargent.

P          Hmmm, a burning bush… Is it a big bush sir?

M         Well, quite big.

P          Quite big and burning…

M         Yes, and it’s a talking bush…

P          I beg your pardon sir, did you say a talking bush?

M         Yes.

(The Sargent calls to an unseen colleague “We got a right one here!”)

P          You met a burning bush, sir.. How did you meet?

M         Wel,l I was just minding my sheep – I’m a shepherd.

P          That’s apparent, sir.

M         I heard this voice calling from a burning bush…

P          Oh yes, not only was it a burning bush but also a talking bush too.

M         Yes. I was surprised as you are Sargent. I’ve never met a burning, talking bush before…

P          Neither have I, sir. Now if you don’t mind me asking, what was the burning bush saying?

M         It was saying: Take off your sandals.

P          Take off your sandals? Why should you do that, sir?

M         The bush said I was on Holy ground…

P          Oh, Holy ground… I see, well actually, I don’t see or understand any of this.

M         Neither did I until the bush gave me instructions.

P          Instructions sir. What instructions?

M         I have to go to Pharaoh and ask him to free the Jewish slaves…

P          Er, You’ll need an army to do that, sir.

M         No, I won’t.  God said, He would be with me.

P          God? Where did He come in?

M         He is in the burning bush…

P          In the burning bush? Do you mean Jehovah, the god of the Jews?

M         Yes. I’m a Jew but I was brought up in Pharaoh’s palace.

P          Bought up in Pharaoh’s palace? What are you doing out in the desert then?

M         Long ago I killed an Egyptian for bullying one of my fellow Jews and had to run away.

P          And now you want to go back and free the Jewish slaves.

M         Well, I wasn’t sure at first…

P          I’m not surprised…

M         But I must do what God has instructed me to do.

P          The bush, it’s way out in the desert?

M         Yes.

P          Doing no harm?

M         No, apart from the sheep.

P          The sheep are harmed?

M         Oh no, but you should smell this place after they…

P          Okay sir, I’ll take your word for it.

M         Thank you.

P          You realise that murder is a capital offence sir.

M         Yes, Sargent.

P          But as it was a long time ago, perhaps I won’t investigate the matter any further.

M         Thank you, Sargent.

P          To be honest Moses, I’m having difficulty understanding all this…

M         So am I!

P          But if you’ve been instructed by Jehovah Himself, you’d better carry out this assignment, and don’t worry about the burning bush.

M         Thank you, Sargent. Then I’ll be on my way. Goodbye.

P          Goodbye Moses, give my best regards to Pharaoh.

M         Good bye, Sargent.

(The Sargent hangs up the phone and calls to his unseen colleague)



© Copyright Roger Bulpitt, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.

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