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Summary: A modern day parable showing the love and acceptance of God as Father.
Style: Dramatic.  Duration: 12min
Scripture: Luke 15:11-52
Actors: 4-5M

DAD: Farmer, father of the prodigal son, kind, generous.
TIM: The prodigal son.
DELIVERY BOY: with cap (can be same actor as a Bailiff).
BAILIFF 1: Wearing navy T-shirt.
BAILIFF 2: Wearing navy T-shirt (non-speaking part).
Props needed: Toy car, mobile, laptop, nice flamboyant coat/jacket, trainers, credit card, newspaper, chair, binoculars.


[At home on the farm. A chair facing forward midstage. On the chair is a posh jacket, underneath are some trainers.  DAD enters and sits on the chair reading paper]
TIM: [enters – he is in a bad mood] Dad. [shouts] Dad, are you listening?
DAD: [puts paper down] What is it, Tim my son?
TIM: I am fed up with being on this farm. [worked up] I’ve been here all my life and now I’m eighteen. [he stamps round the stage speaking each word with each footstep] And ..I..don’! [continues to stamp]
DAD: [stands up and approaches Tim to hug him.] But Tim, this is your home. You have everything you need.
TIM: [Tim walks away avoiding the embrace] It’s no good. I’ve made up my mind. I’m leaving. I want to spread my wings [stretches arms out] and fly away [zooms around the stage smiling, arms out] Wheee!
DAD: [Imploring] But Tim, where are you going to go? How are you going to live? Will you get a job?
TIM: No! I’ve got it all worked out. You can give me half your money. After all, it will be mine after you…die. [Dad looks upset. Tim turns to the audience] Where shall I go? {Takes first suggestion} Yes, I will go there. Come on then Dad, give me the money.
DAD: Are you sure, Tim?
TIM: Never been more sure in all my life!
DAD: I’m sorry you feel you want to leave the farm…to leave your family. [To audience] They say if you love someone, sometimes you have to let them go. So I guess that is what I will do. [Dad hands him a credit card]
TIM: [holds up credit card] Look what I’ve got! Hey hey! [He puts on the jacket and trainers excitedly] I’m going to have fun fun fun! Right! Enough of this place – [he turns to Dad in perfunctory manner] Bye Dad. [shouts] Freedom! [he exits R]
DAD: [Runs after Tim to hug him but he has gone He shouts after him:] Goodbye Tim. You know there’ll always be a home for you here. [Dad exits L]
TIM: [Enters with laptop under arm. To audience:] I’m here in {insert name of place} This is great. And look what I’ve got! [He sits on the seat and opens the laptop on his lap] So, I’ll connect to the internet. Right. I’m going to start shopping! [To audience] What is the best phone I can get? I don’t care how much it costs. {takes first name given} Yes, I’ll order a {name of phone} online. Home delivery of course! Buy now! Yes! [Prods keyboard with forefinger]
SOUND: [A doorbell rings or knock on door]
TIM: [gets up leaving laptop on the chair sideways on and answers the door] Hi. That was quick.
MAN: Here’s your phone, sir. [he gives Tim a phone and exits. Tim shuts the door]
TIM: Great. [He fiddles with the phone.] Right. What else can I buy? {takes first suggestion} [Yes – leans down and fiddles with laptop]. Buy now! [Prods the keyboard. He walks along front of stage and back. To audience] I do get fed up with walking everywhere, what can I buy to help with that problem [if needed, mimes steering wheel]  {audience – a car} Yes the biggest and best car – what car shall I buy? {takes first name}. I’ll order it now. [Prods laptop]. Buy now! Home delivery!
SOUND: [A doorbell rings or knock on door]
TIM: Wow! [answers the door]
MAN: [holds out a  toy car.] Your car, sir.
TIM: [Tim looks disappointed] That’s a bit small, I ordered a big one.
MAN: I’ve parked the real one in your garage, sir [he exits]
TIM: Hey hey! This is the life. [he phones his friend Alic,e AD LIBS telling her about his car. He puts his jacket on ready to leave] Right, I’m going to show it off to my friends. I’m going out to party!
SOUND – [Pop music. Tim dances wildly and exits  dancing]

[WORDS ACROSS STAGE] One year later
[Tim enters – still wearing jacket and trainers, puts laptop on floor and sits on the chair, looking dejected with his phone. To audience:] I’ve just rung all my friends and they say they are busy. But they’re not. They don’t want to know me any more {audience, aaah} You see, I ran out of money {audience, aaah}, so I had to sell the car. Still at least I still have my laptop.
[BAILIFF 1 & 2 enter. BAIL 1 picks up laptop] Sorry mate, I’ll have to take this [Tim gets up, tries to grab it back]
TIM: Oy, who said you could come in my house? What are you doing? Get off my laptop.
BAIL 1: We are bailiffs. You owe a lot of money. Can you pay your debts? [Tim shakes his head] Have you any money?
TIM: [Tim shakes his head] Not a penny.
BAIL 1: Then we have to take all your stuff instead. Sorry, mate. [As he takes each item he gives it to BAIL 2. He goes to take Tim’s jacket]
TIM: Not my jacket! [Bail 1 takes jacket, indicates he wants the trainers] Not my trainers! [Bail 1 takes trainers]
BAIL 1: I need your credit card, too.
TIM: Then I won’t be able to buy anything.
BAIL 1: You should have thought about that before all the partying and the holidays and the posh furniture. We’ll come back for that tomorrow [Tim is hiding the phone behind his back. Bail 1 indicates that he knows and beckons for him to hand it over,] The phone. Give me the phone.
TIM: Phone? What phone?
BAIL 1: I know you have it [They tussle for it and eventually Tim hands it over. Bail 1 and 2 exit] Give it to me.
TIM: Now I can’t even order a pizza. [He stamps round the stage as before.], I’m..hungry..and..its..not..fair! I’ve got no money, no friends, no phone, no food. [He rubs his tummy] I’m going to starve [to audience] What am I going to do? {ignores any suggestion of going home} I’ll get a job!
BAIL 1: [Knocks and enters] I forgot to say, mate. Do you need a job?
TIM: Yes.
BAIL 1: You used to work on a farm, didn’t you? [Tim nods] I have a friend who wants someone to feed his animals. I’ll introduce you to him.
TIM: Great! As long it’s not pigs, though. I hate pigs. [they exit]

[WORDS ACROSS STAGE] one week later
TIM: [enters, fed up and storms around the stage. To audience:] It is pigs! I’ve been working for a week and not been paid. [shows empty pockets] I still have no money to buy food. I’m so hungry I’ll have to eat the pig’s food soon. [to audience] What am I going to do? {go home} Yes, I could go home. Even Dad’s servants will have some spare bread to eat. [sadly] But Dad will never take me back after all I’ve done. [to audience] Do you think he’ll have me back? {yes} I’ll go home to Daddy. Let’s hope he’ll take me back. [he exits R]
[Dad enters L and stands at edge of stage L with binoculars.  Tim enters R]
DAD: [He sees Tim in the distance and shouts and waves excitedly] Tim! Tim, my son! [Tim has his head down and walks slowly across the stage, not hearing or seeing Dad]
DAD: Tim! My boy! [he walks towards Tim hears him] Tim. Come to Daddy! [Tims runs and they embrace]
TIM: Dad, I’m so sorry. I’ll be a servant if you want. Anything to make it up to you. I’ve done wrong in God’s sight too, I’ve been so stupid. Please forgive me.
DAD: Of course I forgive you.[shouts to off stage] My son is home! Quick, someone. Get him my best robe, my ring and some shoes. My son who I thought was dead is alive! [ He holds Tim’s arms looking at him lovingly]
TIM: Dad, thank you for loving me, even though I was so bad.
DAD I will always love you, not matter what. Now let’s have a party!
TIM: [excitedly] Oh, a party. I like parties!
SOUND: [ pop music. They both dance wildly and exit dancing]
© Copyright Pam Norman 2010, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. She may be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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