Summary: A modern retelling of Jesus welcoming the children.
Style: Dramatic  Duration: 10min
Scripture: Matthew 19:13.15
Actors: 3M, 2C

TOM:    Disciple of Jesus – positive, big-hearted, merciful, with clipboard, pen, paper and envelope.
PHIL:    Disciple of Jesus – likes an argument, negative, judgmental with binoculars, with clipboard and pen.
JESUS:  Himself.
JACK:    Boy in red T-shirt.

(Jesus is sitting at the edge of the stage, looking off stage. He has just answered some difficult questions, spent a long time healing people and being followed by a large crowd. He looks tired and is resting.)

PHIL:    [enters holding a clipboard and pen. He is counting up figures on the board. He is in a bad mood. He speaks to TOM who follows him on stage] I don’t know how Jesus puts up with it! How can he stand it Tom?
TOM:        [enters, he has a clipboard, pen, paper and envelope] What’s the matter Phil?
PHIL:    I’ve been counting how many people Jesus has spoken to so far today. 193! 193 people. He doesn’t get a moment’s peace.
TOM:        That’s why he’s here – for other people. He likes being with people. He loves them!
PHIL:        If it was me, I’d tell them all to go away.
TOM:        [laughing] Good thing he’s not you then! [TOM starts to write]
PHIL:        What are you doing?
TOM:    Writing thank you letters for my birthday presents. [To audience:] Do you have to do that – write thank you letters? {Yes? No?} I know it’s boring, but it has to be done! [He looks at PHIL wandering around stage , kicking imaginary stones] What’s up now, Phil?
PHIL:        I think we should protect Jesus more, you know.
TOM:        Protect him? From what?
PHIL:        From the people who keep bothering him.
TOM:        But he doesn’t mind it. He likes being bothered by people. He loves them!
PHIL:        It’s just not right!
TOM:    Ok Phil, calm down. [He puts an envelope on the ground] That’s one thank you letter done. [Tom tries to change the subject] How’s your family Phil? Your wife, Lizzy?
PHIL:    Lizzy’s fine – although she’s spending more time following Jesus around than is good for her! I don’t know when she’ll get the ironing done. Oh! It’s Thursday isn’t it? She’s here on a school trip today!
TOM:        With Jack and Phoebe? [He stands up to look for them]
PHIL:    Yes! Now, where are they? [Using binoculars he looks around for them in the crowd. He can’t see well so he rushes up into the pulpit or climbs onto on a box or chair. He points to the back of audience] Over there, I think, I’m pretty sure that’s them. [He comes down from pulpit] Lizzy likes helping out on school trips with the kids.
TOM:        [He looks towards where PHIL was pointing] That’s good. Have they come to see Jesus?
PHIL:        No, I don’t expect so.
TOM:        No?
PHIL:        Well, Jesus isn’t very keen on children.
TOM:    Are you sure? That seems a bit strange. [To audience] Do you think Jesus likes children? {Yes? No?} I think he does.
PHIL:    Now, adults… he can put up with adults, but little children? [PHIL shakes his head] Ah, ah, no, I don’t think so.
TOM:        Why do you say that?
PHIL:    Jesus can have meaningful conversations with adults can’t he? But children… they don’t really understand his teaching.
TOM:    [To audience:] Are you too young to understand? {Yes? No?} [To PHIL:] I suppose some of them may be a bit young to understand, but…
PHIL:        And they are so messy! Dirty hands and faces – they’re not exactly nice to look at.
TOM:    [To audience:] Are you messy? Maybe you were earlier. This is messy church after all! [To PHIL] I don’t think it matters to Jesus what people look like…
PHIL:    [He interrupts] .And they are so noisy! [He puts on a child’s voice] Give me this! Give me that! Are we nearly there yet! [PHIL puts his hands over his ears] Far too noisy.
TOM:        But they’re just being children.
PHIL:        That may be so, but Jesus doesn’t want the noise and the bother.
TOM:        But Phil he loves…
PHIL:    [He interrupts again …and the running about! Have you seen how much energy they have? [PHIL charges around the stage demonstrating running about.] It’s just not right!
TOM:        Of course it’s right, Phil. It’s normal for children.
PHIL:     [reluctantly] Yes, I know – I do have children myself. [He remembers his children are nearby] I wonder if the kids they are coming this way [He gets his binoculars out and scans the crowd. He points] There – you can just about see Jack – can you see him? With the red T-shirt on? [He passes the binoculars to TOM]
TOM:        [He looks through the binoculars to where PHIL is pointing] Oh yes. There’s a whole             crowd of kids –are they his classmates?
PHIL:        Must be. [PHIL looks at the kids, then at JESUS] Oh no! Oh dear…
TOM:        What’s up?
PHIL:    There are coming this way. If they speak to Jesus too, that’ll make it over 200 people in one day. I must stop them. [PHIL rushes up into the pulpit/ box/chair again looking in fear at the approaching children]
TOM:        Phil, that’s fine. Let them come!
PHIL:    No! Not a load of kids. There’s too many of them. Jesus will never cope with the fuss and the noise and the mess – looks like some of them had chocolate spread for lunch – look at their faces!
TOM:        I really don’t think Jesus will mind.
PHIL:    [He spots his wife and shouts to her] Lizzy – don’t come this way! Go…[he points in the opposite direction, away from JESUS] Go that way! Take the children that way!
TOM:     [He looks up at PHIL] What are you doing? Let them come. They want to see Jesus [TOM looks over at JESUS who gets up and starts to walk towards TOM looking at the approaching children] And by the look of it, Jesus wants to see them!
PHIL:        [looks at Jesus] Oh no! [Phil rushes down from pulpit]
TOM:    They probably just want him to place his hands on them and bless them. That’s not a bad thing.
PHIL:    [Jumps up to be seen and shouts towards kids & Lizzy] Lizzy – what are you doing? Can’t you see that Jesus is too busy? You shouldn’t have brought them. Turn back! [He waves at them to go away]
JESUS:    [He is now standing between TOM and PHIL] What’s the matter Phil? What is all the shouting about? [PHIL looks at his feet not answering. JESUS turns to look for an answer from TOM]
TOM:        Phil’s kids are coming
JESUS:    [excited] Are they? Jack and Phoebe? That’s great – I’ve always wanted to meet them
PHIL:    The trouble is Jesus… they’re with their class from school. There’s about twenty of them! I was trying to stop them… bothering you, but [PHIL looks again at the children approaching] it looks like there’s no stopping them now. [PHIL shakes his head] I’m really sorry.
JESUS:    Don’t be sorry, Phil. I love children
PHIL:        But the mess and the noise and all that energy!
JESUS:    I love the mess. And the noise, and especially their energy. [JESUS speaks firmly to PHIL] Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.
[JACK & PHOEBE run up to JESUS and stand in front of him smiling up at him]
JESUS:    So you are Jack and Phoebe! Your Dad said you were here. Nice to meet you. [JESUS shakes hands with Jack & Phoebe, then turns to Phil] You have great kids, Phil.
JACK & PHOEBE [wave at PHIL. Together:] Hi Dad!
JESUS:    Would you like me to bless them? [JACK & PHOEBE nod their heads yes to PHIL]
PHIL:    Yes, please. [JESUS  kneels down to their level, puts his hands on their heads, shuts his eyes and prays quietly for them]
[TOM and PHIL wander away from JESUS]
TOM:         [to PHIL] So what do you think now?
PHIL:        It seems I was a bit wrong. Jesus does love children after all.
JESUS:    [JESUS gets up and looks at the children] Come on kids! [He points offstage]  I’ll race you to that tree! [Laughing and smiling JESUS sets off with the children running after him and they exit]
TOM:        Yes, I think he does.
PHIL:         [Like a big kid] Come on, Tom. I’ll race you to that tree!
TOM:        Right, you’re on!
[TOM & PHIL exit running]
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