Summary: A group of school teachers are whisked away to a fantasy world where various familiar cartoon and nursery rhyme characters have all lost their joy and purpose for living. They have to find the Prince, the only one who can expel the evil wolf from destroying everything, and restore to everyone their joy and renew their purpose. Note: This is not the full script. To obtain the full script, contact the author at the address at the foot of this page.
Style: Dramatic, with light touches.    Duration: (full length?)
Actors: 9F, 7M
ScripturesL: Lk 10:3; Jn 10:12; Prov 3:5,6; Jn 8:36; Gal 5:1;



Amelia very proper, loves repeating herself
Natalie simple, down-to-earth
Sally very spiritual, very caring, very loving
Dave music specialist, always humming, spiritual when required
Mike maths specialist, matter-of-fact
Pete sports manager, very enthusiastic
Doug computer nerd
Taryn life of the party, hates working hard
Caroline bursar, can be very abrupt
Michelle Principal, warm & friendly yet stern when needed
Joanne art specialist, very creative and flamboyant
Sleeping beauty
Little Red Riding Hood

Production note :
When originally performed, various musical extracts were used to introduce the groups which enter in each scene, the purpose being to show the evil wolf at work disrupting all the familiar stories. This can be achieved by using music, or at the director’s discretion. Additional notes are given at each occurrence.


Scene 1

(Teachers are sitting, others arriving in the staff room for their weekly morning staff meeting. Early arrivals are busy making coffee, photocopying work and just engaging in general school banter. There has been a frequency of power failures in the area, adding to the teachers’ general frustration.)

Amelia: I just want to tell you. This traffic is getting worse! I had to leave home at 6 o’clock this morning.

Natalie: I know! It’s just crazy!

Amelia: Something’s gonna have to change. That’s all I’m saying. Something’s gonna have to change!!

Natalie: And all these power cuts are just making things worse!

Sally: (entering joyfully) Morning blessings! (various responses from staff) Nats, I must talk to you about your report comments.

Natalie: Oh no! Did I mess it up again?

Sally: No, don’t stress. I’ll chat to you a bit later. Anyway, God is SO good! I must tell you what happened. (proceeds to share with the two ladies)

Dave: (enters stage left, humming a tune. Seeing the three ladies, stops and greets them) Ladies!

Amelia: Mr Baron!

Dave: (continuing, sees Mike) Hey Mike!

Mike: Mr. Baron!

Dave: D’you manage to get your report comments done?

Mike: I was up till 1 this morning! But yes, I got them done.

Pete: Did you guys catch the action last night?

Doug: What action?

Mike: Just a bit.

Dave: Dude, how awesome was that?

Pete: Two words, “Jacques Kallis!” (can be substituted with a local sporting hero)

(High fives all round)

Doug: Who?

Taryn: (photocopying) Oh great! We’re out of paper!

Caroline: (making coffee) What? Already?

Taryn: I know. It’s shocking!!

Natalie: So now what?

Taryn: We’ll have to buy more.

Caroline: There’s no money!

Michelle: (rushing in) Sorry I’m late.

(Staff start settling down. Some still getting coffee.)

Sally: That’s ok. Traffic WAS bad this morning.

Michelle: Ok. Can we start please?

(Some ignore the instruction and carry on getting coffee. They then sense ‘eyes’ on them and quickly sit down. As the meeting’s about to start Joanne enters.)

Michelle: (acting serious) You’re late!!

Joanne: Sorry, sorry!!

Michelle: (giggling) I’m kidding. We’ve just started.

(General laughter amongst the staff)

Michelle: I’d like to start by just sharing something that the Lord’s laid on my heart. I’ve been feeling very strongly that we need to again remind ourselves of why we are here, as teachers I mean. What is our purpose? What are we here for? Why has God placed us here in this school at this time? I think we all know that this is a calling, not just a job. But what does that mean for each of us. And I’d actually like to hear what you guys think before I share with you what the Lord has shown me. So does anyone have any thoughts?

(Silence ensues)

Come on, what do you think?

Joanne: Can I say something? I’m actually glad you brought this up ‘cos I’ve also been thinking a lot about this. You know we come to school and we go home. We come to school and we go home. We get so used to this everyday routine and we never stop to ask, what’s it all for? What’s it all about? Are we really making a difference?

Sally: I think we just need to remember that this is a very special school and I agree with Michelle. God has placed us all here for a purpose.

Pete: I’ll be honest though. I’ve seriously been questioning if this is really where God wants me. You know I love working with the children but I’ve just been getting so irritated by the smallest things; things that would usually never bother me.

Dave: I just think we need to focus on the positive things, in ourselves and in the children.

Caroline: That’s all fine but when you’re dealing with the same stuff day in and day out it just becomes a bit unbearable, you know.

Mike: I think we need to look at this from a practical perspective. In my experience…………

(Blackout. Staff react in different ways, suspecting a power failure.)
Scene 2
(Thunder, flashing lights, smoke. Lights come up to find some of the staff in a fantasy world. It takes some time for them to realise what’s happened.
Sally: Oh, praise God!

Taryn: Thank heavens!

Amelia: You can say that again.

Caroline: Thank goodness! I’m under enough pressure already without having to worry about power cuts. And there’s no money for generators.

(The men notice something is different.)

Mike: What just happened?

Dave: Yeah, that was weird.

Pete: Guys, where are we?

(They all start looking around with great confusion.)

Joanne: Wow! Look at this place. It’s so beautiful!

Caroline: Is this a joke? Cos I’m not laughing.

Mike: Clearly we are not in the staffroom anymore.

Taryn: (sarcastically) Good one, Mike!

Dave: Ok. I’m confused!

Amelia: That makes two of us, my friend. That makes two of us.

Pete: This is so cool!

Sally: What do you think could’ve happened?

Taryn: Dunno, but this is freaking me out!

Mike: It seems that somehow we’ve been geographically relocated to some kind of make-believe place. Some sort of fantasy world!

Caroline: No man! Don’t be silly!

Pete: He’s right. Look around. This is definitely not normal.

Joanne: This is so exciting!

Caroline: Oh please man! This is ridiculous!

Taryn: I’m with you, Caroline.

Sally: Well we’re obviously here for a reason guys. So let’s have a look around.

Dave: Hey look! Someone’s coming.

(Spiderman enters very frustrated)
Pete: Is that………….Spiderman?

Spiderman: I can’t believe this.

Amelia: Looks a bit grumpy to me.

Spiderman: Not again. (tries to shoot a web but fails)

Amelia: Make that VERY grumpy!

Spiderman: (very frustrated) Why now?

Joanne: I wonder what’s wrong with him.

Caroline: Can’t you see man? He can’t shoot his web.

Taryn: (laughing) I’m sorry but that is so funny!

Sally: We should try and help him. (approaches Spiderman) Spiderman? Excuse me, Spiderman?

Spiderman: (startled) Huh! What? Who are you? Leave me alone? (runs off stage)

Amelia: Well that’s gratitude for you!

(Sleeping beauty enters counting sheep)
Beauty: One thousand five hundred and forty seven, one thousand five hundred and forty eight, one thousand five hundred and forty……………(losing her place, she starts again) One, two, three…..

Pete: Who’s that? And why’s she counting?

Dave: I think I’m in love!

Sally: Mr. Baron! Behave yourself!

Dave: What? She’s beautiful!

Pete: Indeed, indeed!

Sally: Hello blessing!

Beauty: Please help me.

Sally: What’s wrong darling?

Beauty: I can’t sleep. And if I don’t get my beauty sleep soon I won’t look my best for the ball.

Dave: (starts singing to her)

Mike: (realising who it is) Guys, its Sleeping Beauty. And I think she’s got ………insomnia!

Taryn: (giggling) Oh shame!

(Sally consoles her)
(Little Red Riding Hood enters looking lost)

Joanne: Here comes Little Red Riding Hood!

Caroline: So where’s the wolf?

Joanne: Oh shame man. She looks lost.

Red: (walking towards Joanne) Good morning kind lady! Do you know how to get to my grandmother’s house? I have to deliver her invitation to the ball.

Joanne: No, I don’t. I’m sorry.

Dave: How does Little Red Riding Hood get lost? Please tell me.

(Red continues to wander around for a while and then exits. Tarzan enters with great fanfare.)
Tarzan: Me, Tarzan! Me, strong!

Pete: I wonder where Jane is.

Mike: Good question.

Sally: Gentlemen, could you behave yourselves please?

Amelia: Well it seems at least someone’s got it together!

Taryn: Well let’s hope so.

Tarzan: Me Tarzan, arm wrestle………(looks around for a victim. Dave scuttles behind a tree to avoid selection)… you! (pointing to Pete)

Amelia: Now this I got to see.

Dave: (returning from behind the tree) C’mon Pete. Make us proud.

Tarzan: Come, come.

Caroline: (to Pete) Yes, you always acting so tough hey. Now you’ve gone all quiet.

Pete: Ok. I’ll challenge him. (gets up and approaches Tarzan)

(Staff begin to chant and shout encouragement to Pete. The two prepare for an arm wrestle which turns out to be a ‘no contest’ as Tarzan is defeated without any effort. He collapses on the floor and proceeds to weep profusely.)

Dave: What! How is that possible?

Amelia: I spoke too soon. I spoke too soon.

Sally: (running towards Tarzan) It’s alright precious. We all have bad days. (she helps him up and escorts him off as he continues to wimper)

(Rapunzel is heard wailing in the wings, Everyone turns towards the sound with looks of confusion)

Amelia: What is that ghastly sound?

Joanne: That doesn’t sound good!

Taryn: Sounds like someone’s very upset!

Rapunzel: (enters sobbing carrying fists full of hair) My hair! My beautiful, precious hair! It’s falling out!

Men: (turn to each other and in agreement) Rapunzel!

Caroline: Oh don’t worry man. You look good with short hair!

Rapunzel: (wailing louder) Everyone’s going to laugh at me at the ball.

(Rapunzel continues to sob. Sally again comes to console, takes out a brush and proceeds to gently brush what’s left of her hair.)

Mike: Guys I don’t know about you but I think something is seriously wrong here.

Amelia: Absolutely Mike. I couldn’t agree with you more.

Joanne: Yes, everyone’s like, behaving completely out of character.

Taryn: Yes, it’s like their abilities and skills have all been affected somehow.

Caroline: I don’t feel so bad any more. These guys have got serious problems.

Dave: Yeah something is definitely not right.

Sally: I think we should maybe, if it’s alright with everyone, try find out what’s causing all this distress. I mean I’m not saying we have to but what do you guys think?

Pete: Yes, I think you’re right Sally. A suggestion is to maybe split up into small groups and do some investigation you know, and try to get to the bottom of this and come to some sort of solution. I don’t know. What do you guys think?

(Everyone agrees and they separate into groups)

Mike: So shall we meet back here in say an hour?

(Everyone agrees)

Joanne: I wonder what this ball’s all about.

(They exit)


© 2008 Andrew Edgar, All rights reserved.

This is not the full script. The full script can be obtained by contacting the author, at the address below. A royalty fee of R300.00 (equivalent to UK£25) is requested. To obtain the full script, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.