Summary: A sequel to a previous "lockdown"-inspired poem, which can be found at

‘… You, Lord, are a shield for me,
my glory, and the lifter up of my head’  Psalm 33.
‘… when the enemy comes in like a flood,
the Spirit of the Lord will raise up
a standard against him!’  Isaiah 59:19
‘For God, has not given us a spirit of fear …’ 2 Tim. 1:7

Who is like unto You, O Lord,
as, bowed in Your presence,
and perhaps out of some despair,
we offer You our grateful
praise and thanksgiving,
for answering Your peoples’ prayer;
that in Your wisdom and purpose,
You have granted us
a means of relief,
a lively hope of release,
and a positive sense of peace
from this deadly viral disease:
Your church has drunk
from a strange cup of uncertainty
when separated, distanced, bubbled,
masked and muffled up,
but You have indeed risen up,
and have intervened for our protection
against our restraints and isolation,
transforming our fear and doubtinto a trustful, thankful, shout.
By inspiring and providing
this timely vaccine shield,
this screen for a suffering world
and Your faithful church,
have You not stretched out
Your strong arm,
and driven the enemy from his proud perch
and given us a revived faith and hope,
that from this terrible infectious scourge,
we will, in Your time, emerge?

When the Children of Israel were slaves
under Pharaoh’s domination
You heard the desperate cry and
brought about their liberation,
and when the apostle Peter
was securely locked up in prison,
Your believing people
prayed without ceasing for him,
and in Your great mercy,
You miraculously released him.
When the adversary invades
like a tormented sea,
with wave upon spreading wave,
is Your arm shortened
that it cannot save?
Father, in Christ’s name,
and from Your heavenly seat,
we believe that the work You begun,
You will surely complete.

Heavenly Father, it is to You we look and intercede,
help us then to race to Zion’s Hill
for comfort and for hope,
in this time of special need.



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