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Summary: In human tragedy, we sometimes see mere numbers in our newspapers and not real people…  that is, until it hits us closer to home!
Style: Dramatic.  Duration: 1min
Actors: 2M/F

Two people, male or female.

(Two people sit by the fire reading, both look really comfortable.)

1st Person with newspaper: 150,OOO die in killer waves, isn't that terrible? (turns page to other articles)

2nd: And here's an article where over a hundred have died in a nightclub fire! Isn't that dreadful? (turn pages to other articles.)

1st person: 5 million people are without food and shelter at this very moment! That's shocking! (stretches)

2nd: Flash floods are driving tens of thousands of refugees out of their shelters! (Yawns)

1st: Hang on... there's something here about Mary Jones, from down our way!

2nd: Not our Mary Jones, the neighbour from round the corner?

1st: Yes the same one! She's over there now, but on her way home. She twisted her ankle!

2nd: Oh my God!

1st: Quick, Actions Stations, we've got to do all we can to help her!

(Both run about, getting into a real panic, trying to find keys, bandages, blankets, get well card!)

Copyright Sheila Hamil, all rights reserved.
These dramas are intended for use in churches, youth clubs and schools and can be photocopied, but they are to be used in no way for personal gain, as I have made them available for you and am gaining nothing myself. It is my wish that anyone making profit from them in any way, should direct those profits to Christian Aid or some other recognised charity. More scripts can be found at my web site,

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