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Summary: Husband & wife are arguing over blame for sin. Each is challenged by their conscience, that given a second chance they would make the same mistakes again. They are taken to the garden of Eden to be tested. The twist in the plot is when the actors come out of character and become ‘themselves’ & consider the gospel
Style: Comedy/Drama    Actors: 2w, 4m
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Scripture: Genesis 3

Adam’s Conscience
Eve’s Conscience

Props: spade & trowel, apple, tree    

Intro: What would you do differently if you were given a second chance? If the whole of humanity was given a second chance, what would happen? And does humanity deserve a second chance?



(Scene 1. Lights fade up. Husband & Wife (a.k.a. Adam & Eve) are in the garden. Eve is digging hard, Adam is weeding gently. Eve stops for a rest. Adam notices.)

Adam: Come on Eve, put some effort in.

Eve: (affronted) Sorry?

Adam: You heard. Here am I toiling away with blood, sweat & tears; and you’re just standing around like a spare…..

Eve: (getting gradually madder as Adam speaks) Like a spare what, Adam Mann?

Adam: Like a spare rib, that’s what!

Eve: I’ll have you know I’ve already done 2 loads of washing, an hour’s ironing, done the dishes, washed the kitchen floor, cleaned the bedroom, hoovered, dusted, made the dinner, done the shopping, washed the car – and what were you doing while I was doing all that?

Adam: (looks sheepish, pauses for effect) Actually, it was an extremely educational programme about the nocturnal habits of outer Mongolian tree monkeys.

Eve: You were watching television.

Adam: So? That’s what Saturdays are for, isn’t it?

Eve: If you’re a man, by the looks of it.

Adam: Quite right, too. After all, it is your fault we have all this work to do.

Eve: (irate) What do you mean it’s my fault?

Adam: (backing down) I didn’t mean you personally, darling. (matter of factly) I meant – women. It was Eve who sinned first

Eve: Why you slovenly, ungrateful, sanctimonious, pompous, male chauvinist pig, you!

Adam: (smugly) Why, thank you, my dear

[Adam’s Conscience (AC) & Eve’s Conscience (EC) enter from opposite sides during this discussion & stand at their respective shoulders]

Eve: So if we women are to blame, how come wars are always started by men?

Adam: (struggling to argue with Eve’s logic) That’s hardly the point. I’ve never started a war.

Eve: And it wasn’t me in the Garden of Eden. I wouldn’t have sinned.

(During this conversation with EC, Adam & his conscience freeze)

EC: Is that a fact?

Eve: (adamant) Of course I wouldn’t. (realising she doesn’t recognise this person) And just who are you anyway?    

EC: I’m your conscience.

(Eve looks blankly.)

EC: You know, the one you’ve been ignoring for quite a long time.

Eve: Well, I’ve never seen you before.

EC: I’ve been here all the time – you’ve just not been paying attention.

Adam: (Unfreezes) Are you listening to me?

Eve: What?

Adam: I was saying, if we were in the Garden of Eden, I would never have eaten the fruit even if you’d offered it to me on a silver platter.

(Eve & EC freeze)

AC: Oh, really?

Adam: (spinning round, panicky) Who said that?

AC: Your conscience.

Adam: I thought I’d got rid of you long ago.

AC: Just because you haven’t listened to me doesn’t mean I’ve gone away.

Adam: Well, what do you want?

AC: I want to challenge you.

Adam: (defensively) What kind of challenge?

AC: You reckon that if you’d been in the Garden of Eden, you would never have sinned.

Adam:    Absolutely not. I’m a better man than that.

AC: We’ll put it to the test.

EC: (To Eve) If you’re so sure you wouldn’t have sinned, can you put your confidence to the test?

Adam: (Bravado) Bring it on.

Eve: Any day.

(Lights out. AC & EC exit. Place tree stage right. Remove spade & trowel)

Scene 2

(Lights up – Garden of Eden background & paradise SFX.)

Adam: (looking around awestruck) So this is it, then – the Garden of Eden.

Eve: It’s so beautiful. More magnificent than Niagara Falls; more picturesque than a sunset in the Maldives; more exquisite than … than (struggling for words) .. anything I could even imagine. I could stay here forever.

(During this, God enters unnoticed by Adam & Eve)

God: You can stay here forever… if you obey My commandments.

(Adam & Eve in complete reverence & fear)

Adam: (to Eve) Is this who I think it is?

Eve: It can’t be anyone else.

Adam: Well, er, your Lordship, your Majesty, your Holiness...

God: Lord will do.

Adam: Well, Lord, we do want to stay in the Garden – so what are the conditions?

God: It’s quite simple. Of every tree of the Garden you may freely eat, but of the tree of the knowledge of good & evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.

(Thunderclap SFX to coincide with God saying ‘die’)

Adam: (lengthy pause for effect) Is that it?

God: I told you it was quite simple.

Eve: I think we can manage that.

God: Very well. I’ll leave you to it. (Exit stage left)

Adam: We’ve had quite some day. After all this excitement, I’m famished. I could eat a scabby horse.

Eve: I’m sure I can find something more appetising than that. I’ll go to look for something suitable.

(Adam exits stage left. Eve wanders. Satan enters stage right, sneaking up behind tree.)

Serpent: Good afternoon.

Eve: (jumps) What a fright you gave me!

Serpent: I do apologise. It’s so unlike me.

Eve: Who are you, anyway?

Serpent: Let’s just say I’m a very significant person around these parts.

Eve: I’m looking for some food. What would you recommend?

Serpent: (enjoying the opportunity) The most mouth-watering fruit in the Garden is from this tree.

Eve: But isn’t that the tree of the knowledge of good & evil?

Serpent: (innocently) I believe it is. Is that a problem?

Eve: Yes. The Lord said if we eat of it, we would die.

Serpent: How odd. This tree? Are you sure?

Eve: Well, yes. I think so.

Serpent: You think so? And do you really think God would be so cruel as to create something that would kill you?

Eve: Now that you mention it, I don’t suppose He would.

Serpent: Surely the knowledge of good and evil must be a blessing.

Eve: Do you really think so?

Serpent: Most definitely. If you know good, you’ll be able to do good, and obviously that will please God. And if you know evil you will be able to shun it and warn others of it – just like God.

Eve: That makes sense. And I suppose just one bite won’t kill me…

(She takes a bite. Thunderclap SFX, lights flicker off & on. Serpent exits stage right, triumphantly. Adam wanders on – reacts to thunder & lights)

Eve: Mmmmmmm. That’s delicious.

Adam: Where have you been? I’m starving.

Eve: I’ve found this scrumptious fruit. Here – try some.

Adam: This looks familiar. Isn’t this from…

Eve: (interrupts) Don’t worry about it. I’ll explain later.

Adam: I’m so hungry and it does look really good.

(Play up the ‘will he’ won’t he’ factor. He eventually takes the fruit)

Eve: Go on – be a devil.

(Adam takes a bite)

God: (amplified) Adam, where are you?

Adam: Oh no. What have we done?

Eve: Quick. Let’s hide!

(They hide behind the tree. God enters stage left. Satan enters stage right & watches)

God: Why are you hiding?

Adam: We heard you coming and we were afraid.

God: Have you eaten of the tree that I commanded you that you should not eat?

Adam: (panicking) It’s the woman’s fault. She gave me the fruit and I ate it.

God: (to Eve) What is this that you have done?

Eve: (defensively) Don’t blame me. That lying snivelling, sneaky snake in the grass deceived me.

Serpent: (innocently) Who? Me?

God: Yes, you. And as for you two, because of what you have done all mankind is judged. (coming out of character. Takes off white robe) I don’t know why I bothered. I’ve had it with the lot of you (turns to walk off stage left)

(All actors now come out of character & play themselves.)

Adam: Where are you going, xxxxx (name of God’s actor)?

God: The sketch is finished

Eve: No it isn’t.

Serpent: We’ve still got three pages of script to go.

God: No. I’m not doing it. Adam, Eve and all mankind deserved condemnation and death.

(God exits stage left. Eve, Serpent & Adam remain on stage, pondering)

Eve: Where would we be if God had left us like that?

Lights out


©David Wallace & Barry Brannen 1996. This script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. Please intimate intention to use it by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Feedback would be useful.

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