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Summary: Mum is out shopping with her two kids. She has a battle on her hands getting them to agree what they want for lunch.
Style: Dramatic (with light touches).  Duration:  6min
Actors: 1F, 2C
Theme:    Stress, frustration or challenges of motherhood.



Jack – child around 8 years old.
Emily – child around 6 or 7 years old.
(Parts may be played by adults if necessary)


(Scene opens with a mother and children standing center stage.)

Mom:    Okay, here’s the food court.  Where do you want to have lunch?  There’s McCluck’s, Subpath or the Pizza Place.
Jack:    Pizza; I want pizza.
Mom:    Alright, but remember you don’t get a toy at the Pizza Place.
Emily:    I want French fries.
Mom:    We’re only going to one place so you two are going to have to agree on something.  Just remember, Jack, you won’t get a toy if you get pizza.
Jack:    I want pizza.
Mom:    Alright, let’s get in line.
Jack:    AND a toy.
Mom:    Jack, I already told you that you don’t get a toy if you want pizza.
Jack:    Can’t you just buy me a toy?
Mom:    No, Jack, you have to decide what you want and take what comes with it.  Now if you want chicken nuggets you will get a toy as well, but not with the pizza.  Make up your mind.  I’m hungry too.
Jack:    Can we just go look at the pizza?
Mom:    (sighs) Yes, Jack, we can look at the pizza.
Emily:    I don’t want pizza.  I want French fries.
Mom:    Emily, we’re just going to look at the pizza.  Now come along.
Jack:    They have plain cheese there.
Mom:    Yes, and cheese and pepperoni there.
Jack:    Oooh, they have dessert pizza too.  Look that one has chocolate on it.
Mom:    It’s making my mouth water.  I think we should go ahead and get in line.
Jack:    How about if I get pizza and Emily gets chicken.
Emily:    I don’t want chicken.  I want French fries.
Mom:    Emily, you can’t just have French fries for lunch.  You have to have chicken or pizza, as well.
Emily:    I don’t want pizza.
Jack:    Well, I do and it’s up to me because Mom asked me first.
Emily:    Did not.
Jack;    Did too.  Didn’t you, Mom?
Mom:    No, Jack, I asked both of you.  Remember I said you had to agree. I’m giving you both your choice but you have to make a decision together.  If it’s pizza then you will not be getting a toy.  That’s just the way it is.
Jack:    You’re so mean.
Mom:    I’ll tell you how mean I am.  You both have one more minute to make up your mind and then I’m going to decide for all of us.  (She looks at watch or phone.)
Jack:    (Jack pulls Emily aside) Emily, did you see all that chocolate on that pizza.  You know you love chocolate AND there’s one with cinnamon and frosting on it too.  You can have both if you vote for the pizza.
Emily:    I want French fries!!!! (Stamps her feet)
Mom:    Time’s up.  What’s it going to be?
Emily:    French fries!
Jack:    (Sighs) All right.  We can get chicken nuggets and French fries.
Emily:    And a toy, right?
Mom:    Yes, Emily, a toy comes with it.  Now you two sit right here at this table and I’ll be right back.  
(Mom can go offstage to get a bag of food if you want to keep the set simple.  If so, just have the children play on their hand held games or phones while she goes off.  They can bicker a bit to, as children do.)
Mom:    Okay.  Here we are.  There’s one for each of you.  Now put your games away so that we can say grace.  (She prays)
Jack:    Thanks, Mom.
Emily:    Thanks, Mom.
Mom:    You’re both welcome.  Now empty your bags and let’s eat.
Emily:    Hey, I didn’t get any French fries; I got apple slices instead.  That’s not what I wanted.
Jack:    I got a girl’s toy.  I don’t want this stupid thing!  This is all your fault, Emily.  You and your French fries.  I told you we should have gotten pizza.
(Mom puts her head down on table in frustration.)


Copyright Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
This script may be performed free of charge, provided no charge is made for entrance or for programmes. In return, the author would like to be notified of any performance. For further information regarding performance rights, she may be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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