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Summary: Set in the office of an abortion doctor, this drama brings to the forefront the idea that a baby in the womb is a child.
Style: Dramatic.    Duration: 4min
Actors: 1M/F, 2F, 1C

Mother of a teenager
Her "unwanted baby" (a child age 3-6).


(Doctor is in lab coat with feet up on desk, eating an apple, acting bored. Mother in 40s approaches and knocks on door.)

Doctor: (quickly lowers legs and straightens tie) Ahem, Come in!

Mother: Hello, is this a convenient time? I mean, can we talk?

Doctor: Certainly, have a seat.

(Mother sits down hesitatingly.)

Doctor: What can I do for you?

Mother: Well, Doctor, I’m rather embarrassed to be here today, but I just didn’t know where to turn. You see... well, it’s my daughter. She’s only 22, and well, she’s, uh...well she’s do you say it?

Doctor: With child?

Mother: Yes, how did you know?

Doctor: That’s my job.

Mother: Yes, well... she uh is in trouble and needs, um, what do you call it?

Doctor: (whispers) An abortion?

Mother: Why yes, you are very perceptive!

Doctor: That’s my job. (still looking bored)

Mother: And uh... well, I have to ask, do you perform late-term abortions?

Doctor: That’s my specialty! (eyes light up and rubs hands together)

Mother: Do they, um... do they cause pain?

Doctor: Naw, not at all. All you do, see, is pop and (makes sucking noise and gestures with hands) No pain at all.

Mother: (sighs with relief) Oh good! Well, what do I um... well, need to do?

Doctor: It is very simple really, you just fill out this paperwork and let me do the rest. (Plops a stack of papers on desk the size of a big city telephone book)

Mother: (looks a little shocked) Oh, ok. Well I guess I had better take off my coat and get started.

Mother: (begins monologue half to herself and half to the doctor) You see, this is not something I do every day and, well, I don’t really want to do it, you understand?

Doctor: I understand.

Mother: This will be kept confidential, I take it, because we can’t have anyone finding out because, well we have our good reputations to think of, you understand.

Doctor: I understand.

Mother: My, you are certainly understanding! This is not as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, I don’t want to see my daughter’s future go down the drain, you know?  She always wanted to go to college but this little “inconvenient bump” along the way threatens all that, you understand.

(Pauses to scribble name on each page)

Mother: I mean, do you know they say it costs $180,000 just to raise a child these days? And the braces. I needed braces, my daughter needed braces, and I just know this child will need them too!

Doctor: I understand.

Mother: And after all, a woman can decide these days what to do with her own flesh and blood right?

Doctor: You are absolutely right.

Mother: Well, then, I am done. (hands him money) I believe that should cover it. I will go and get her now. And Doctor, you don’t know how much this means to us. You have saved us from a really terrible well, you know, “inconvenience”.

(Mother calls daughter, who comes on stage with a 3-6 year old child in tow.)

Mother: Hi darling, (gives daughter a kiss). This is the doctor and he is very understanding.  (Walks over to child and leads her to the doctor).  Now honey, you go with the nice doctor. He will take care of you. You do understand, right? I mean it is nothing personal.

Doctor: Hey, are you out of your mind? I said late term, but not this late term!!

Mother: Doctor, a few months, a few years, what difference does it make? All right, you drive a hard bargain, here’s an extra $20. (Winks) You can take the missus out to eat.

(Mother and daughter leave a stunned doctor and child behind.)

Daughter: Mother, it won’t hurt her will it?

Mother: No honey, the doctor said "Pop" and (sucking sound)... She won’t feel a thing.  


© Copyright Lynn Rinderle, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. She may be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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