Summary: A sketch exploring the sacrificial nature of love.
Style: Dramatic/light.   Duration: 10min.
Actors: 1M, 1F, 1M/F
Scripture:  based around Luke 5: 12-15



[scene opens with the wife slaving over a huge pile of washing up – lots of saucepans etc.]

Husband:    [enters and as he passes he sees some old flowers sticking out of a dustbin. He picks them out, dusts them off and straightens them, then enters the house]        Hi, I’m home dear! And I’ve got you some beautiful flowers to show how much you mean to me.

Wife:        [wife turns and immediately bursts into tears] I’ve been slaving over all these blooming pans which don’t want to get clean and the baby’s been crying all day long and it’s eight-thirty and you promised you’d be back at six and…

Husband:    [jumps in quickly to deflect any accusation] Yes, but just look at these wonderful flowers I’ve got you.

Wife:        [angrily] Yes, but if you really loved me you’d see all the pressure I’m under and give me a hand.

Husband:    Oh, just leave them for now – you can always do them later!

[scene freezes – Curate asks the children to score the love shown by the husband and ensures it is a low score!]

Curate:        Hmmm. It seems love is not just a bunch of flowers. Right, off you go husband and try again. [husband exits and then re-enters with a bottle of wine]

Husband:    Hi, darling, I’m home. Can you be ready in five minutes ‘cos I’ve decided to buy you dinner at Carlos’.

Wife:        But, I can’t just drop everything!

Husband:    Of course you can. Just go and make yourself look nice.

Wife:        No, you’re not listening! I can’t. Nothing is ironed, so I’ve got nothing to wear, the baby needs a feed in the next hour and we haven’t got a babysitter, and you probably haven’t booked a table yet, have you?

Husband:    Well, no, but if you remind me of the number I’m sure…

Wife:        [cuts him off sharply] NO! [scene freezes – Curate asks the children to score the love shown by the husband and ensures it is a low score!]

Curate:    Oh dear, husband, that didn’t seem to go down too well either. I’m not sure love is just about money and buying expensive dinners. Maybe you were thinking more of yourself than the rest of the family, or maybe you just weren’t thinking at all! I think “inconsiderate” is what they call it. You had better try again. [husband exits and then re-enters more sensitively]

Husband:    Hello, darling. [looks at all the pans] Goodness, that looks rather a large pile of washing up, you must be exhausted. Can I take over from you while you go and put your feet up?

Wife:        Oh, that would be so nice.

Husband:    I’ll put the kettle on and when I’ve finished this we can have a cup of tea and you can tell me all about your day.

Wife:        Oh, that’s just what I need, but would you mind just looking in on baby Anna first? She’s been screaming all day and I’m afraid that I’ll get caught again if she wakes.

Husband:    Yea, no problem. I’m be happy to look after her.

[scene freezes – Curate asks the children to score the love shown by the husband and ensures it is a high score.]

[Curate introduces reading as an example of Christ’s practical love]

Reading:    Luke 5: 12-15


© Copyright Ian Wallace, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
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