Summary:  A man who is about to become a father goes to the local Pop in the Box to get some help.  While he’s there he discovers that God is what he really needs. Keywords: Parenting, fathering, role model
Style: Light-hearted.   Duration: 5min
Actors: 1M, 1M/F

Keaton – Father to be
Bill – Pop in the Box worker

Props: (Pictures of various men shown on big screen on cue), able with large book (may use without pictures), Bible (in a desk drawer), Phone.




(Scene: Bill is at the table, ending a conversation on the phone)

Bill:    Yes sir, we’ll see you at 10.  Alrighty, bye. (Hangs up phone as Keaton walks in)  Welcome to Pop in the Box sir, my name’s Bill - how can I help you? (shakes hands with customer)

Keaton:    Hi Bill, I’m Keaton.  I’m about to be a father and I really need some help.

Bill:    Well you have come to the right place.  Come on over here and I’ll show you what we’ve got.

Keaton:    Great – thanks!  The help I’m looking for is something in the form of a role model.

Bill:    Well, then let me show you our first model.  (Picture of a model shows on the screen if you’re using pictures; Keaton sees them in the book.)

Keaton:    Good lookin’ guy.

Bill:        Yeah, as I said, he’s our first model.

Keaton:    Oh, well, that’s not really what I’m looking for.  

Bill:    I got it – something more down to earth – believable.   Let me present the Fisherman.  (Picture on screen reflects a man with fishing gear)

Keaton:    Uhhhhh

Bill:    Okay, maybe a hunter is more your style.  (Picture on screen shows hunter)

Keaton:    I’m confused – why are you showing me these different guys?

Bill:    Well, these guys are trained in their specialty – so all you have to do is step through that door into “the box” or as we like to say “Pop in the Box”, we flip a switch and BAM – you are transformed.  Get it - Pop in the Box!?  It’s what we do.

Keaton:    So after this “transformation” I’ll know all they know?

Bill:    Not just that, you’ll look just like them, too!  

Keaton:    Oh, I don’t know if my wife will like that.  Besides, I’m okay with my looks.  It’s my fathering ability I’m unsure of here.

Bill:    Oh, so you want to be someone like a doctor, or professor?  (shows pictures)  

Keaton:    No, not exactly.  Uh, I just – do you have any books?

Bill    Oh, you want a Daddying for Dummies book, huh?

Keaton:    Sort of – yeah.  You see, I didn’t have a father around, so I really don’t have a role model.  I don’t have the first clue to being a good dad.

Bill:    Well, we don’t sell books here; besides, there are no step by step rules to parenting, my friend.

Keaton:    Great – then how will I know what to do?  How do I raise up a child without some kind of guidance?

Bill:    I can see that you really want to do this right. If so, the Father you need is God.

Keaton:    God – father ….  Godfather?  You mean like Marlin Brando?

Bill:    No – God, as in Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  

Keaton:    I’m lost.

Bill:    Clearly.  Look, there are no perfect fathers, except God.  The only way you can do this right is to get to know Him.  

Keaton:    Yeah – and just how am I supposed to that?

Bill:    Why don’t you start with this?  (hands him a Bible)

Keaton:    I thought you didn’t sell books here.

Bill:    We don’t – it’s a gift.  But if you want a really big head start, we can always go to the advanced model.  (Picture of Billy Graham)

Keaton:    Uh, he’s just a little bit too old for my tastes – I think I’ll start with the book.


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