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Summary: Wanting to put together an act designed to pack in the crowds, our stage manager must decide what is extraordinary enough to make the show. When an ordinary man mistakenly shows up, our stage manager asks the question: what can be done with ordinary people? Keywords: Talents, gifts, purpose.
Style: Light-hearted.   Duration : 6min
Actors: 5M/F

Stage Manager    Adult Male or Female
Contestants        C 1 - Strong Man
            C 2 - Speedy (Male or Female)
            C 3 - Force-Field Girl
            C 4 - Ordinary Man

Weights (cut these out of cardboard.  Should look like cartoon weights with a bar in the middle and round ball like weights on each end. Picture in your mind a side view of a car - round on each end like a tire with the bar in the middle. Write on each ball or tire 500 LBS in bold letters)
Pen (ordinary ink pen)
Cell phone (or other object Force-Field Girl will hold)


(Scene: Can be a simple as two chairs facing each other - interview style.  SM is in one chair with clipboard in hand and calls in the "next" contestant.)

SM:    Next!

C1:    (enters carrying in weights - one in each hand)  

SM:    So - what extraordinary thing can you do?

C1:    I can lift these weights above my head - there's a total of 2000 pounds here.

SM:    Well, let's see it!

C1:    (Pretends to strain a little but raises each set of weights simultaneously out to the     side then above the head.  When the weights are above the head he should pretend     to struggle a little, but then slowly lower them back to the side again.)

SM:    Well my boy - you certainly are strong!  And, you're hired!  That man was     EXTRAORDINARY! (writes information down on the clipboard)

C1:    (Smiling really big, he picks up weights and makes his way back out the door.)

SM:    Next!

C2:    (Comes in and sits down.)

SM:    So - what extraordinary thing can you do?

C2:    I'm lighting fast - they call me speedy.  Would you like a demonstration?

SM:    Of course!

C2:    Do you see that pen over there on the floor?  

SM:    The one way over there? (points in direction away from where they are)

C2:    Yes - watch closely.  (appears to move slightly forward then back; on the backward motion put hands arced in front of body with one hand slightly in front of the other. The pen should be inside the shirt sleeve. The hand opposite where the pen is should be closest to the body so that the pen can be removed easily without being seen)

C2:    (Shows the pen to SM and to audience then shouts) Tada!

SM:    (looks at the pen then where it was supposed to have been then back at the pen     again) Wow - that was fast!  You're hired! That my friend was     EXTRAORDINARY! (writes information down on the clipboard)

C2:    Thank you - I'll see you again REAL soon!  (exits)

SM:    Next!

C3:    (Comes in and sits down.)

SM:    So - what extraordinary thing can you do?

C3:    I can create a force-field that cannot be penetrated.

SM:    Well, let's see it.

C3:    (makes some circular motions in the air) Now, try and take this phone from my     hand.

SM:    (Tries to take it but is "stopped" by the force field.  Pretends to push on the force     field but just not be able to get anywhere.)    Wow - that's amazing - you're hired!      That, young lady, was EXTRAORDINARY!  (writes information down on the clipboard)

C3:    Thank you! (exits)

SM:    Next!

C4:    (Enters, looking confused.)

SM:    Come in - come in.  Have a seat.

C4:    Oh, okay (sort of unsure)

SM:    So - what extraordinary thing can you do?

C4:    Extraordinary?

SM:    Yes - this audition is for people who can do extraordinary things.  So what can     you do?

C4:    Well, I can't do anything extraordinary - not that I know of anyway.

SM:    Then why are you here?

C4:    I was in line to purchase tickets to a show - or at least I thought I was.

SM:    I'm trying to put together an act of amazing feats - EXTRAORDINARY feats -     and if you aren't extraordinary, I can't use you. You're useless - get out!

C4:    But, I'm not useless.

SM:    Of course you are - you're ordinary.  What could possibly be done with ordinary     people!?!?!?

© Terri Savage, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. She may be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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