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Summary: Three workmates meet up in the local pub for a drink after work and discuss the new barmaid. In the process, they traverse a significant number of the 10 Commandments. Keywords: 10 commandments, lust, stealing, theft, adultery.
Style: Light-hearted.  Duration: 5min.
Actors: 3M, 1F. (A male can take the part of the barmaid)


M1: Have you seen the new barmaid !
M2: Who could miss her with that top on?
M3: I was in church the other day and the vicar said that it was just as much of a sin to look at a woman like that as it would be to have an affair with her.
M1: Rubbish. There is no harm in looking and a little flirting puts a smile on everyone’s face. (shouting to the barmaid) Isn’t that right, luv!
M2: That’s like when they say that all sins are equal. And there is no way that looking at another woman is as bad as murder.
M2: Fancy another drink.(walks off to the bar)
M1 & M3: Yeah, why not.
M2: (sits down with the drinks with a smile on his face) You will never guess what. I gave the barmaid a fiver and she gave me the change from a tenner!
M1: And you didn’t say anything, of course!
M3: That’s like stealing!
M1: Not really, they are a big company and can afford to make a few mistakes.
M2: It’s like the rich avoiding all tax liabilities with the help of an imaginative accountant while the working class pay in every week.
M3: Well, it doesn’t sound right to me!
M1: No, well life’s not always fair.
 (They get up and leave but M3 Hangs around and talks to the barmaid, who is now in tears.)
M3: What’s the matter luv. (He puts his arm around her)
BM: I have had an awful night. The boss told me to wear a revealing top to get the gullible men to buy more drinks and I didn’t feel comfortable in it. Then the till was down by five pounds and he took it out of my pay!
M3: That’s awful.(Puts his arm around her again) Do you fancy a coffee around my place.
BM: That will be nice, and then I can meet your wife for a chat.
M3: She is on nights this week, but I can be a good listener.
 (They walk off still with his arm around her.)
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