Summary: Jake is a rededicated Christian who took one message a little too much to heart and has gone to the extreme side about living life to the fullest. Dr Reason attempts to open his eyes but gets hers shut in the end. Keywords: Lifestyle, prosperity, evangelism, witnessing
Style: Light-hearted.  Dur: 5min
Actors: 1M, 1F

Dr Reason - psychiatrist (female) Jake – extreme Christian (male)
Scene: Dr Reason is sitting at her desk having a consultation with Jake.


Dr.    Jake, I’ve been asked to speak with you about your “lifestyle”. Your Pastor and family are very concerned about you and your “methods”.
Jake:    Why would they be concerned Doc? I’m just doing the will of God.
Dr.     Well, I’ve had some discussions with them and they’ve shared with me some very disturbing things.
Jake:     Like?
Dr.     Like your finances for one.
Jake:    What about them? I’m using them to the fullest.
Dr.    Yes, but you don’t have enough money to keep living like this. Chartered boats, caviar, expensive suits – it says here you even rented a Lamborghini.
Jake:    Look – I was once a mediocre Christian. Living my ho-hum life just like everyone else, when one Sunday I heard a sermon on living your life to the fullest. It got me thinking, Doc – I needed to change. I’ve gone from Jake the Fake to Jake for God’s Sake!
Dr.     “Jake for God’s Sake”?
Jake:    Yeah, that’s what my mom called me the day I helped her to see her need for Christ.
Dr.    It says here you took her to Alligator Land and tied her up and dangled her above a pit of hungry alligators until she asked Christ to be her Savior.
Jake:    Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, Doc. After all, she is getting up in age and she was the last hold out in my family. I can honestly say that they are all saved now! That’s when she gave me my new name – Jake for God’s Sake. It was the last thing she screamed before the fire dept cut her down.
Dr.    Yeah – I guess you accomplished your goal alright, but she’ll be in therapy for life.
Jake:    Well, live life to the fullest! If you’re going to do something, do it all the way!
Dr.    What about the situation with your cousin Frank?
Jake:    He needed an extreme faith make-over Doc – he’s been really slacking.
Dr.    But don’t you think demonstrating the fiery pit of hell with a flame thrower was just a bit too much!
Jake:    Look Doc, not one of his Sunday School kids was saved! He’s OBVIOUSLY not been focused, so I simply stepped in to help.
Dr.    They’re 4-year-olds, Jake.
Jake:    It’s never too early to learn, Doc.
Dr.    I can see I’m just not getting through to you the conventional way, so I’m going to have to try something else. (restack papers on desk and pretends getting a paper cut) Ow!
Jake:    What’s wrong, Doc?
Dr.    Paper cut – ooh I hate those; they sting like the dickens. I’m sure I have a Band-Aid around here somewhere. (Rifling through desk)
Jake:    Not to worry Doc – I have it all under control. I’m always prepared for situations like this.
    (Takes out gauze and starts wrapping the finger but keeps going up the arm then around the head and face)
Dr.    (Speaking while arm being wrapped. Keep going until the gauze is around the mouth then speak muffled) Jake – that’s enough. I’ll be fine now, you can stop.
Jake:    If you’re going to do something, do it right. Go big!
Dr.    Jake, please ….. (Then muffled talking due to gauze).
Jake:    Well, gotta go Doc. I have a limo waiting to take me to the cruise ship I chartered. I’m heading to the Serengeti – I read a disturbing article about them, Doc – those people need Christ! Live life to the fullest Doc – go big or stay home!

© Copyright Terri Savage, all rights reserved
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