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Summary: It has been 12 years since Henry VIII broke finally with Rome. At that time, Henry's vice-regent Thomas Cromwell established some limited tolerance for Protestantism, and its influence grew. But now Cromwell is dead, and Henry sees the growing Protestant movement as a threat to his crown. Schismatic he may be, but Henry is determined not also to be a heretic, and has taken a hard line with the Protestants, including burning them at the stake. But unknown to Henry, the Protestant cause is favored by some within his own household, even those closest to him. Keywords: Reformation, history, England, persecution.
A word of advice: this play is not for children, owing to its portrayals of violence, intemperate language, sexism and moral confusion - all four quite typical of the Reformation era.
Style: Dramatic.   Duration: 90min (?)
Actors: 11M, 2F, 3M/F, + Various

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