There are some wonderful scripts suitable for Valentine's Day in the Archive section of Dramatix. Here are links to a sample:

A Perfect Guy
By Fred Lane
Summary: Two girls in the audience at a taping of "Home Improvement" discuss their own experiences with having and not having the perfect guy.

A Devil of a Date
By John McNeil
Summary: Four very un-angelic beings set out to destroy the dating habits of humans.

And Then There Was One
By Fred Lane
Summary: A story of betrayal: 2 best friends talking at school about guys they are dating, are approached by a third who reveals that she has heard a secret about one of these girls. One of the best friends, who was the only one the other had told a secret to, has told this secret to someone else, who in turn has spread it around the school.

Blind Date
By Kerrie Polkinghorne
Summary: The play is set some time in the 1980s. A boy and girl have been set up for a blind date, but because of their insecurities talk themselves out of it.

Dining Out?
by Glenn A. Hascall
Summary: A drama to be performed at a Valentine's banquet for married adults. Describing what it really is like for couples who are also parents of small children and how "this too shall pass."

Dinner Time
by Joanne Miller
Summary: A narrator tells a story which is acted out by a man and his wife.  They progress from newlyweds to a couple with young children to empty nesters.  Each stage is illustrated by the dinner table, which changes from romantic to chaotic to sublime.

Double Date
By Joanne Miller
Summary: Two sisters scheme how to attract a guy they each like - unfortunately, it's the same one.

Fed Ex
By Fred Lane
Summary: A single woman, who is never satisfied with the men in her life, mail orders a guy.

God the Matchmaker
By Warren Judkins
Summary: Adam and Eve had it easy. Finding the right partner these days can be very difficult.

Honeymoon Hotel
By John McNeil
Summary: The behaviour of couples and staff at a honeymoon hotel reveals different expectations of marriage.

How to Instal Love
By Rick Anderson, based on an idea by an unknown author.
Summary: A Customer Services Representative gives computer style instructions in how to instal love. Note: A Powerpoint presentation is available to accompany this script.

Just One Question
By Sheila Liljeqvist
Summary: Stephanie and Adam are interrupted in the middle of inappropriate dating behaviour by a mysterious woman, who gives Stephanie much food for thought.

The Perfect Partner
By Simon & Sue Kingham
Summary: An amusing look at two guys discussing the search for the ‘perfect’ partner.

Practice Makes Perfect
by Joanne Miller
Summary: A young man tries to ask his friend’s sister to marry him.  She doesn’t even realize that he likes her but thinks he is just her brother’s friend.  He never is able to get up enough nerve to give her the ring he has for her.

Sex for Dummies
By John McNeil
Summary: A husband whose sexual relationship with his wife has been less than satisfactory tries to improve it by following a plan outlined in a book.

Steamed Up
By John McNeil
Summary: In this mime, a husband and wife who are at odds with each other find romance rekindled as they do the ironing.

The Date
By Joanne Miller
Summary: A mother and young teenage daughter are at home after school. The daughter tells mom about a school dance coming up. The girl has to ask the guy to the dance.  She wants to call a boy she really likes & invite him.  Mom encourages her to do so. When she finally calls she gives him all the information except her name.

The Spouse Centric Marriage – 1. Date Night
By Bill Hamilton
Summary: This humorous script is part 1 of a five-part series. It focuses on setting time aside for just the two of you. Additional part is Chuck's buddy Bubba. How this scene ends is determined by the audience.

The Spouse Centric Marriage – 2. Communication
By Bill Hamilton
Summary: Part 2 of a five-part series. Two people desperately want to share their day with the other, but neither finds the other willing to listen to them.

Weaving a Web
By John McNeil
Summary: A women in an unsatisfactory marriage looks for love on the Internet.

Wedding Plans
by Joanne Miller
Summary: A bride comes to Pastor’s office for counsel for “irreconcilable” differences between her and her fiancee.

Wherefore Art Thou?
By Marc Harrison
Summary: The balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet draws different responses regarding romance from a husband and wife.

You're Not Too Late
By Glenn A. Hascall
Summary: This script can provide a humorous way to encourage couples to register for a church sponsored marriage retreat using famous and unfamiliar characters from Wonderland. Could also be modified to be a Valentine's Day script.