Summary:  Two people “warning” congregation about the Holy Spirit.  Key words:  Holy Spirit, Spirit, Holy Ghost, Pentecost
Style: Light-hearted.  Duration: 5min
Actors:  2 M/F

Props:  A poster “Wanted – Holy Spirit”, a backpack or bag with a hammer and a long nail (optional).

2 enters carrying a rolled up poster.  2 unrolls the poster and wanders around as if looking for a suitable location.  (If appropriate 2 could hold it against somewhere such as the pulpit, organ etc. and get ready to hammer a long nail into it.)  Interrupted by 1.
1.    Well – where is it?  Have you got it?
2.    What?  Oh yes!  I’ve made a poster – a wanted poster!
1.    Well – what are you waiting for?  Read it out man!
2.    Name:  Holy Spirit.  Alias:  Comforter, Holy Ghost.  Place of residence – everywhere.  Forwarding address – heaven.  Occupation: comforter – always on the move – always looking for new sinners to convert for God.  Helps keep Christians on the straight and narrow. 
1.      He doesn’t sound too bad to me.
2.    Hold on – this character is dangerous.  It’s all been recorded in the bible.  Look at Stephen.  There’s evidence that The Holy Spirit led him to his death.   And Paul – you know why Paul was chased out of every town he entered?
1.      No – but I can guess.
2.    It was The Spirit.  He was acting under instructions from The Spirit!  And not just Paul – all of the early disciples were exactly the same – they turned the world upside down!
1.    So – they act under His instructions?
2.    Not just that – he equips them.  He tells them what to do – and then He gives them the strength to do it.  Every supernatural gift you could imagine – from prophesy to faith.  Miracles.  The works.
1.    So what exactly are these instructions?  What does The Spirit Say?
2.    They vary from individual to individual.  He knows every case personally.
1.    Are we safe in here?
2.    (looking around congregation) ....... um...... pretty safe.....  model citizens ... strong tradition .... fairly level-headed bunch....
1.    As long as you’re sure.
2.    Maybe I should warn them anyway.  (To congregation) Listen here.  Watch out for the Holy Spirit.  One of the first signs is this - he’ll disrupt your routine – like introducing drama into your services (you may add other items appropriate to the occasion).  Then he’ll talk to you…. About personal things - things about your life.  If you listen, your life will never be the same again.  The chances are – He’s here right now!  Don’t say I never warned you.
1.     Yep!  Better safe than sorry.
Exit – if appropriate, put poster up using a non-permanent tack on the way out.
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