SummaryThe news bulletin format is a brilliant way to put across Bible accounts in church and schools without the need to embellish them too much.  The events of Pentecost are dramatic in themselves but using this format serves to highlight the effect that the wonderful events of Acts 2 must have had on the community in Jerusalem.
Style: Dramatic/light   Duration: 8min
Actors: 3M/F, 1M

Characters :
Two newscasters, reporter Rhea, Peter

StagingBackdrop - news  bulletin.  Appropriate music sound effect. 


Fiona:  Good evening.  Welcome to the evening news and we lead tonight with the surprising events in Jerusalem earlier today, described by some as the latest in a long list of dramatic happenings centred around the person of Jesus Christ.

Trevor: Earlier in the day-this special day of celebration for the Jewish nation-the followers of Jesus Christ, the much heralded King of the Jews and according to some at least the Saviour of the World, were gathered in a small venue in Jerusalem city centre.  Apparently strange events then ensued.  Over to our woman on the spot - Rhea Porter.

Rhea:  Good evening, Trevor.  Well as you say followers of Jesus Christ or as they are known locally “believers”, were gathered here in this building behind me.  It appears that quite suddenly there was a noise from the sky which sounded like a strong wind blowing.  It filled the entire house here behind me.  The apparently the believers saw what looked like tongues of fire which spread out and touched each of them.  They also speak of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Trevor:  And what form did this phenomenon take, Rhea?

Rhea:  As I say, the quite remarkable tongues of fire resting over each of the believers but also they began to talk in other languages.

Trevor:  I take it they had been on some kind of training course.

Rhea: Well no, Trevor.  The believers actually attribute this speaking in other languages to the presence of the Holy Spirit of God giving them the ability to master new languages.

Trevor:  Remarkable. 

Rhea: In fact I have a member of the group here.  If I might turn to you Mr Johnson..

Peter:  Just call me Simon….

Rhea:  OK, Simon..

Peter:  Peter.

Rhea (puzzled).  Sorry, is it Simon or Peter.

Peter:  Both.

Rhea: Oh, I see.  Well Simon Peter, why do you think you were given this extraordinary ability to talk in other languages?

Peter:  I believe it was for us to communicate with all those people who had come from all over the world. to the festival.  We’re just simple Galileans -fishermen and so on - but suddenly we could speak in all kinds of languages -Egyptian, Latin, Arabic - you name it.

Rhea:  How remarkable.  And what was it you actually had to say?

Peter:  We told them about the great things God had done in recent days.  About the crucifixion and resurrection of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and now about God pouring our His Spirit.

Rhea:  Thank you very much, Simon Peter.  With that, back to you Trevor, in the studio.

Trevor:  Thank you, RheaFiona:  These events have left many people amazed and have caused considerable confusion in the area.  We hope to bring you an update of developments in our late bulletin.

Trevor:  And finally on this extraordinary day to the papers.  The tabloids lead with (hold up/project on power point) “Followers of Jesus Filled with Wind-Disciples speak different languages”.  “Thousands sign up” (Read article) and finally “Glory to God in the High Street”.(Read)

Fiona:  From the extraordinary events of today we bid you goodnight.  Have a good night’s sleep …and remember don’t have nightmares.

Peter:  However, you will see visions and dream dreams.  God says this is just what he is going to do in these last days!


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