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Summary : Obi Wan is now a Christian. He confronts Darth Vader to come over from the Dark Side. Darth thinks he’s “too bad” to be saved. Message is that no-one is beyond redemption.
Style: Lighthearted.  Duration: 5min
Keywords: Salvation, redemption, Star Wars, the Force, Dark Side, Jedi, eternal life
Actors: 2M

Obi Wan
Darth Vader


(Lights out. Flash presentation on projector. Red light on in sound room. Smoke machine on. Lights fade up slowly. Darth Vader enters stage right, striding purposefully to music intro “Imperial March”. Obi Wan enters stage left, more sedately. Turn to face each other & draw lightsabers)
Darth Vader:    I've been waiting for you, Obi-wan. We meet again at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master.
Obi Wan:    Only of evil, Darth. I have been anticipating this moment ever since I chopped your legs off at the end of Episode 3. (They continue to circle each other warily, light sabers at the ready) You know, there is a better way.
DV:    You amuse me, Obi Wan. The Jedi ways are inferior to the ways of the Dark Side.
OW:    I’m not referring to Jedi ways, Darth – I have discovered that there is a way incomparably more powerful than either the Jedi or the Sith.
DV:    Have you been tippling on Geonosis gin again, Obi Wan? There is nothing more powerful than the Dark Side.
OW:    You are greatly deceived, Darth. The god of this age has blinded your mind.
DV:    Your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me, old man.
OW:    This is no feeble mind trick. This is the truth.
DV:    Truth? What is truth?
OW:    The truth is that you and I are not so different.  We both thought of the Force as some impersonal, distant power or energy source. I was wrong. The truth is that God knows you – personally, intimately. He loves you, Darth, and wants you to know Him.
(Some lightsaber duelling, lights flickering, followed by cautious silence)
DV:    God couldn’t love me. I’ve been on the Dark Side for too long.
OW:     No-one is beyond redemption, Darth – not even you.
DV:    But why would I want to change? – I am powerful, respected … and the merchandising rights on my mask and cape have made me incredibly wealthy.
OW:    There is one thing you lack. There is one thing that not even the deepest knowledge of the Dark Side can give you, and that is everlasting life.
DV:    Everlasting life?
OW:    Yes – everlasting life.
DV:    How can that be?
OW:     God so loved the world, Darth – and that includes you – that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
DV:    Who is this Son of God of whom you speak?
OW:    He is Jesus Christ, who came into the world to save sinners.
DV:    And just what is a sinner? Is it anything like a Wooky?
OW:    No, Darth. It’s not like a Wooky. Sin is rebellion against God – against His laws and His ways. And it is in the nature of man to rebel against God – to sin.
DV:    I have witnessed much rebellion in my time.
OW:    Rebellion against God – sin – is far more serious than rebellion against the Empire, because the consequences are dreadful.
DV:    More dreadful than being dealt with by me?
(DV lunges at OW. Parry & lock lightsabers.Lights flicker. OW repels DV to safe distance)
OW:    Oh yes. Much worse than being dealt with by you. You see, the consequence of sin is death. Eternity in hell – more terrible than you can ever imagine. But it is not God’s intention for anyone to be condemned to hell. Not even you, Darth. He has provided the way of redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ.
DV:    What do you mean?
OW:    Your sins can be forgiven, Darth. You only need to ask God’s forgiveness and you can be born again.
DV:    Now you’ve really lost it. How can I be born again? You know very well my mother died in Episode 2.
OW:    I refer to a spiritual birth. Jesus Christ can come into your heart and regenerate you – give you a new start, and a new life.
(More circling & lightsaber waving)
DV:    I am intrigued, Obi Wan. But I believe these are mere diversionary tactics so you can delay your inevitable destruction.
OW:    I do not fear death. One who possesses everlasting life need not fear death.
DV:    Now you’re beginning to sound like old Master Yoda.
OW:    Words in wrong order he would say.
DV:    Oh yes. I forgot. Strange that one so wise couldn’t even speak properly.
OW:    But even Yoda with all his wisdom had no idea that such a gift as everlasting life was available.
DV:    So if I were interested in possessing this everlasting life – which I’m not; but if I were, how could I possess it? Would I have to become an apprentice – like when I was under your tutorage to become a Jedi?
OW:    There is a lifetime of discipleship in following Jesus Christ. But to receive forgiveness of sin; to receive of His life, there is nothing you can do of yourself. You only need to ask.
(DV swipes at OW)
DV:    You speak of this invaluable gift of eternal life, the wonder of being born again – and then you tell me I cannot earn it by my own efforts and all I need to do is ask?    
OW:    Is it too much to ask a proud and powerful man to humble himself before Almighty God and receive His free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ?
DV:    (pointing to audience) Why don’t you ask them?
(DV & OW exit stage right to ‘Star Wars theme’ sfx. Lights fade)
© Barry Brannen 2005, all rights reserved.
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