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Summary: Two co-workers, one a Christian, discuss current affairs. This leads to a discussion of religion which puts pressure on the Christian to witness. The audience usually identifies with the wrong character, then gets blind-sided by the realization that their real-life behavior may be closer to a chicken than the lamb. Key words: Witnessing / Faith / Hypocrisy / Walking the Walk / The Workplace
Style: Dramatic.   Duration: 7min
Actors: 2M/F

PETE & CHRIS. Nothing special about either character.

Props: Basic office supplies. A telephone with the ability to ring, or at least a ringing sound effect.

Staging: One table large enough for both people to work at the same time. They can be drafting, working on computers, or just about anything. Stools are better than chairs.

Note: You may need to update the references to make them more contemporary for your situation.


(Chris is already sitting as the scene opens.)

Pete enters and speaks as he moves.

Hey, Chris. Ready to get to work on that project?

Hi, Pete. Yeah, I think I've got all the information here...
Let's see if we can get it all together.

PETE (Sitting down at the second stool.)
Do you think this trouble in the Mideast is going to effect this project?

I'd imagine. Food prices are going to go up. That will make inflation worse. And you know the politicians are going to spend spend spend to make it look like they care about those people.
The way I figure it, the Bill Clinton economic impact is finally going to take effect, even if it did take an act of God to make it happen...

PETE (Interrupting)
STOP! You're scaring me to death.

Just the facts, Pete. Just the facts.
Telephone Rings Chris answers.

Hello? Yes. Hi. Uh-huh. OK. Hey, listen. Can I call you back I'm... in a meeting right now. Good. Thanks.

Who was that?

CHRIS (Just a bit flustered)
That. Ahhhh. Nobody! That was nobody. Come on. Let's get to work.
(Both begin to shuffle papers and make notes.)

Speaking of that flooding problem... Did you notice on the news last Sunday where the President went out of his way coming out of church to ask the American people to pray for the flood victims?

Yeah. Don't you just hate the attention the media gives those politicians every time they do something "religious".

You mean you don't think the President was sincere?

Are you kidding? Mixing politics and religion is scary enough, but when you put them on TV, watch out!

Oh I don't know. I kind of admired him for doing that.

See! It even worked on you.
(Both chuckle a bit. Chris begins looking for something …)

Do you have those adjusted averages for last month over there?

Sure, here. (Hands Chris a piece of paper, then writes something on his own…)

Speaking of religion on TV... There was a church commercial on the tube last night that was kind of interesting. You didn't happen to catch it, did you?

Uh-h-h-h-h... During the ballgame?

Yeah, did you see it?

I might have caught just the tale-end as I came back from the kitchen. What was so special about it?

Oh, I dunno. It just didn't seem PREACHY. I didn't even realize it was a church commercial until it was almost over. I've even been to that church a couple of times.

CHRIS (Not looking up…)
Is that right?


PETE (Not looking up.)
What about you, Chris? Do you ever go to church, or pray?

Uhhhh, sure. Every now and then.

Do you believe in ... Jesus?

CHRIS (Laughing, sort of)
What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?

No, no. I'm sorry. I ... I was just curious if you believed in any of that stuff.

Do you?

CHRIS (Not looking up)
Do I what?

Do you believe in God or Jesus?

Well, sure. You know, I read recently where more than 95% of Americans believe in God.

Yeah. I read that, too. But I wonder how many of those people really mean it I mean LIVE it, or maybe they just want to believe.

CHRIS (Trying to figure out his friend …)
Hey. What's all this sudden interest in religion, Pete?

Oh, it's not really sudden. I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I just thought you might, uh ...
(Pete seems to have lost something on the desk.)
Wait a minute. You know what I forgot? That silly sales report from our California office. I better go get it. I'll be back in about 5 minutes.
(Gets up and leaves.)

No problem, Pete. Take your time. (Chris waits for Pete to leave, then dials the phone.)
Hi, Judy [YOUR church secretary]. This is Chris. Is Howard [YOUR preacher or pastor] still there?
(Waits for preacher to come to the phone.)
Hi, Howard. Sorry I couldn't talk earlier... Yeah, it was a pretty important meeting, but I've got a couple of minutes free now. What's up?...
That's very nice of you to say so. We spent a lot of time on that. You know how much the work of the Lord means to me. What can I do next?... Uh-huh... Uh-huh... OK... A study-group on sharing our faith in the work-place? Sure, I'd love to lead it. In fact, I was just talking about the Lord with this guy here at work.
(Short pause.)
That's right, PETE. I've told you about him... In fact, he saw one of our new TV commercials last night and I think it's really opened a door for us. Yes it is nice to know that they really work...
(Pete re-enters.)
Great. OK, see you this weekend, Howard. Bye.
(Pete sits back down and resumes work - doesn't look up.)

Who was that, Chris?

CHRIS (Not looking up.)
That? Ahhhh, Nobody. That was ... nobody.
(Chris slowly looks up at Pete as if wanting to say something..)

Lights out.


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