Summary: A Resurrection play that consist of a group of 10 monologues that blend into a sort of choral speaking ending. Each inanimate object speaks out as a witness of Christ's presence here on earth and His death. Each inanimate object (except the donkey) tells of the part they played and how they felt as they participated in their God-given assignments.
Style: Dramatic/Heavy.   Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.
Actors: 1F (Donkey), 9 interchangeble M/F.



(MATTHEW 27:35, MARK 15:24)

My assignment? To cover the God Given physical body of the Savior. My assignment was quite easy actually. Not only was it a no brainer job, but the fringe benefits were outrageous. Front row seats at every Father, Son, and Holy Ghost event for three years.

All I had to do was hang around and follow Jesus. It may have been a no brainer but it sure got plenty sweaty sometimes. I mean the people would press in on Him so much I could hardly see what was going on. If it wasn’t for the Disciples exercising crowd control, I think they would have crushed the poor Savior to death.

I do understand their excitement though. I have seen this Man do such awesome things that the world would not be able to contain the volumes of books that it would take to tell it all. He's done such things as restore vision to blinded eyes. I've seen lepers and demonics healed, I've seen the lame walk again, I've seen and heard the dumb speak. (Amazed.) The dead have literally been raised to life again.

One of my most memorable experiences during my years with Jesus, was the time this poor poor woman who had been bleeding for 12 years just simply touched my hem and immediately her 12 year fountain was dried up.... just like that. I felt pretty special that day. To know that the divine anointing that was upon Jesus from the Father, was so strong that it flowed down upon me too. I…I….I wanted to run, jump, leap, for joy, ....but that would leave the Savior more than a little exposed, so I contained myself.

I also remember vividly that last day we spent together. To be demoted from being a garment of covering for the Messiah, to being stripped from Him and gambled for. I hated being touched by their filthy hands. But it wasn't about me. Can you believe they stripped me from Him and left Him naked, bloody, and humiliated upon that cross? What kind of death was that for a King?

The love that I witnessed that day when the Father restrained Himself from rescuing His Son, and when Jesus remained obedient unto death, was more than I could comprehend. But I know it happened, because I was there.



(MATT: 21:1-7 - MARK 11:2)

I always knew there was something different about my little Sweetheart. You know, not different weird, but different.... like special. I've always felt he was being prepared for some very important event. I would daydream sometime about him one day pulling the carriage of the king, or perhaps one of our prominent governors.

So you can imagine my astonishment when these two strange men came and loosed me and my little Sweetheart and just took us away. I wanted to say "halt (stop), what are you doing?" Sweetheart’s big day hasn't arrived yet. Could you let him have his day before you steal him from our master; I know it's coming soon, I can feel it.Besides, who are you anyway? And how will my little Sweetheart and I be treated?We soon arrived at Bethphage in the Mount of Olives. There Sweetheart and I met Jesus. The moment I was in His presence...

yes the moment I looked into His eyes of compassion.....I knew. I knew this was the time I'd dreamed about…..the moment I longed for. And how much like the nature (character) of Jesus to bring me along with my little Sweetheart so he wouldn't be left motherless. Oh yes, He sent for us both. Read it in Matthew 21.

And you know what I realized? It was not Sweetheart’s day after all. It was Jesus' day. And you know what else? Sweetheart did better than pull the carriage of a king. He carried upon his back THE KING OF KINGS. Yes, my little Sweetheart was that lowly donkey that carried the Messiah on His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.



(MARK 14:32, LUKE 12:44)

I have been visited by many men and women down thru the years, but this Jesus of Nazereth, now He was different. While others came thru with their various missions; or so to speak, Jesus' visits were for one purpose and one purpose commune with the Father.

I was always happy to see Him come and sad to see Him go. I have never heard such supplication and intercession as when this man prayed. He prayed with such anointing that I just lit up. Every plant, animal, insect, and tree, stood still in awe of the presence of God in that place when He prayed. He talked to the Father as one who knew Him. No….No…..I mean really knew Him.

The last day I remember seeing Him, He didn't come alone. He brought Peter, James and John with Him as He had done often before. He came to His favorite spot among the olive trees three times that day to pray: but the disciples... well, they just slept. He prayed with such sorrow that He was sweating great drops of sweat; you know like drops of blood that would bubble from a fresh open wound.

I remember His words so well that day.....I remember because I've never heard Him pray in this manner before. He was asking the Father to remove the cup from Him. He was asking God for another way. His prayer was not an attempt to resist God's will or even change His plan, but the separation from His Father was more than He thought He could bear. Nevertheless, and despite the agony of the separation that I'm sure plagued His thoughts continually: He arose from prayer and gave Himself into the hands of the Centurion Soldiers. They thought they had captured Him. They didn't capture Him. He could have walked right past them just like He's done before, and there would have been nothing they could do but watch Him go. But this time was different. He just gave up. He'd gotten the Word from His Father, and He obeyed. Yeah they took Him away bound, but only by His own permission.

You know I really miss His earthly presence. It's not been the same here since He left. But I feel such a privilege and honor, that out of all the places in the vastness of The Creator’s World, He who made everything......chose me. He chose me, the Garden of Gethsemane to be the meeting place for the Trinity. Now that's special.



(JOHN 19:1)

I don't mean to sound cruel or indifferent, but, (pause) it's my job, my calling, what I was masterly crafted to do. Sure at first it's hard to get used to all the blood and torn flesh; But after a while you do get used to it. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. I've beaten many men before. I've beaten many before this man Jesus, and I beat many after Him…..but they all deserved it. I mean…..whether directly guilty or indirectly, at least they were ALL sinners. But this Man…….there was no sin in Him at all. He had done nothing worthy of the whipping I was forced to give Him that day. I felt so used and violated. I had no pride in what I did that day.

(Stop, pause, as if thinking deeply. (very intense)

Do you know what it's like to beat an innocent man? (pause) No, of course you couldn't. With every stripe I wanted to scream NO! NO! Do your own dirty deed! I want no part of this! (calmer) But unlike them, the ones beating Him,... I didn't have a choice.

To make a long story short, time has not healed my wounded heart, because to speak of what I did that day…… It still hurts.



(MATTHEW 27:29)

Contortionist? Naaahh. No contortionist could ever bend themselves into some of the positions I've been in. I mean, you could twist me in and out, up and down, thru this way and back that way and it wouldn't even phase me. But I could not understand, (shaking head), No, I just couldn't figure it out this day. I'm pretty smart. I mean I'm no intellectual or anything, but my common senses are intact pretty good. So I realize that the creator of the universe, the Divine Heavenly Father above made all things. Whatever your eyes behold, He made it. But I declare sometimes the man creature He made is just too hard for me to figure out. I mean his intelligence, or lack thereof just escapes me. Why anyone would braid my branches with thorns intact?

(hunch shoulders) You know I had to show them the error of their ways with more than a few pricks during the task, so I was quite bloody before I even reached my destination. What was this concoction? Never had I been twisted into anything so bazaar before.

(tone of voice changes) (unbelief mixed with sadness/anger)

Do you know what these so called intelligent men did? They made me into a crown of thorns. They took me and placed me.....No, thrust me, on the head of Jesus....and pushed me deep into His brow and skull. They put a reed in His right hand. Then they spit on Him, and hit Him on the head and face, and mocked Him yelling Hail, King of the Jews. It was horrible...shameful.

I wanted to fight for Him and with Him that day....but He didn't fight, He just.....took it. So along with the rest of nature, I just cried.



(JOHN 20:27)


Made by one of the greatest blacksmiths of my time, I am a fine specimen, if I must say so myself. Ahhh, my precision tip, perfectly smooth body, and big wide head, make me perfect for any job. If I've ever wanted to turn a job down though, it was the one they gave me about 2000 years ago upon a hill called Golgatha. (Stop brag - deep thought) I cringe now at the thought as I remember.

(Continue bragging)

Yes it's true what you've heard about me. When I secure a thing in place, it's there to stay. But you see, this was not any 'ole' thing or any 'ole' body.....this was.....the Savior, the Messiah, the Lord of Lords. Surely the Father will keep pain from Him. Yes, I thought, maybe He just won't feel the pain.

As I realized my assignment, my thoughts were of how there is nothing new under the sun, and the very materials that were used to form me, were created by this Man. I wanted to say STOP! I can't do this! I can't, this man is innocent! Let me have the thieves on either of His sides. But I had been predestined, just as He had.

So I did what I was created to do... and He did what He was sent to do. And as that precious, holy blood flowed down upon me, I was comforted. Oh, I still have ambivalence about that day because of the pain I caused Him because the Father did NOT keep pain from Him. He suffered in agony on that cross for six hours. On the other hand (or; but also) I count it a privilege to be chosen to be a part of what God did 2000 years ago to save man from death and hell. Yes it's true, I'm good at what I do, but I didn't keep Jesus on the cross that day......You did. He loves you…. and no manner of pain, agony, or discomfort, could have gotten Him off that cross that day.



(JOHN 19:34)

The battle stories I could tell you. Whew! I've been around for many generations so I've seen more than my share of action. Sure I've had to have my tips sharpened and replaced more than a few times, but as you can see I'm still in pretty good shape. I have fought with many valiant men…..or so I thought ,until that dreaded day up on Golgotha, or "the place of the skull" as we sometimes call it.

That day and every since then, these so called valiant men seemed more like bullies and cowards to me. (Sarcastically) The big, strong, courageous, soldier just had to thrust me through His side. He was already dead, why not just leave Him alone? Wasn't it enough that they beat, stripped naked, and hung on the cross an innocent man? They wanted to break His legs but when they got to Him He had already given up the ghost.

My career has been a lengthy one as I stated before, so I'm sure it goes without saying that I have thrust through my share of the enemies of war. But this was not an enemy. The moment tip touched flesh I knew; not an enemy, but a friend with a love that surpasses anything I've ever seen. His only mission here was to save man: Even the men who killed Him.

You know something very strange that day? When I pierced His side......out flowed blood AND water. Now you figure that one.



(MARK 15:25)

He could have come down, but He didn't, He stayed up there to pay a debt. A debt He didn't even owe. He could have come down, but He stayed for you.

Do you know what I was thinking as He was dragging me up Golgotha's hill? I was thinking, why all this suffering? Is it really necessary, will they even care? Besides, the people are so wishy washy. "Hosanna, Son of David" they cried on Palm Sunday. "Crucify Him, give us Barabas" they cried the very next week.. from the same lips. Will they even care that He suffered, bled and died for them?

I'm just a tree so what do I know? What I do know, is that Jesus put Himself in your place. You should have been beaten, bloody and dragging me up Golgotha's hill. Imagine with me if you will: millions of crosses and millions of crucifixions. Man taking his own punishment. The only difference? NO resurrection. There is no resurrection for the guilty.

So as He trodded up that hill that day, weak, tired, bloody and beaten: carrying big ole heavy me against His torn and tattered flesh: carrying the weight of the sins of the entire world from creation to rapture: He knew even then that not all would come. He knew most would reject His sacrifice. Yet He kept on going. And when they nailed Him to me.....He could have come down, but He didn't.

But Grace and Mercy were also there that day. They said "We'll accept the life of this ONE pure and righteous man as ransom for all the sinful and unrighteous men; past, present and future.” Wow what an exchange. I mean what an exchange! Surely every man, woman, boy and girl will run to Jesus and say thank You, thank You. What must I do to be saved?........humph! (Shrug shoulders) He could have called legions of angels to His rescue, but He didn't.

Mercy was on one shoulder and Grace was on the other shoulder for support that day, because the Father had forsaken His own son for you.

Grace would whisper in one ear "PARDON", Mercy would whispered in the other ear "REDEEM". Grace said "RANSOM", Mercy said "FORGIVE". Grace said "AGAPE", Mercy said "DELIVER". Grace said "MEDIATOR", Mercy said "PROPITIATION". Grace said "MERCY", Mercy said "GRACE". And when Jesus gave up the Ghost, Mercy and Grace said……today is Salvation come to the world.




Deep....Dark....and Set Aflame. I have a reputation of being a place of torment. A place of anguish, and pain, and fear. A place YOU.....don't want to come to. I am all that you've heard....and far more than your finite mind could imagine.

I do what I was put here to do quite efficiently. Although I used to be much smaller when satan and his angels were my only tenants. But you my friends, like a high fat, high carbohydrate, sugary sweet, no nutritional value diet….you... have caused me to grow. Yes, I have grown quite exponentially to accommodate your disobedience.

I'm really not the true bad guy. Now my keeper Satan, he's the one you really need to watch out for. His reputation far exceeds mine. I heard that he used to direct the choir in heaven. And then one day he got the big head and tried to take over the whole operation. He got the boot and the rest is history. I owe him my very existence.

One day about 2000 or so years ago, this is after the big boot, my keeper got a visit from my creator. Now that was a day to remember. Satan was celebrating and bragging about how he had cleverly gotten rid of Jesus off the earth. He was boasting that he'd gotten some folk to crucify Him or something, when all of a sudden…there stood Jesus, right there face to face with ole satan himself. Yep, Jesus crashed the party that day. Burst satan’s little bubble, stole his 15 minutes of fame, not to mention embarrassed him. Then to top it all off....Jesus took the keys to death AND hell. Man what an embarrassing day for satan. All that control.... gone. You talk about angry, Whew. If I weren't hell, I would have left his presence myself.

Wait, there's more. Jesus preached to some folk, set them free and let them just walk out. Satan was powerless against Him. He loosed them and they followed Him right on out (of hell). It was not a pretty scene down there that day. Umh... scratch that last statement. (stop to think, then shudder)

He came, He preached, took keys, and left. How did I feel about it all? Like I said before, I just do what I was put here to do. Jesus' presence? An awesome presence that day........Awesome.



(JOHN 19:41, LUKE 23:53, MARK 15:46, MATT 28:59)

What comes to mind when you hear my name? Death? Funerals? Missing loved ones? Relief from pain and sorrow? Long and short goodbyes? And the list goes on.

My assignment is a dark and lonely one. So here I lie….just waiting.Let's set the record straight now. I'm a Se_pul_cher....Sepulcher. Not just some shallow grave covered with stones. That's for the ordinary folk. No I'm much more elaborate than that. I belong to Joseph of Aramathea. And Joseph was NOT a poor man.

I am an expert in the art of waiting. But I've heard that that is....have a Great deficiency in That area. Anyway, one day as I was doing what I do best; sitting alone, cold, dark, and lonely waaiiting for Joseph. The stone was being removed from my door. I believe it was on a Friday. Visitors?, I thought. Permanent visitors? soon? But it wasn't Joseph at all. I heard them call the name (sort of a whisper) Jesus. Is this the Jesus that my Joseph had become a follower off? Where are His treasures? They brought nothing with this poor man.

They laid Him down and rolled the stone again to seal me. What an awesome feeling I had with Him laying here. (said in awe) It was as if the attention of all heaven and earth was upon me. Well that was short lived because He was only here for three days. On the third day angels appeared and began ministering to Him. Then in a few moments..... He was gone. Never to return again. And even though there were guards outside my door......they never knew He was gone. Because He didn't use the door. He just left. Only His burial clothes remained.

It caused quite a stir that Sunday when they discovered He was gone. The chief priest were upset for one reason and His followers for another. All I know is.....the very short time He was here, He left quite an impression on me.


The Conclusion Of The Whole Matter

Garment: I was there! I covered Christ's body for three years.

Donkey: I was there! The Son of David rode my colt into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Garden: I was there! The Son of God prayed among my trees for many many years.

Whip: I was there! I put thirty-nine stripes on the Saviors back.

Thorns: I was there! I was pushed down into the Lords skull until blood ran down His face.

Spikes: I was there! They thought I held the Messiah on the cross.

Spear: I was there! I was pierced through the King of King's side.

Cross I was there! The Prince of Peace was nailed (hung) to me from the third to the ninth hour. (can say nailed to, or hung from)

Tomb: I was there! I contained (held) Jesus' body in the earth for three days.

Hell: I was there! I witnessed The Lamb take away the keys to death and hell from Satan so mankind would be free from those two forever.

All: We were there!

Spkr. 1: We are inanimate objects, except the donkey, fulfilling an assignment prepared for us before the foundation of the world.

All: We were there!

Spkr. 2: But what we don't understand is (HOW) all the people could witness hundreds of miracles and yet not believe.

All: We were there!

Spkr. 3: But what we don't understand is (WHY) someone so hated was still willing to die such a horrible death for those who hate Him still.

All: We were there!

Spkr. 4: But what we don't understand is (WHAT) kind of love would compel God to give His Only Begotten Son.

All: We were there!

Spkr 5: But what we don't understand is (NOW THAT YOU KNOW) the truth of God's love for you...

All: … How can you...

Spkr 6: ...Continue to reject His invitation to exchange death for life?

All: We were there!

(HOW, WHY, WHAT, and NOW THAT YOU KNOW, is said in unison by the entire group. Choral Speaking type ending.)


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