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Summary: Two angels with Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane and through the Resurrection.  
Style: Dramatic.  Duration: 5-10min
Actors: 2M/F, 2:3F
Scripture: Based on Matthew 26 - 28


2 Angels
Various women at the tomb



Scene 1 - The Garden Gethsemane

Angel 1: Look at them, they are just sleeping like nothing is happening.  Don’t they realize how important this night is?

Angel 2: You would think they would at least sense that there is a battle going on, but they are just snoring away.

Angel 1: He only asked one thing of them, to stay awake and pray with him.  

Angel 2: Can I just go poke them with my sword and wake them up?  He needs them right now.

Angel 1: Wait, wait, he’s going to them.

Angel 2: Maybe now they’ll join him in prayer.

Angel 1: It doesn’t look like it, looks like they are just settling back into sleep.  

Angel 2: What is that?  Is that blood or sweat on his forehead?  It’s blood.

Angel 1: The agony he is dealing with.  Why aren’t they standing with him?  

Angel 2: I don’t understand, He was here before this creation that he is trying to save. He is the God of everything and He leaves his kingdom to take on this fragile human form, for what?

Angel 1: I know the Father has a plan, we just have to wait.

Angel 2: I can’t wait much longer, I want to see some heads roll.  Just let me go in there and fight for him.

Angel 1: You know our orders, we stand at attention and wait.

Angel 2: It looks like something is about to happen, here come soldiers.

Angel 1: Oh, look now they wake up.

Angel 2: Go Peter, that’s right, use that sword.

Angel 1: Get ready, Jesus just mentioned us.  Time for the attack.  

Angel 2:  Wait, what did he just say?  He won’t call us to fight for him.  Why?

Angel 1: I don’t know, something about fulfilling scriptures.  

Angel 2: They’re taking Him away.

Angel 1: We need to stay with Him.  Let’s go.

(Exit stage.)

Scene 2 - The Crucifixion

Angel 2: I can’t watch.  

Angel 1: I know, it’s killing me too.

Angel 2: Do they know who he is?  He’s the Son of God and they are mocking him.  Using his title like a joke.  

Angel 1: It has to be part of the Father’s plan somehow.

Angel 2: How?  How, is nailing our Commander and Chief on a cross like a common criminal part of the plan?  Something is wrong.  Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand our orders?  We need to do something.

Angel 1: We wait.

Angel 2: For what?  Him to die?  How is that going to save His precious creation?

Angel 1: I don’t know, I just know we wait.

Angel 2: Listen to that, even in His pain and suffering He’s still trying to reach these wretched people.  What good has that thief ever done, that would cause Jesus to tell him he’ll go to heaven?

Angel 1: Well, he did just stand up to everyone and defend Him.

Angel 2: I can’t do this.  I was made to fight, let me go fight.

Angel 1: We have to trust the Father and His plan.

Angel 2: At least me go in there and give him a drink .

Angel 1: Look, the soldiers are giving Him one.

Angel 2: Did you hear Him?  He said, “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?”  Even Jesus doesn’t think this is part of the plan.  I’m telling you, something went wrong.  

Angel 1: We have to stay strong.

Angel 2: It’s too late.  He’s gone.  We failed.

(Exit stage)


Scene 3 - The Tomb

(Angels roll the stone away, spot lights shine out of the tomb.  Three women walk on stage to the tomb.)

Angel 1: I know you seek Jesus, but He’s not here, He has risen.  Go tell the others.

(Women leave)

Angel 2: Now that was a good plan.


© Michelle Patterson. All rights reserved.
This script may be used free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged to a performance. In exchange, the author would appreciate being notified of any occasion the script is used in public performance. She may be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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