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Summary: Two people who have just left the Passover feast in Jerusalem   start to discuss Jesus' death when they reach an inn. Two Roman soldiers who arrive at the inn also discus the event. An innkeeper listens intently to their discussion.
Style: Dramatic.    Duration: 10min
Actors: 5M

Two Roman soldiers
Two Jewish people

Setting: Two tables and four chairs for the inn setting, along with wooden or metal plates and tankards. Jewish people need period costumes and Roman clothing is also needed. Innkeeper needs Jewish clothing and probably a leather apron to wear.


(Scene starts with the two Jewish people walking into the inn. The innkeeper is wiping the table.)

Innkeeper: Good morning, come and sit down and what can I get you?

1st person: Something to drink and whatever food you've got.

(Innkeeper walks away and comes back with some drinks and food.)

Innkeeper: Have you just come back from the Passover?

2nd person: Yes.

(Inn keeper walks away to the other table cleans it and start to arrange the tankards plates, etc, and listens to what is being said.)

1st person: What do you think about that crucifixion?

2nd person: It was very strange wasn't it?

1st person: I've never seen anyone go to his death like that before.

2nd person: He was actually telling his father to forgive them.

1st person: Yeah, because they didn't know what they were doing.

2nd person: People usually curse the Romans when they are crucifying them.

1st person: There was something different about him.

2nd person: I know, what was his name?

1st person: Jesus, I think.

2nd person: According to what I've heard, he went round healing people.

1st person: I know.

2nd person: Some people are saying he was the Son of God.

Innkeeper: I'd be careful about what you’re saying.

1st person: Why?

Innkeeper: You know what these Romans are like. If you start mentioning anything about a Messiah for our people they start to get very nervous. Anything that threatens their ruler ship is very firmly stamped on.

2nd person: We know that, but there was something different about this man.

Innkeeper: In what way?

1st person: We heard that during his trial he never spoke out about the charges they bought against him. Even though the testimonies contradicted each other.

Innkeeper. That's very strange.

2nd person: Even the governor couldn't find anything wrong with him.

Innkeeper: What do you mean?

1st person: He washed his hands and said he couldn't find that he done anything wrong.
Innkeeper: Why did they crucify him then?

2nd person: He asked the crowd who they wanted to free.

1st person: And the crowd shouted for someone called Barrabas.
Innkeeper: Why did they do that if this Jesus had done nothing wrong?

2nd person: According to what I heard, the Sanhedrin wanted him dead.

1st person: Because he claimed to be the Messiah.

Innkeeper: No wonder they wanted him dead.

2nd person: But isn't our Messiah supposed to come and overthrow anyone oppressing our people and rule like King David did?

1st person: I've been reading the prophet Isaiah in the scriptures and he speaks of a suffering servant along the lines of Joseph.

2nd person: I've heard some of our sages put that view forward.

Innkeeper: It’s not a very popular view, though.

1st person: Could he have been the Son of God?

2nd person: I don't know, but I did hear an interesting rumour before we left Jerusalem.

Innkeeper: What was that?

(The door opens and two Roman soldiers walk in.)

Innkeeper: Be quite now.

(Innkeeper gets up and greets the Romans.)

Innkeeper: Come in sit down, what can I get you?

(Soldiers sit down at the other table.)

1st soldier: Just bring us some wine.

(Innkeeper brings two tankards of wine. Puts them on the table and goes to sit at the other table.)

2nd soldier: What's wrong Marcus; you have been the same since that last crucifixion,

1st soldier: There was something different about that man.

2nd soldier: What do you mean? Come on we've crucified no end of people. They're all the same, they bleed and die, end of story.

1st soldier: No, this man was different, can't you remember, when we were nailing him to the cross.

2nd soldier: Remember what, it’s just a job, I don't listen to anything they say. Hammer the nails in and lift them up. Then we get a rest until they kick it.
1st soldier: No, he said forgive them, father, for they know not what they do.

2nd soldier: Why was his dad there? Not many people hang around, they're probably scared that we'll crucify them as well.

1st soldier: No, when I looked into his eyes there wasn't any anger or resentment.

2nd soldier: I don't look at their eyes. I've spat on a few but that's about it.

1st soldier: It was as though he was saying it was all right and he didn't blame me.

2nd soldier: Now you’re really imagining things; they curse us, spit at us, and then they get a slap for doing that. I've never seen that before; just kill them, it’s a rebel out of the way.

1st soldier: It was as though he was showing me he forgave me; there was love in his eyes.

2nd soldier: What?

1st soldier: I think I've killed the Son of God.

2nd soldier: Which god, Jupiter?

1st soldier: No, he was Jewish.

2nd soldier: How many gods have they got?

1st soldier: Just one, I think.

2nd soldier: Hey Jew!

1st person: Yes.

2nd soldier: How many gods have you got?

1st person: One.

2nd soldier: Is that all?

2nd person: Yes, he's the creator of all the earth.

2nd soldier: Well, has he got a son, because my mate here thinks he's just crucified him.

1st person: We were just discussing...

Innkeeper: Quietly. Sssshhhhh. Remember what I said.

2nd soldier: Come on then, has he?

2nd person: Are you talking about that person who was crucified in Jerusalem, who said he was our king?

2nd soldier: Yeah, that's the one.

1st person: We heard about that, but we don't think he was any special.

2nd soldier: There you are, mate; you haven't killed God after all.

2nd person: But I thought you said he could have been.

Innkeeper: Yes we know, but these are Romans, you've got to be careful what you say.

1st person: Let’s get going.

2nd person: Yes, we don't want to arouse any suspicion.

(The two Jews get up and leave.)

1st person: Thank you, innkeeper.

1st soldier: I still think he was God's son.

2nd soldier: Well if he was why those Jews who just left say something different?

1st soldier: I don’t know.

2nd soldier: And if he was, why didn't he save himself?

1st soldier: I don't know. I'll have to try and find out a bit more about him.
2nd soldier: It's down to you, but I'm all right as I am.
(The two soldiers get up throw some money on the table.)

2nd soldier: Thank you innkeeper.

Innkeeper: Thank you, come again.

(The two soldiers leave.)

Copyright © 2005 David Lee.  All rights reserved.
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