Summary. A crucifixion drama set to the song "No hay nadie come tu" by Marco Barrientos. We have used this very effectively outdoors.
Style: Dramatic.  Duration:  9min
Actors: 6+M, 2M/F

Two angels
Two disciples


Song starts

Jesus stands at the centre of the stage or area to be used with his head bowed.  

At 25 secs,  Jesus walks to the audience holds out his arms and pulls them back to himself, expressing "will you follow me". He looks downcast as no one responds.

Jesus then goes to pray. He gets up about 1 min 16 secs

Jesus goes to two people mending nets; he holds out his arms and expresses "will you follow me". The two people get up and follow him.

As they walk together, Judas walks up to them and expresses his desire to follow them. Jesus expresses he does want him and embraces him. 1 min 32 secs

The group walk to the audience with Jesus gesturing as though preaching to them.
The two disciples stand either side of Jesus with Judas behind them. Judas puts his hand in his pocket, pulls it out as though he is counting money.

The group then go to lie down to sleep. Judas counts the money before lying down, 2 min 20 secs.

Jesus wakes up first, and goes to pray. He then comes and wakes the others up, 2min 30-40 secs.

The group go to different places in audience with Jesus  gesturing as though he is preaching. The two disciples listen intently. Judas stands at the back looking completely disinterested.

The group then go to the Pharisee, who has come to the opposite side of the stage to where the disciples and Jesus are. Jesus gestures as though he is trying  to teach. The Pharisee shakes his head and gets up and leaves.  3 min 20 secs.

The group get up and walk away to the opposite end of the stage.

Jesus leaves the disciples and goes to pray.  3 min 40 secs.

Jesus remains praying while the Pharisee walks towards the group. He beckons to Judas to come to him.

Judas leaves the disciples and walks towards the Pharisee. They act  out doing a deal, with Judas receiving some money and counting it. The Pharisee stands there smiling.

Judas walks back to the disciples. 4 min.

The Pharisee leaves at 4 min 7 secs.

Jesus and the disciples enter and act out eating the last supper, with Judas leaving through 4 min 45 secs.

They then move to another part of stage. The disciples go to sleep and Jesus goes to pray. He comes back to wake them up, asking them to pray. But they stay asleep. 5 min 14 secs.

Judas enters with the Pharisee and some soldiers. He goes to Jesus and kisses him on the cheek. They lead Jesus away and the disciples run off. 5 mins 50 secs.

Pilate enters. They act out the trial of Jesus with Pilate expressing, "what has this man done?" The Pharisee accuses him. Pilate talks to Jesus but Jesus remains silent, etc.

Pilate eventually washes his hands but the Pharisee cries out to crucify him. Pilate orders him to be flogged and leaves. 6 mins 43 secs.
Jesus is then beaten and flogged, spat upon, blindfolded and hit, and a crown of thorns is forced on his head. 7 mins 33secs.

He is laid on the floor and the nails driven into his hands. He is then lifted up into the crucifixion position. 8 mins.

As he stands in the crucifixion position the disciples kneel at one end of the stage. The Pharisee stands at the oppsite side of the stage and Judas  kneels some distance away from him.

At the end of the song Jesus heads drops as though dead. At this point the disciples drop their heads.

Copyright © 2005 David Lee. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All rights reserved. May be used free of charge and copied for use, subject to the following terms. The drama is left fully intact and the copyright notices remain intact. Permission is given to modify the drama for personal use, under the condition that the changes are not redistributed. You may not charge for performing, copying or modifying the sketch

If you do use please let me know how the sketch went.