Summary: Mary, mother of Jesus, is struggling with the torture of her son.  She cries out to God with her struggles, and then asks for God's help to remain strong. Keywords: Easter, death, resurrection, suffering.
Style: Drama:  Duration: 3min
Actors: 1F

Mary mother of Jesus


You sent an angel to tell me that among women I am blessed.
Yes this I know, I am truly blessed.
This precious babe, this gift you've given - oh how I long for him to be a babe once more.

Had I known that this was the purpose for this child - could I have gone through with it?  Oh Lord my God - I want your will, but why my Son?  Why Your Son?  Why this?

They've mocked and ridiculed him - spat in his face and struck him; yet it continues.  They've torn his flesh and cut his brow - even now, yes even now they force him through the streets with His Cross.

How I long to coddle him as an infant - yet how can I bear to see his torture?  God give me strength!  
How do I look upon this face - the face of the Son I promised to care for; yet am powerless to defend?  I want to run, but cannot find the strength.  I want to help, but have no means.

Lord he spoke of his death, yet I could not foresee.  Yea He spoke of his resurrection, but I struggle to comprehend.  If he were to merely die, this I could bear, then his resurrection I imagine.  But Lord, this - why this?

Lord as I cling to this hope that he will yet live, please help me to be strong during his death.

I need to be there - I need him to know that I'm there - yet help me to hide the anguish; God for His sake help me be strong.

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