Summary: Two shepherds talking about the birth of Jesus
Style: Dramatic/comedy         Duration: Approx. 5 minutes
Actors: 2M & Possible Narrator


Two shepherds . Zak speaks slowly with pauses  ……… thinking a lot 

 Narrator: A long time ago just outside the village of Bethlehem, two shepherds, Ben and Zak were watching their sheep 

Ben and Zak come on, with crooks, if available

 Ben: Have you heard the news?

 Zak: What news?

 Ben: The news about the baby

 Zak: (surprised )I didn’t know your wife was having a baby. You never told me that! She didn’t look  pregnant …………. Err….  Congratulations !

 Ben: No! not MY wife.  She hasn’t had a baby, just as well.  I’ve got 10 kids already.

 Zak: Well then what baby are you talking about?

 Ben: I’m talking about the baby born last night in the village.

 Zak: Whose baby is it ? I didn’t think anyone was expecting. Oh except Sarah of course, but she isnt due for ages.

 Ben: No this baby was born last night to a young couple who had just arrived in the village.  They had come a long way.

 Zak: Sounds as if she shouldn’t have been travelling if she was near to having the baby!

 Ben: Well they did  and the problem was the hotel was full  they couldn’t find anywhere to stay. They ended up in Abe’s stable. 

 Zak: (thinking)……… At least they’d  be out of the wind  - it was blowing  a bit last night……..but not the sort of place a baby should be born in. 

 Ben: This is a special baby!

 Zak: What’s special about it?

 Ben: I don’t know. All I know is that Eli’s lot, over on the other hill, went and had a look. In the middle of the night! They said it looked like any baby, sort of small and a bit shrivelled, like new born babies are, but very quiet. They thought that was funny. The baby, it’s a boy by the way, and they have called him Jesus,  just lay there, eyes open, all peaceful, not crying or anything.

 Zak: Why did Eli’s lot go over to the village to have a look –  they are not usually interested in babies….. unless  it’s a baby lamb of course (laughs)  that’s different!

 Ben: They went because they were told about it by an angel

 Zak: An angel ?  What do you mean an angel ? Eli never saw an angel,…. did he?  He’s pulling your leg.  He must have been drinking if he thought he saw an angel!

 Ben: No.   Eli and all his mob said they saw an angel who told them a special baby was born. It was going to be a “Saviour” or something.  But they didn’t just see one angel, they saw lots of them- a sort of angel choir. They said it was very good singing, much better than the synagogue choir!

 Zak: That wouldn’t be difficult. Well what was this angel choir singing about?

 Ben: Oh, they were singing praises to God. Eli said it was wonderful,  bright light all over the hillside - amazing!

 Zak: Ah! I saw a light over there after midnight – I thought they had let their campfire get out of control.  But I didn’t think Eli was into singing  or religion for that matter.

 Ben: He isn’t usually, but this singing really affected him so he and a few of the others went off to see if what the angel said was true.

 Zak: (interrupting) Don’t angels always speak the truth?

 Ben: (Impatiently) I expect they do. I’ve never seen one  but that’s not the point. There is a baby in Abe’s stable, with young parents. The mother is really young.  I don’t know what happened, but Eli and company came back all happy and peaceful, odd really. Then the rest of them went to have a look and  came back all happy too. They are all singing hymns this morning!

 Zak: Are you sure? – hymns? 

 Ben: Yes hymns

 Zak: …………….. Well what are you going to do about it?

 Ben: Do? Nothing!

 Zak: Well if what you tell me is true, I am going to have a look.

 Ben: You? You’re not interested in babies!

 Zak: Well I might be in this one. I could do with a Saviour! I don’t know how a baby can be a Saviour… maybe when he grows up……..  but I’m going to see for myself. Bye. 

 (Zak stumps off one side, Ben looks after him, shakes his head, shrugs his shoulders and  goes the opposite way)


©Jean Herrick, All rights reserved.

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