Summary: A stage play about a stage play. The Children’s Director becomes exasperated with one particular cast member while rehearsing for the church’s annual Christmas pageant - an ADHD problem-child, Evan. When things reach a breaking point, the traditional story is portrayed as seen through Evan’s eyes.
Style:  Drama but light-hearted touches.   Duration: 40min (with suggested music)

Evan - 10 yr-old boy with ADHD
Emma – Evan’s twin sister -his rival and often antagonist
Trevor – Evan’s older brother - the peace-keeper
Becca – Evan’s younger sister - she sides with her sister
Jeff – (Dad)
Sherry – (Mom)
Susan (or Sam) – Children’s director
2 “Blues Brothers” - adults or children who can sing or imitate the original duo.
Wise men
(as many animals as you can gather)
(The animals are children in costume)


Scene 1

(Scene begins with the four siblings, at the bus stop or on their way to the bus stop) 

Emma: (angry) Evan, stop it!

Evan: What? I didn’t do anything!

Emma: I said stop it right now – and I mean it!

Evan: What a whiney-jerk-face you are.

Emma: Evan Conroy! You know very well you are not supposed to call me a jerk-face! (Turns to her older brother) Trevor!!

Evan: O-o-o-h… Well, look who’s saying it now!

Emma: You know very well that I didn’t actually say the word.

Evan: Excuse me? Am I the only one here who just heard Emma say the word ‘Jerk-face’ as in "J-E-R-K" face?

Emma: Evan!!

Evan: (sing-song) Jerk – face! Jerk-face! Emma is a tiny-whiney jerk-face!

Emma: I’m telling Mom!

Evan: Go ahead, Emma. I don’t care. You’re just a squealer anyway!

Emma: You just think that you are so funny, don’t you?

Trevor: Evan, why don’t you know when its time to stop talking?

Evan: Well, she said it, too. If she thinks she’s gonna get me in trouble for saying the "J" word, you all heard her say it. You’re my witnesses!

Becca: I’m not either a witness! You’re the one in trouble, Evan!

Evan: Well, it’s just because I have sisters that want to rat me out all the time! (he pulls her hair or knocks down her books)

Emma: You leave her alone, Evan! (Becca begins to cry a little)

Trevor: (steps up to separate Evan & Emma somewhat) They’re not ‘ratting you out’ Evan. Just step back– and take a breath.

Becca: Yeah – take a breath, Evan! (mad, not helpful)

Emma: You always try to make it sound like we’re the ones being bad. You always try to turn it around and blame us!

Evan: No, you two always gang up on me. I get the blame for everything!

Becca: That’s because you are to blame for everything!

Trevor: Becca, stop it.

Emma: You cause trouble everywhere, Evan – School, church, the library, the doctor’s office, Wal-Mart… everywhere!

Trevor: Emma, that’s not-

Evan: Well it’s not my fault! At least it’s not always my fault! And at least I’m not a stupid little goody-goody-whiney-jerk-face-baby… (he’s in high gear now and hard to stop)

Trevor: (tired of playing referee, big sigh) Oh, brother…

Emma: (smug) And that is exactly why you’re not in the Christmas play this year!

Evan: Huh?

Emma: I heard Susan tell Angie Raider at church yesterday. She said you wrecked everything last year.

Evan: What? What are you talking about?

Emma: I heard her. She said Evan Conroy caused one big headache after another and she couldn’t tolerate it again this year.

Evan: She did not say that!

Emma: Did, too. I heard her.

Evan: Well…that’s just fine – ‘cause I don’t want to be in any stupid play anyway!

Trevor: Emma, sometimes you act just as bad as Evan does.

Becca: We don’t want you in the play!

Evan: Good! I don’t want to be in the play, Becca!

Trevor: Knock it off, everybody! (big sigh) How did I get this job?

 (Fade to black out)

Scene 2

(scene opens with Jeff & Sherry - Mom and Dad -sorting laundry at home)

Jeff: (holds up a pair of tan or light gray socks) Would these be considered lights or darks?

Sherry: (grabs the socks) Darks.

Jeff: How does one single family produce so much dirty laundry in so little time? Didn’t we just do this a week ago?

Sherry: You helped me with the laundry a week ago. I’ve done 3 or 4 loads since then.

Jeff: What?

Sherry: At least that many. It piles up quickly.

Jeff: No wonder our water bill is so high. (pause) What’s this? (He holds up a small blanket with rips & stains & holes in it)

Sherry: That used to be the blanket that Evan had on his bed. He decided to use it as a parachute when he attempted to fly by jumping off the porch roof on the east side of the house.

Jeff: Oh… (not surprised) That explains the scratches I saw on his upper arms.

Sherry: Yeah, luckily the shrubs broke his fall.

(Brief pause while they sort clothes)

Jeff: Oh, Susan talked to me Sunday about the Christmas play.

Sherry: Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that.

Jeff: Did she tell you she wants Evan to be in it?

Sherry: She said she wants all the kids to be in it, including Evan.

Jeff: After last year’s fiasco, I wasn’t sure there would even be a Christmas play.

Sherry: I’m just glad Susan is willing to try again. Evan faces so many negatives in the course of a day, at least at church he gets some positive feedback – besides what we try to give him.

Jeff: I don’t know, Sherry… I’m not sure we should let him be in it.

Sherry: We can’t let the other kids be a part of the play and exclude Evan. What kind of message would that send to him?

Jeff: Maybe we can find some other kind of creative outlet for him – and…and…. make it like a special thing that only Evan gets to do.

Sherry: And what would that be?

Jeff: Well…I dunno. Let’s put our heads together and try to come up with something.

Sherry: Jeff, Evan loves theater – you know he does. It would break his heat to not be able to be in the play, especially if his brother and sisters are involved. Not to mention all the picture taking and parties surrounding the production. Evan will look back on this holiday as the Christmas he wasn’t allowed to be a part of something that all the rest of his family was involved in.

Jeff: Ok, Ok. But just let me refresh your memory regarding last year’s production. (Becomes very animated to entertain his wife) I believe it was the first part of the second act when Evan became bored, and started untwisting the light strands on the Christmas tree he was supposed to be standing quietly beside. The tree ended up falling over onto little Sarah Daniel’s head, which caused Evan to laugh uncontrollably. And when Evan shouted, "Hey, cool Christmas hat, Sarah", Sarah began to cry hysterically which promptly caused her to hyperventilate and pass out. Then as Sarah’s mom ran onto the stage to see if her daughter was still breathing, she got tangled in the downed Christmas lights and fell headlong into the flute player, Julie Barton. The highlight of the evening was watching Sarah, her mother and Julie the flute player being taken away by ambulance.

Sherry: (smiling at the memory of the ridiculous events) That was indeed a chain of unfortunate events. At least no one was seriously hurt.

Jeff: But it all started with Evan’s inability to sit still and follow simple directions.

Sherry: But Evan didn’t mean to…

Jeff: Sometimes I really wonder if he has a clue, Sherry. I mean, think about it. You know what his attention span is like. I’m not sure any of the things he learns at church, or the things we say to him, sink in.

Sherry: It’s funny. I’ve never known of twins that could be more un-alike than Evan & Emma. You know, Emma apparently overheard Susan talking about her concerns regarding Evan and the upcoming Christmas play with one of the other leaders. And of course, she filled Evan in with every last, little detail. It really hurt his feelings. (slight pause) Jeff… honey, we just can’t throw up our hands and give up on Evan. I think he grasps more than he lets on. I think he understands the basic meaning of Christmas – as well as any other ten year-old can understand the birth of Jesus and that significance. We just can’t say no to this opportunity because he might misbehave.

(Evan has entered quietly in the back ground and hears the last 1-2 sentences)

Jeff: We just have to impress on him the importance of listening to Susan and following her directions.

Sherry: And maybe one of us can be there for the rehearsals and help him if he needs it…

Evan: (enters – bouncing off the walls with excitement) So I can be in it? I can be in the Christmas play?

Jeff: (he looks at Sherry with a question in his eyes) Evan… buddy… your mom and I were just talking it over. I’m just not sure…

Evan: Oh, please, please, Pul-eeeeese. I promise I’ll listen. I promise I’ll be good. I really will. I will! I will! I will!

Jeff: Whoa-a-a…. settle down. Take a breath, Evan. This is exactly why we’re discussing whether you being in the play is a good idea. (hand gestures of calming) Calm down…calm…

Sherry: Evan, it’s going to be really important for you to not just listen to Susan, but to do everything that she tells you to do.

Evan: I will, Mom. I really will. I’ll do it. I’ll do whatever Susan says.

Jeff: (looks at Sherry - he‘s still quite unsure about this) I guess we can see how the rehearsals go – and if it’s not working out…

Sherry: Well, Evan’s had a whole year to grow a little more and mature a little more. I bet he’s gonna do really well.

Evan: (jumping) Yes! That’s right! It’ll be great! It’s gonna be an awesome play!!

(Fade to blackout)

Scene 3

(Rehearsal at the church. Mary & Joseph and shepherds are at the manger scene. Susan is busy getting people in place on the stage, giving directions as she goes. Evan with 2 other boys are sitting to the side. They are the wise men and they are waiting for their turn. Evan is obviously fidgety - whistles, swings arms & legs - he can’t sit still while Susan directs others)

Emma: Were shepherds really girls? I really don’t think so.

Susan: Well, we don’t know for sure, Emma. But in this play, they are. OK, we've actually accomplished quite a bit this evening. That's good. But we just need to get this scene to flow more smoothly. For some reason our transitions are still pretty rough. Now Mary, when the animals begin to creep in closer to the manger, that's your cue to stand and hold the baby Jesus up a little higher as if presenting Him to those that have come to see and worship. Then Trevor, (Susan points to Trevor) I mean, Angel Gabrielle, you stand right over here on the side so everyone can see you - yet you are out of the way, just overseeing the whole business. That's when the music begins. When Mary lifts up Baby Jesus… OK, Wise Men, you need to be paying attention here because then they will - (Susan sees that Evan has walked to the other side of the stage and is no longer with the other wise men. He is feeling the texture of the stage curtain)

Susan: Hey Evan, (in a pleasant voice) please sit down with the other wise men. It's going to be your turn very soon. We can't have one wise man on one side of the stage and the other two coming from another direction, now can we?

Evan: Well, maybe they didn't all come from the same direction.

Susan: What?

Evan: Who's to say they didn't come from different directions and joined up just before they got to where the manger and everything was, and then went to see Jesus together from there?

Susan: Well, Evan, that's not the way it's described in the bible. And we are not going to change the way the play was written just so you can make your own entrance. OK?

Evan: Ok – (starts heading back to his chair but doesn’t quite make it – He goes behind the manger scene and tries to hide, and then starts making animal noises)

Susan: (she tries to ignore Evan at first, but some of the kids are giggling) As I was saying, then the music begins and the wise men will come and present their gifts and... Evan! (getting a little more frustrated) Come out from there and go sit down with the other wise men, please.

(Evan comes out from behind the manger but doesn't join the other wise men. He lingers there beside Mary and makes a funny face to entertain. Some of the kids roll their eyes and a couple stifle laughter. This of course, encourages Evan, so he puts up his fingers like rabbit ears behind Mary's head.)

Evan: I’m sure there were rabbits here. There were probably rabbits right here - and here - and here, too! A-a-a-h! Rabbits all around us! They‘re everywhere! (Evan is laughing at his own joke as he puts his rabbit ears all around the manger area, and ends up back behind Mary's head.)

Mary: Stop it, Evan. You are such a brat!

Susan: Mary, I will handle this. Evan, I have asked you repeatedly to settle down. Do I need to call your parents? (Evan shakes his head) I want you to go sit down right now. We will never get to your part if you don’t stop this behavior.

Evan: But, Susan, wasn't Jesus born in a barn? (few more stifled giggles)

Susan: It was a manger, Evan. But I suppose you could call it a barn.

Evan: Well why do all the pictures of the barn with Mary and Joseph and Jesus show only sheep and cows? How come they don't show chickens and rabbits and pigs and cats and rats and horses and-

Susan: Evan, this is not the time to discuss those kinds of details. I think you are much more interested in being a clown than helping get this play together. Now for the last time, go sit down!

(Evan heads towards his seat, but he begins to pull and tug his costume as he goes.)

Joseph: Look at Evan! He’s tearing his costume! (Everyone stops and looks at Evan and just folds their arms or shake their heads)

Susan: Evan, (totally frustrated now) what are you doing?

Evan: It’s itching me. I have to scratch. This is a stupid costume – why do I have to wear this thing? Why can't the wise men be cool guys?

Susan: (shaking her head in disbelief) OK, let’s take a break, everyone. Why don’t you all head to the kitchen and get your snack.

(Cast members begin to leave the stage. Evan starts to follow them)

Susan: Wait a minute, Evan - not you. You come right back over here. We need to talk.

Evan: As soon as I get my snack, I’ll be right back.

Susan: No. There’s no snack for you. Now get over here right now.

Evan: (He‘s angry now) You can’t take my snack away. That's not fair.

Susan: I just did. You would not do anything I told you to do tonight, Evan. And I don't understand it. I thought you really wanted to be in the play.

Evan: I did... I do want to be in the play. It just seems so boring sometimes, I can’t hardly stand it.

Susan: I'm not sure you can handle this, Evan. I've been trying very hard to be patient and... Well, it’s just not working out, is it?

Evan: No... please. I want to be in it, I really do. But it’s just… Every year we do the same thing over and over. Why? Why can't we do it different? Why does it have to be boring?

Susan: Evan, it's the gospel story from the bible. We can't change that - it's history. It's the truth about the birth of Jesus. And it's not boring.

Evan: I don't mean change the story! I don't want to change that. I just think you could change the way you tell it... make it not so boring.

Susan : Evan... (first exasperated, then becoming a little thoughtful, she sits down) OK, so tell me, Evan. How would you tell the story?

Evan: (in awe of her question) Huh? You really want to know? You want to know how I would tell the story?

Susan: Yes. I really want to know. Tell me how you would tell the story.

Evan: (thoughtful but getting excited as he begins to process - he sits down beside Susan) Well... Well... I would… OK. I think I’d start it something like this...

[ Suggested song: “Manger Zone” from children’s CD: Righteous Pop Music. (found at web site: - search RMP - Christmas CD) As the song begins, it is basically acted out by all the animals and biblical characters. Lights come up, curtains open (if you have them) and the angel Gabriel is lifted up from the ground, if possible. Mary and Joseph and the donkey come to the Inn, then the stable after they are turned away by the Innkeeper. The animals enter, also the shepherds and the wise men (dancing and gettin’ down) to surround the stable area and Mary and Joseph and now Baby Jesus has arrived, as well. This is a great place to be a little flashy since it’s Evan’s ADHD imagination that we’re seeing - use some choreography for the animals and the angel and the innkeeper - lots of lighting effects and as much organized excitement you can generate among your cast. During the song, Evan is off to the side, going through the motions of explaining the scene to Susan. We had Evan go and “correct” one of the dancing animals during the song. After the song is finished, all the cast stays (frozen and quiet) in place. Lights up on Evan and Susan, lights down on the manger scene ]

Susan: (she is blown away) Oh my gosh... Oh my goodness... Evan, I... I like it. No, that's not right - I love it! I never knew that you... I mean you have a talent here that...

Evan: Really? You really like the idea?

Susan: I really, really like it a lot. How did you come up with this? No wait - just tell me about your other ideas. Do you have other ideas for the play?

Evan: Oh yeah, yeah - lots of 'em.

Susan: Well, please, tell me. I'm all yours.

Evan: OK, well those wise men… they wouldn't be all stuffy and boring-looking - walking slow and everything. I mean if they were really wise, they'd probably be cool, you know? They would be excited and hip and everybody would think they‘re awesome and...

[ Evan continues to gesture and talk as the next scene unfolds around them.]

[Suggested Song: “Wise Man” (to the tune Soul Man) found in the same place/same CD as mentioned above for the Manger Zone song. Spotlight here (if available) on your Blues Brothers as they enter. It’s fun to run the spotlight over the audience a few times as the Blues Brothers enter, as if they’re all at a big concert event. The Blues Brothers can be dressed in either the typical black suits, black hats, white shirts and skinny black ties, or you can cover their Blues suits with biblical garb and have them remove it as they enter to reveal their cool BB suits. Stand-up mics are appropriate here for the singers who either sing the song or lip-synch it. Spotlights should stay with the singers, but add some back lighting so the singers can begin to interact with all the animals during the song. If they can do some Blues Brother’s dancing it’s a real plus. If available, a star shining over the manger during this song is a nice effect.]

Susan: (jumping up and down, gushing) I love it! Evan, this is wonderful! It's inspiring, it's... I mean the kids and the adults will love it and... Evan, why didn’t you tell me about your ideas before?

Evan: (he’s excited, too) Well... you never asked me, really. And I guess I never really thought that much about it till now.

(Evan’s parents enter to pick up Evan)

Evan: (runs up to his parents - talking a mile a minute) You guys are not gonna believe this. Susan asked me about ideas for the Christmas play. She really wanted to know, you know? And she likes my ideas. I mean she really likes my ideas, you know? And I was tellin' her everything - about how I'd have the wise guys, I mean the wise men, all dressed really cool, and animals that do line dancing, only I had to help'em cause they weren't exactly doing it the way I was thinking, and it was like we could just see it happening right in front of our eyes and -

Susan: Jeff, Sherry, this is so exciting! Your son has a gift that I hadn't realized until tonight… Evan, what do you think about using the choir for a big song... I mean at the end - something with strings and horns and choir robes - something that really lifts up the name of the Lord?

Evan: h-m-m-m... Lemme think, lemme think a minute... Oh, I know! You mean maybe something like this?

(Evan begins to gesture and talk silently again as the Gloria song begins)

[ Suggested Song: “Gloria” (found in the same place, same station as manger Zone and Wise Man) This is a great place to add your adult choir members - as many as you can get for a big choir number. They can be dressed as angels or more modern-day dress. We dressed our angel choir in 60 - 70’s type clothing and gave them all white gloves and sparkling halos. They also did a bit of choreography for the song - a little Electric Slide mixed in with some hand motions and air-guitar moves. (be creative!) Any special effects for lighting is good here. ]

Jeff: Buddy, I... I don’t know what to say...

Susan: (hugging Evan) Isn't it wonderful? Evan has helped me see the story of the birth of Jesus in a brand new way tonight. And I couldn't be more pleased, because I think we're going to help others see the story in a brand new light, too.

Sherry: I knew it. Evan, you are a special young man. I'm so proud of you.

Jeff: Evan, I'm just... I never dreamed that... I mean you never...

Sherry: Take a breath, Jeff. Evan, your dad is proud of you, too. That's what he's trying to say - at least I think that's what he's trying to say. (she looks at Jeff)

Jeff: (nods) I am proud of you, Evan. I was before tonight - but more than ever now.

Evan: There's one more thing - one more song we should add.

Susan: Another one? Another idea?

Sherry: We're all ears, Evan.

Evan: There's a song that we do at Kids Blast. It's called "King of Me". It's one of my favorites, and I think it would go good with the other stuff. It needs to happen something like this:

[ Suggested Song: “His Eyes” found on Hillsong‘s Worship For Kids CD.]

(Evan moves to the center stage and sits down. The cast and choir are all still in place, but quiet. Spotlight on Evan. Dim remaining stage lights 50 - 75%. If your Evan is not a strong singer, you can use another soloist off to one side of the stage with a slightly dimmer than Evan light on them as they sing. Evan can go through the motions of singing, using some hand gestures throughout the song. He is worshiping now. If he can sing in a heart-felt manner, even though it’s not wonderful, consider letting the soloist fade out and Evan sing the last few lines of the song. (it’s worth it, even if it’s not on perfect key!)

[Evan’s parents with Susan watches from the side. As the song finishes, they join Evan center stage. ]

Dad: Son, you do understand. I wasn't sure that you did, but I was wrong. You understand that Jesus is our King.

Evan: He's the King of me, Dad.

Mom: He is a King for us all!

(Fade to black out)

Scene 4 (optional)

(This is an excellent place for someone to speak briefly about simple faith (like a child) and what it means to receive Jesus Christ into our lives. Please consider giving your audience the opportunity to do just that. We finished our production with full stage lights up and the song: King of Majesty from Hillsong’s Worship For Kids CD. Several of the kids from the cast did some energetic dance/choreography throughout this last number.)

(God’s blessings - and break a leg!! )


© Peg Barnell and Diane Cornett. All rights reserved.
This play may be performed free of charge, provided no entrance fee is charged for the performance. In return, the authors would appreciate being notified of any performance. They may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.