Summary:  The story of one man’s search for meaning in life and his encounter with a pair of bumbling, not-so-bright church custodians.  The pair are comparable to ‘Dumb & Dumber’,  but they take the job of caring for the house of the Lord very seriously, as well as the task of  “leaving the light on” for the lost who may pass by .
Style: Dramatic        Duration:  30min
Actors: 5M, 5F, 1M/F


Dan Reynolds, a man, age 22-30
Emily, college age woman--Dan’s fiancee
Marie, Emily’s friend - college age
Kristy,Emily’s friend - college age
Leo,a quirky male church custodian, age 30-60
Molly, a quirky female church custodian, age 30-60
Rob, Dan’s business associate, age 30-50 (this guy must be a snake!)
Scott, Dan’s friend, age 22-40
Pastor Duncan, male, the senior pastor 
Sharon, the church secretary
Choir Director, male or female

Production notes

The songs suggested in the play, “Remember Me” and “I Found Myself In You” fit well with the story.  They should be available through any Christian bookstore/music store, (by order if they are not on the shelf)  The song “Leave a Light On” is available through Willow Creek Church resources.  Willow Creek can be found on the net by doing a search under that name.


Scene 1
(A park setting - with the outside of a large church near the park.  The opening song has just finished with  hustle and bustle as crowds leave the park.  3 girls remain.)

Kristy:  I’m so excited, Emily!  I feel like I know him already, you’ve told me so much about him.

Marie:  And we finally get to meet him - the man you’re going to marry! (sighs and some giggles from all the girls)

Emily:  You’ll just love him - I know you will.  He’s...   he’s...  wonderful.

Marie:  From everything you’ve said, he sounds perfect...  (pause)  almost TOO perfect.  Are you sure there’s not some major hidden flaw that you just don’t know about yet?

Kristy:  Ah yes, old girlfriends names and numbers in a little black book?

Marie:  Or maybe he’s a mama’s boy?

Emily:  No, no, he’s-

Kristy:  I know.  You’ll find out on your wedding night that the man has a fixation with Pokemon figurines.  He probably has all 100 of them in his collection.

Marie:  And he has to kiss each one of them individually every night before he can go to sleep in his pajamas with feet in them!

Emily:  Stop it!  You’re not very funny.  Dan is everything I’ve always wanted and none of those things that you said.  He’s handsome and smart and mature and sweet and so... focused.  He told me that he has known since he was a little boy what he  would be when he grew up.

Kristy:  Yeah?  So what does he see in you?

Emily:  Would you guys knock it off?  You’re supposed to be my best friends, but you are making me think that I will regret even introducing you to Dan.

Kristy:  OK, Emme, we’ll stop.  We’re just teasing you.  And maybe we’re just a teensy bit jealous.  But I am very happy for you.
Marie:  Me too,  I’m happy for you.  And I can’t wait to meet him! (hugs and little squeals)

Emily:  I’m so glad you’re both home for a nice long Christmas break.  That first semester was a long, hard one.  And, I want the two of you to put your heads together with me and help me with all the last minute wedding details.

Marie:  It’s so exciting - the first one of us to actually get married!
Mrs. Dan Reynolds...   Emily Reynolds...

Kristy:  Emme Reynolds...

Emily:  It sounds wonderful, don’t you think?

Kristy:  Things can certainly change in a few short months.

Emily:  He should be here anytime... Hey, Dan!  (back to her friends)  Now remember, you’re my friends - be nice!

(Dan enters and picks Emily up with a hug and a whirl around)
Dan:  Hello Emily.  These must be the friends I’ve heard so much about.

Emily:  Danny, I want you to meet Kristy and Marie.

Dan:  Kristy and Marie, how nice to meet you both.

Kristy:  We were just saying that we’ve heard so much about you, Dan, that we feel like we already know you.

Dan:  And I could say the same about you.  I’ve heard so many stories about your many escapades.  The Three Musketeers don’t have anything on you girls.  Or maybe I should say the Three Stooges...

Marie:  I hope you know what a wonderful woman you are marrying, Dan.

Emily:  Marie!

Marie:  And I would like you to promise me right now that you will always treat her well.

Kristy:  Whoa...I didn’t know we’d be doing the wedding vows today.

Dan:  Ah, Marie, direct and right to the point - just like you described her, Emily. Please, do not worry.  I have never felt for anyone the way I feel for this woman.  I am head over heels in love with her. (playfully - he kneels on one knee and presses his forehead against the back of her outstretched hand)  I intend to treat her as my queen.

Kristy:  Where in the world did you find this guy, Emily?

Marie:  Yeah, and do you have any friends, Dan?

Emily:  (laughing) You guys!

Dan:  Listen, Ladies, I wonder if I could have just a few minutes of Emily’s time, alone?

Emily:  Why don’t you go ahead to the coffee house and Dan and I can catch up with you in five or ten?

(Kristy and Marie exit.  Ad libs of good-byes, good to meet you, etc..)

Dan:  I have some news that you may be interested in...

Emily:  Did you?   Did they call?

Dan:  Yes, this afternoon.  I just got the word before I headed out the door to come meet you.  It’s even better than I could have imagined, Emme.

Emily:  Yes!  Tell me, tell me - I want details, details!

Dan:  Well let’s see, six figures to start with, and plenty of room for advancement from there, a new lease car every two years - the full benefit package.  I will have my own office on the 5th floor.  And if things go as expected, I could be considered for partnership within three years.

Emily:  Oh, Danny!  (hug)

Dan:  They told me that I’m the youngest person they’ve ever offered a management position to.

Emily: I am so happy for you.  This is everything you’ve wanted - everything you’ve worked for.  And it’s all happening, exactly the way you said it would.

Dan:  I haven’t been able to even sleep for the past week,  waiting and hoping that this would come through.  But I’ve had a lot of time to think, as well. Emily, I want you to know that it would all mean very little without you to share it with me.

Emily:  I am so proud of you, Danny.  But you’re the one who’s worked so hard to get this.

Dan:  No, listen to me.  I’m very happy about the job - I’m ecstatic.  But I’ve wondered what would it mean if you weren’t in my life - and I realized that it wouldn’t mean much at all.  You were the missing part of me.  Now everything is finally falling into place.  I am so happy, and I am so excited about the future - our future.  There is so much I want to accomplish, and I can see it all.  We are going to be so good together.

Emily:  I love you, Danny.

Dan:  And I love you. Come on - let’s go tell your friends.

Emily:  Woo-hoo!  I can’t wait to tell them!    (they exit)

Scene 2
(Enter Molly to sweep the church steps and hum/sing to herself as she works.  She then begins to go through the motions of a wedding ceremony - she moves around a bit to  improvise the role of bride, groom, and pastor)

Molly:  Do you, Molly Louise Zigler take this wonderful man to be your husband? (changes places)  Oh I do, Pastor Duncan, I really do.  (changes places) And do you, wonderful man, take Molly Louise to be your wife?  (changes again)  Who wouldn’t want this beautiful and precious woman? Yes of course, I do, I do, I really do!  (changes again)  You may kiss the bride.  (Molly mimes smooching with her broom and waltzing gracefully down the steps with her broom-husband as she hums the wedding march)

Leo:  (shouts from off-stage)  Molly!  Hey, Molly!  You got the snow cleaned off those steps yet?

Molly:  (mimics Leo and working much faster now)  You got the snow cleaned off those steps yet? Yes, Leo, I got it done. - almost, anyhow.

Leo:  (sticks his head out the doors) Well you’re taking your sweet time about it.

Molly:  Then get out here and help me if you think I’m so slow.

Leo:  (all the way outside now)  Simmer down now.   Don’t go and get your dander up, Molly.  But that wedding party could be arriving within the hour and everything is not done yet.

Molly:  (sigh)  Ah, I love weddings...  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever see one of my own.

Leo:  (scratches his head to think about that one)  Well they say there’s someone for everyone, but I just don’t know.
Do you know the happy couple?

Molly:  (back to reality)  No, they don’t go to church here.  But I saw 'em once - nice looking young couple.
 (she pulls a wedding day napkin out of her pocket to read the names)  Daniel and Emily...  It’s gonna be a big affair from the looks of the way they got the church all decorated up.

Leo:   Are they believers?

Molly:  Now how in the world would I know that?

Leo:  I dunno.  I was just asking if you knew cause you always seem to know a lot about stuff.

Molly:  Is the dusting all done in the sanctuary?

Leo:  Yep.

Molly:  Did you finish buffing the entry-way floors?

Leo:  Yep.

Molly:  Did you empty all the rest room trash?

Leo:  Yep.

Molly:  Is the-

Leo:  Yep, yep, YEP!  For goodness sakes, Molly, I did everything on the check list - I always do.   I don’t know why you have to ask me every time about everything on that list when I  always do it.  When have I ever NOT done it all?

Molly:  You’re being kinda bossy tonight, Leo.

Leo:  No you’re the bossy one.

Molly:  No, you are.

Leo:  No, you are.

Molly:  No, you are.

Leo:  No, you are.

Molly:  No, you are.

Leo:  No, you are.

Molly:  No, I am.

Leo:  No, I... (puzzled look)

Molly:  Ha! Gotcha!  (They both laugh) OK, this looks good enough out here.   Leo, you know there’s one more question I gotta ask you.

Leo:  I know, I know.

Molly:  Is it on?

Leo:  Yes, Molly, it’s on.

Molly:  Is it up real close to the window, so that everybody that passes by can see it’s light?

Leo:  I said yes.  The light is on, Molly.  It’s close to the window just like you like it.  You know you’re gonna go check it anyway.  You always do.  I don’t know why you always ask me about it when you know you’re gonna go check no matter what I say.

Molly:  It’s important, Leo.  Taking care of God’s house is a big responsibility,  But of all the things we do, leaving the light on is the most important one of all.  We don’t have any idea what all kind of people are gonna be coming to that wedding tonight.  And we don’t know who all might just pass by the church tonight or tomorrow.  Just like Jesus Christ is the light that shined out into the dark world, we gotta shine the light out, too.  People are lost out there. Leo.  They just don’t know that  there’s a God who loves them.

Leo:  I know, I know it’s important.  But how long have we been working together, Molly?  A year and a half?  How many people have you seen come walking into this church just cause we got a light shining in the window?

Molly:  Well there is always the first time for everything.  You never know, Leo.  You just never know.

Leo:  Don’t you think we better get going?

Molly: (checks her watch)  Whoa! Yes, the wedding party should be arriving any minute.  (they gather their supplies)

Leo:  After you, Molly.

Molly:  (looks around and looks puzzled)  After I what?

Leo:  Molly!  I’m just trying to be polite here.

Molly:  Oh, thank you.  (they exit)

Scene 3

(There are no words for scene 3.  We see Emily in the loft, preparing for her wedding ceremony.  She is wearing her wedding dress.  Marie and Kristy are there with her in bridesmaid dresses, assisting her.  Dan enters, in tuxedo (or suit) to stand beside her in a wedding ceremony pose.  As the wedding party gets in place, on stage right a singer in spotlight sings “Remember Me” as the wedding party holds their poses on the loft. At the end of the song, the wedding party exits and Molly appears to look wistfully around at where the ceremony has just taken place.  She then gets her broom and does a little dancing and swaying with her broom.  It is obvious she is again dreaming of getting married herself.)

Scene 4
(5 years later)
(Dan and Rob enter together, talking)

Dan:  Hey, Rob, thanks for your help.  I’ve had all kind of headaches with this Melbourne case.  I have literally bent over backwards trying to please these people and nothing has been able to satisfy them. Time is such a precious commodity these days.  I really appreciate your time to help me out with this.

Rob:  No problem, buddy.  Just remember what I said.  You have to move and shape them in the direction you want them to go - but make sure you let them think it’s their idea.

Dan:  I hear what you’re saying, Rob, but I’m just not sure -

Rob:  Listen, Danny-boy, if you use the techniques I told you, it works every time - smooth as silk.

Dan:  I’ll consider it.

Rob: (checks his watch) I’ve got to run.  (looks around)  Where are we?  Is this the place you’re meeting your wife?

Dan:  This is the church where we got married.  Emily is...   well today is our anniversary.  We’ve been married five years.  She’s kind of sentimental, you know?  She insists on us meeting back here every year.

Rob:  Ah, so you’re returning to the scene of the crime, eh?

Dan:  No, no. (chuckle)  We’re expecting, did you know that?  It has made Emily a little more emotional, I guess.  (looks around) She should have been here by now.
Rob:  Oh, I get it.  Things a little tense at home?

Dan:  No, I just... um...

Rob:  Listen, Dan,  I’ve been there.  We all have.  And I can tell you what you need.

Dan:  What’s that?

Rob:  Excitement!  You need some excitement in your life.  (looks around cautiously)  You haven’t been married all that long yet, but I can tell you that whatever is troubling your marriage is only going to get worse.

Dan:  Well Emily and I -

Rob:  Men need variety.  You know what I’m talking about - men need sexual variety and conquests in their lives.

Dan:  You think I should cheat on Emily, is that what you’re saying?

Rob:  Sh-h-h-h!  (looks around again)  Cheat is an ugly word, Danny.  It’s just...  Well men have needs -- you know.  And me finding some extra excitement on the side has actually been a good thing for my marriage.

Dan;  Listen, Rob -

Rob:  No you listen.  I’ve been at this a whole lot longer than you have and I know what I’m talking about.  What my wife doesn’t know doesn’t hurt her.  I actually think she’s relieved that I don’t ‘bother’ her so much anymore.  And all men have affairs,  Dan - or at least all men want to.  It’s just some aren’t brave enough. (Dan is quiet) You think about it.  Just think about it.  By the way, I’ve seen the way Sally in the front office looks at you.  Don’t tell me you  haven’t ever noticed. Hey, I gotta run.

Dan:  See you, Rob.

(Dan is thoughtful.  He’s paces a little bit.  He remembers the church and peers inside, then looks upward briefly.  He sits for a brief moment on a park bench, then checks his watch and paces a little more, then talks to himself.  He is getting angry)

Dan:  Come on, Emily.  Don’t keep me waiting.  You always do this.

(Emily enters, breathless)
Emily:  Dan!  I’m so sorry I’m late.  The two stops I had to make turned out to be three and they’ve started road construction on 38th street and -

Dan:  (holds up his hand)  Stop.  I really don’t want to hear it.

Emily:  Well, Danny, I -

Dan:  No.  Stop it.  You always have a reason.  There’s always a reason.  But you always manage to keep me waiting.  I have a one o’clock meeting that I cannot be late for.  (looks at his watch again)   And since you have your late class tonight, that gives us exactly 25 minutes to get lunch and ‘celebrate’ our anniversary.  (sarcastic)  Well happy anniversary, Emily.

Emily:  Dan, I’m sorry.  Please don’t do this now.   I don’t want us to fight on our anniversary. (she gestures toward the church)

Dan:  It just seems that you’ve become awfully good at accommodating everyone else in your life:  your mother, your professors, your friends, your boss...  But what about me?  When was the last time you thought about my needs?  I’m your husband for goodness sakes.  But I seem to be at the bottom of your list of priorities!
(Emily is silent, head down, she’s hurt)
Dan:  (softens - aware he has said too much)  Emily... I didn’t mean that -

Emily:  (Slow and measured speech)  You do not have any idea the obligations I juggled to be able to meet you here today.  And now I am very sorry that I did.  (she turns away from him)

Dan:  Emme, I didn’t -

Emily:  Happy anniversary, Daniel.
(she throws a small wrapped gift at him and runs away.   Dan picks up the box, then makes some angry motions; kicks at something)

Dan:  Great.  Just great.  She only calls me Daniel when she’s really angry.  Me and my big mouth...  (he turns to look at the church for a moment then shouts at it)  Well what are you looking at?  (he turns away from the church, angry again, then sits on a bench and sulks.)

(Enter Scott who is on his way to church.  He see Dan and approaches cautiously)
Scott:  Dan?

Dan:  (looks up) Scott?  Scott Conolly?  Hey, how you doing?  I haven’t seen you since...

Scott:  Since your wedding.  (he gestures to the church)  What was it - three, four years ago?

Dan:  Five.  Five years ago today.  (he fingers the wrapped gift)

Scott:  Hey, happy anniversary!

Dan:  (gloomy)  Thanks.

Scott:  Um... is everything OK with you, Dan?

Dan:  I dunno.  I just...  Hey, I haven’t seen you for five years - I don’t want to dump on you.

Scott:  Dan, that’s what friends are for.  I realize we haven’t seen each other for a while, but we used to be pretty tight.  What’s up with you, man?

Dan:  (he’s pacing a bit again by now)  I just...  I don’t even know how to say it, really... A few years ago, my whole outlook was different.  The last year or two I...   Well have you ever felt like things are not working out like you thought they would - like you expected them to?

Scott:  I understand.  But what do you mean, exactly?

Dan:  Life - my life!   The last time I saw you I was so sure of the path my life was going to take;  the career, the marriage, the house... the toys!  It was in the bag.  I had it all planned.  I mean we’re supposed to set goals, right?  And most of those things have happened,  right on schedule.    But things are just not what I expected.  Life is not what I expected.

Scott:  I hear what you’re saying, Dan.

Dan:  What I want to know is, where is the satisfaction?  When does that start?   In a way I feel stupid even admitting some of this stuff.  I mean it’s not like there’s been any major catastrophes, or anything.  And I have acquired most of the things on my goal list.   So I should be happy, right?  I should be content. But the job is not what I thought it would be.  I accomplish things but it doesn’t give me the fulfillment I thought would be there.  I have a beautiful wife and I love her, but we have all these issues.  It’s so hard, a lot of the time.  And now we’re going to have a baby.  I thought for a while that having a baby would do it;  you know, be the ‘missing link’.   But I find myself worrying that having a child is just going to complicate my relationship with Emme.

Scott:  You’re probably right about that.

Dan:  Oh, man,  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to unload all that on you in one big heap.  I’ve just been feeling a little down lately.

Scott:  It’s OK, Dan.  I don’t mind - really.  As a matter of fact, I might be able to help you.

Dan: (chuckle) You hold the answers to the mysteries of life?

Scott:  In a way, yes I do.  I committed my life to Jesus Christ a couple years ago.  God has been working in my life.  I’m really not the same kind of guy you remember.

Dan:  Wonderful.  I just poured my guts out to a Jesus-freak.

Scott:  I’m not a freak, Dan.  But I serve God now.  And I do understand all those things you were just telling me, because I used to feel the same way - different melody, but the very same song.

Dan:  Listen, Scott, I’m really not interested in all this.

Scott:  OK - no pressure from me.  But I can tell you, Dan, I know where you’re at 'cause I’ve been there.  And I know what you need.  You need Jesus in your life.

Dan:  Look, I know the whole story.  I learned it when I was a kid, and it was fine - then.  But tell me what in the world does a little baby born 2000 years ago have to do with me, now, today?

Scott:  The point is, he didn’t stay a little baby.  He grew into a big strong man, like you and me.  But he lived his entire life without sinning - not even once.   And then he gave his life up , willingly on a cross.  He took the punishment for our sins; yours and mine.  But that grave couldn’t hold him down, Dan.  He’s alive today.

Dan:  Now I get a sermon.  You know, I gotta go.   (he stands)

Scott:  You asked me a question and I answered it.

Dan:  Whatever.

Scott:  Actually, I have to go.  My church is preparing for a Christmas program.  We’re gonna do an outdoor concert here on the church steps a week from tonight.  You ought to come, Dan.

Dan:  It was good to see you, Scott.  I do appreciate you listening.  (they shake hands)

Scott:  No problem.  I’ll be praying for you.  (Scott exits into the church)
(Dan is left to think for a few moments while one verse and chorus of “Remember Me” is sung from stage left.  He is unaware of the song/singer.)

Scene 5

Leo:  (enters with broom in hand)  Molly!  Get out here!  (to himself)  Man, oh man, we’ve got a lot of work to do.  Molly!

Molly:  I’m coming, I’m coming.

Leo:  Look at this place.  We need to fix it up if there’s gonna be a Christmas concert here tonight.

Molly:  It doesn’t look very ‘Christmas-y’, does it?

Leo:  No, it does not.

Molly:  Now if we put some greenery over there and a few Christmas lights on that bush... Oh - before I forget, there is something  I want to say to you, Leo.

Leo:  What’s that?

Molly:  I just want to tell you that I am very proud of you.

Leo:  Huh?

Molly:  I am proud of you for singing in the church choir. ( blows her nose and tries not to sound too emotional)

Leo:  Why thank you, Molly.  That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.

Molly: Well I just wanted you to know, that’s all. And - I am so excited about the concert tonight.  Just think, Leo. of all those people out there in the park that will hear it.  Not only will they see our light shining out into the darkness tonight,  they are gonna hear the message of God’s love through our choir’s songs tonight, too-  maybe for the very first time.

Leo:  You are so serious, Molly.  I think you need to lighten up.  (he has sneaked up behind her and now puts a handful of snow down the back of her coat)

Molly:  (in shock)  I can’t believe you did that, Leo.

Leo:  (laughing loudly)  I wish I had a camera to take a picture of the look on your face!

Molly:  You think that’s so funny, huh?  Well maybe you’ll think this is funny then, too. (she has picked up some snow, but first stomps on Leo’s foot. When he lunges forward, she shoves snow down the back of his coat  Now it’s Molly’s turn to laugh as Leo jumps and hollers)

Leo:  Molly Zigler!  (He begins a chase with more snow in hand)

Molly:  Wait!  Listen!  (she has heard a noise and runs to peek in the church doors)  It’s the pastor!  And he’s got the church secretary with him!  (they scramble to straighten things up quickly,  then enter Pastor Duncan and Sharon)

P. Duncan.:  Hey, Leo, Molly,  how are you two?
(Leo and Molly fall all over themselves, afraid to be in what they perceive as the presence of authority.  Leo tries to salute and Molly makes him stop)

Molly:  Pastor Duncan, Sister Sharon, how do you do?

P. Duncan:  Fine, just fine.  Boy, beautiful winter day, eh?  Crisp and clear.

Leo:  Yes sir.  Beautiful day.

Sharon:  We were just making sure everything is in order for the concert tonight.

P. Duncan:  The church looks wonderful.  You’ve worked hard and it shows.

Leo & Molly:  Thank you, Sir. (they are both very stiff)

Leo:  We are just preparing the house of the Lord, Sir.  (Molly pulls some snow off his jacket)

Sharon:  Leo, I understand you’re going to be singing with the choir tonight.  How exciting.

Leo:  Yes, Ma’am.

P. Duncan:  That’s great, Leo.  Good for you.

Molly:  We were just discussing adding a little Christmas decoration to the outside of the church, Pastor.

Leo:  Yes, Pastor, Sister,  We thought we could spruce it up a little more than it is.

Sharon & P. Duncan: (ad-lib)  Good,  good for you, etc.

P. Duncan:  Thank you for all your hard work.

Leo:  (suddenly relaxes a bit)  Ah, it ain’t nothing, really.  (Molly elbows him roughly and he becomes stiff again)  I mean, thank you, Pastor, Sir.

P. Duncan:  We’ll leave the church in your capable hands to finish up.

Sharon:  And we’ll look forward to seeing you in the choir tonight, Leo.

Molly & Leo:  Good-bye, thank you, etc.

Molly:  Look at the trouble you almost got us into!

Leo:  Me?  What about you?

Molly:  Well you started it.

Leo:  I did not!

Molly:  You did, too.

Leo:  I did not.

Molly: You did, too.

Leo: I did, too!

Molly:  I did no- - (puzzled look, then they both laugh) Come on, Leo.  Let’s get to work. By the way, is the light on?

Leo:  Yep.

Molly:  Is it close to the window?

Leo:  Yep.

Molly:  So anybody who passes by can see it?

Leo:  Yes, Molly.
Scene 6

(The Christmas concert - 3 songs. (or at least this is a perfect spot for your church choir to do a few songs)   At the end of the concert, the choir director addresses all the people in the ‘park’  {the audience}  who have come out for the concert and thanks them for coming.  The choir director instructs the choir to move about in the ‘park’ to greet and/or hug someone, thank them for coming, etc. We then see Dan milling around, he apparently has been there to listen to the concert.  He stays behind after the choir has left the park. Dan’s cell-phone rings and we hear his side of a conversation with his wife who has called, worried about him.  Their conversation gradually builds into anger.)

Dan:  Hello, it’s Dan...   Emily...  (pause)   Emily, I don’t want to talk about this now.  (pause)  I don’t know.  I told you, you don’t have to worry...  (pause)  I’m well aware of the time.  (pause)   No, I’m not with Rob.  I’m alone.   It’s nothing like that, Emily. I just need to think through some things.  I...   (pause)   Don’t you trust me at all?  (pause)   We’ll talk when I get home...(pause)  No, I don’t know when, I just--  (pause)  Is it too much to expect my wife to have a little bit of faith in me? I just need some  space!  (longer pause)  Emily?  Emily?  (she has hung up on him)  Ah-h-h-h!

(After a moment, Dan returns to his previous thoughts.  He examines the church and the light shining in the window, then sits on a bench.  A singer appears in the pin spot light on the loft to sing “Leave a Light On” while Dan goes through the motions of expressing curiosity verses pride verse anger regarding the church and God.  Dan is oblivious to the song/singer.  At the close of the song, he leaves, still tormented.)

Scene 7

(Molly and Leo enter together with cleaning supplies.  Dan is  sprawled out on a bench close to the church, but the duo is unaware of his presence, and visa-versa)

Molly:  The concert was just wonderful last night, wasn’t it?

Leo:  It was a real blessing to be a part of it.

Molly:  You did so well, Leo.  And I must say, you looked very handsome up there.

Leo:  I did?  You thought I looked handsome?

Molly:  That’s what I said - handsome. I know that the concert is over, but it seems a shame to take down these decorations when it’s still Christmas time.   (Molly continues to chat while Leo notices Dan on the bench)

Leo:  Molly!  Look! (Molly & Leo peer curiously at Dan)

Molly:  Who is that?

Leo:  I dunno.  Do you think he’s sick?

Molly:  Sick or dead.  (pause) He looks a little familiar.   Is he alive?

(moan from Dan)

Molly & Leo:  He’s alive!

Dan:  (sits partially up, he is unaware of Molly & Leo)  God...   God, are you there? Can you hear me?

Leo:  It’s one of them.

Molly:  One of them what?

Leo:  What have you been talking about for all these years?

Molly:  Huh?

Leo:  He’s seen the light - the light in the window!

Molly:  Oh my gosh!  I gotta go get Pastor Duncan.

Leo:  Well hurry up!

Molly:  (she runs to stick her head in the church doors and scurries back)  He’s not here.

Leo: What?  What do you mean he’s not here?

Molly:  I mean he’s not here.  Nobody’s here except you and me...  and him. (gestures to Dan)

Leo:  That means we gotta talk to him.

Molly:  We do?

Leo:  Yep.

Molly:  Yep, we do.

Dan:  (sits upright, he still thinks he is alone)  OK, Jesus,  I’m here.  (pause) I'm not even sure how to address you properly.  But I’m gonna give this a shot. I... My life is...  what I mean is this:  I thought I had things all figured out.  And it seemed to work for me, for a long time.  But lately I can’t help believing that there is something more...that there is something I’m missing.

 (Molly & Leo stand back from Dan.  They nod their heads furiously in agreement with each other and with the things that Dan says)

Dan: (continues)  I guess I’ve always believed in you.  I’ve never doubted your existence.  But I’ve never made the connection between you and me.  And I’m realizing that a connection is actually possible... Now I feel this... like maybe you’re calling out to me somehow.  And I think that maybe all the things I’ve filled my life up with are just things I’ve tried to cover the silence
with - the silence I feel in my heart.  (pause)  That silence seems to get bigger and louder all the time.

(Singer appears on the loft to sing one verse and one chorus of “Remember Me”. Dan, Molly and Leo are unaware of the singer)

Dan:  (gets on his knees)  I think I remember how to do this, though  I don’t know the exact words. (by now Molly and Leo are stifling cheers and getting ready to jump and dance)
Dan:  (continues) I think it’s something like this. Dear Jesus,  please  forgive me for trying to handle everything on my own.  I know I’ve have messed up so many things.  I ask you to forgive me.  And I ask you for a chance to do things your way.  I want to serve and follow you.  Please show me how to do that. Amen.

(Molly and Leo are dancing now. Dan slowly  gets up and realizes he is not alone.)
Dan:  Hello.

Molly:  I’m sure sorry, mister.  But we couldn’t help overhearing some of the things you were just saying.

Dan:  I’m sorry.  I hope I wasn’t bothering you.

Leo:  (grabs Dan’s hand and begins to shake  it vigorously)  No, no, no problem.  I’m Leo, and this is Molly.  So glad to meet you!  And so glad to hear that prayer you just prayed!

Dan:  Yeah... yes.  I’m glad, too.

Molly:  This is where Leo and me go to church.

Leo:  You know, Molly and me, we could show you a couple of things in the bible if you want - things that go right along with that prayer you prayed just now.

Dan:  I’d like that.

Leo: What’s your name?

Dan:  I’m Dan,  Dan Reynolds.

(lights dim during the last few lines, but not to black.  Singer appears to sing “I’ve Found Myself In You”  while Molly and Leo talk with Dan and minister to him  At the end of the song, Emily enters.  Lights go back up when the song is finished)

Emily:  Dan!  (hug)  Thank goodness you’re all right.  I’ve been so worried about you.

Dan:  Emily, I’m glad you’re here.  These are some new friends of mine, Molly and Leo.

Emily:  Hello.  (back to Dan)  Honey, where have you been?  What’s going on?

Dan:  I’m fine, Emily.  Everything is OK.  I’m sorry if you were worried.  I have so much to tell you.

Emily:  Let’s go home, Dan.

Dan:  Yes. let’s go home. (shakes hands with Leo and Molly) Thank you, Molly, Leo.  You’ve been a big help to me.  You’ll see me again.

Leo:  Sunday morning, right?

Dan:  Right.  (Dan and Emily exit)

(Molly and Leo stare after them for a moment)

Molly:  I hate to say I told you so.

Leo:  About what?

Molly:  I told you somebody would see the light in the window one of these days.

Leo:  Oh yeah?  Well you almost didn’t recognize it when it did finally happen.

Molly:  I knew.  I knew right away.  I just wondered if you’d see it for what it was.  I was testing you.


Leo:  Did you say you thought I looked handsome, singing in the choir?

Molly:  Yep.

Leo:  Molly, I got a question for you.

Molly:  What’s that?

Leo:  Would you have dinner with me?

Molly: (turns slowly to look at Leo)  You mean like at a restaurant?

Leo:  Yep.

Molly:  At night?

Leo:  Yep.

Molly:  Just you and me?

Leo:  Yep.

Molly:  Why, Leo...

Leo:  What do you say, Molly?

Molly:  Why yes, I would like that.
(Leo extends his arm and Molly takes it as they exit, down center isle)

© Peg Barnell. All rights reserved.
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