Summary: Three ladies discuss the merit of three men coming to honor the baby Jesus. We learn that the magi had the right idea after all.
Style: Light-hearted. Duration: 5min
Actors: 3F


(the set is simple, a table and three chairs. It looks like is a small get-together of friends for the holiday season. Ages can be what ever fits)

Lady One- Did you hear that Billy McGuffrey came down with the chicken pox and they had to ask Susie Dirkley to be a wise man?

Lady Two- That should be a sight. She will be the smallest that is for sure. Poor thing.

Lady One- If you ask me, it’s about time that a female plays that role.

Lady Two- Three wise men? Really?

Lady Three- Well, they did bring gifts. That should count for something. At least they didn’t show up empty handed.

(all three ladies laugh)

Lady One- Well, if it had been my Steve, he would have shown up with snow boots and a circular saw.

Lady Two- That is so true. But what did they bring? Frankincense, gold and myrrh. I wouldn’t have minded the gold, but the other two? What good would those have been.

Lady Three- It goes to show that those wise men didn’t have girlfriends. I mean, really, if they did, they would have had talcum powder, a couple of onesies, and a Walmart gift certificate.

(all three laugh again)

Lady Two- They took forever to get there, too. I mean, Jesus was already two or three years old, wasn’t he?

Lady Three- Yes, I think that is correct.

Lady Two- Well, you think that they could have at least shown up on time. You do have to give the shepherds credit for being timely.

Lady One- But poor Mary, she went through that long journey, with a husband who wasn’t all that sure about this in the beginning, and riding on a donkey. And I think we all know how tough it would have been for her giving birth.

Lady Three- With nothing around but her husband and the cattle.

Lady Two- And then after all that, in come those crazy shepherds. I bet Joseph was none too happy.

Lady One- So after all that excitement and thinking that everything was getting back to normal. She has these guys show up.

Lady Two- At least they finally stopped and asked for directions.

(the ladies laugh again.)

Lady Three- Do you think they wanted lunch when they got there?

Lady Two- I still think they could have thought of better gifts to bring. I mean, what good did those gifts do? We know that “Mary held these things close to her heart”, but what good did that do?

Lady Three- You know, I seem to remember reading somewhere, that they may have used those gifts when they had to flee.

Lady One- What do you mean?

Lady Three- Well, King Harod wanted to kill Jesus the baby. That is why the wise men went back to their countries another way. Pretty smart, don’t you think? And when Joseph was warned in a dream to flee, they would have needed funds of some kind to go that far. They probably took those expensive gifts and used them to leave the area. Only God could have seen what was to happen and had made it so Joseph could take care of his family.

(silence among the women)

Lady Two- Come to think of it, I guess the wise men had the best gift advisor ever. God the Father. Not so bad.

Lady One- I guess they were Wise after all.


Copyright Ronn Gordon, all rights reserved.

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