Summary: Prophets Micah and Isaiah discuss their visions of the future Christmas.
Style: Light Comedy/Drama.    Duration: 6min
Actors: 2M
Scripture: Micah 5:2;  Isaiah 11:1;  Isaiah 7:14;  Psalm 72:10;  Psalm 72:9

Micah - a prophet
Isaiah - a prophet


(Setting:   Isaiah’s house . As Micah enters DL, Isaiah is seated in ‘The Thinker’ position with right elbow on right knee and right hand supporting his chin.  Left arm is partially wrapped around left knee.)

Micah:   Are you alright Isaiah?
Isaiah:   (Tersely) Yes Micah.  Sort of.
Micah:   What are you doing?
Isaiah:   (Annoyed) What does it look like?   I’m trying to think.   You do know what that is don’t you?
Micah:   I think so.   You look kind of serious.
Isaiah:   I was trying to be prophetic…..before I was so rudely interrupted.
Micah:   It’s not hard to be pathetic.
Isaiah:   Not pathetic, prophetic.   Doing what we prophets are meant to do.   Prophesising -   
               foreseeing the future.  
Micah:   Maybe you’re trying too hard.
Isaiah:    Maybe.   Have you come up with anything lately?
Micah:   Yes, a few things.   A while ago I foresaw that in about two and a half millennia, a
               football team will win their first premiership for 44 years.
Isaiah:   Well that’s not likely to change the world is it?
Micah:   Oh, you never know.   It might make a lot of people happy.
Isaiah:    (Thoughtfully) Hmmm, for a while perhaps.   
Micah:   Anyway, I try not to let it get to me too much, unlike you it seems.
Isaiah:    Well, it’s a big responsibility and I can’t do it on my own, so I ask God to help me.
Micah:   Now there’s a good idea.   It works well for me.   Does it work for you?
Isaiah:   Yes it does, but not always straight away.   What other things have you foreseen?
Micah:   Nothing quite as accurate or interesting as the football team.   I had something the other
               day about someone who will be ruler over Israel.  There was a word Bethlehem somewhere    
               in my thoughts too.   It’s still a bit vague though.
Isaiah:   Now that’s a coincidence.   I’ve been getting something like that on my radar too,
               about a great person descended from the Jesse Tree.   I wrote it down actually.  (Reads
               from scroll) The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him and he will have the Spirit of wisdom and
               understanding, counsel and might, and knowledge.   He will not judge by what he sees with
               his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears; but with righteousness he will judge the  
               needy, and with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth.
Micah:   That’s a bit more detail than I’ve had so far.   Sounds promising if both of us thought of it.
Isaiah:    Sure does.   I also got something about this person being born to a virgin, which seems
               a bit strange.  
Micah:   I’ll say.   That sounds like something that only God…manage.
Isaiah:   (Nods) Definitely. (Pause)  Do you know that about 300 years ago King David foresaw some
               interesting things too?
Micah:   David you say?   Wasn’t that the name of the kid who threw a rock at that giant Goliath and
               killed him stone dead… to speak?
 Isaiah:   Yep, same guy.   He grew up to be a mighty King and wrote most of the Psalms.   In Psalm 72
               he talks about a great king in the future that the tribes of the desert would come and
               worship and other kings would bring gifts to.
Micah:   Could the tribes of the desert be shepherds?
Isaiah:    Most likely.   Shepherds live out in the desert.
Micah:   And could the other kings he mentions be wise men?
Isaiah:   Yes, most kings are wise men.
Micah:   (Excitedly) Wow, this is almost too good to be true.   With King David and you and me all
               foreseeing these things, it must be going to happen one day!    
Isaiah:   It’s exciting isn’t it?
Micah:   Yes, and not at all pathetic.
Isaiah:   (Looking helplessly at Micah and shaking his head slowly).   No.   We’d better get it set in
               stone.   Let’s go and see the mason.
Both Exit DL.

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