Summary: The three Wise Men's camels are not impressed with the journey they are being taken on.
Style: Light-hearted.   Duration: 7min.
Actors: 3M/F

Goldie, Frankie and Myrrvin (three camels)


Goldie:  That can't be right, you must have misheard.

Frankie: No, they definitely, definitely said they are going to find a baby.

Myrrvin: A baby camel? aww how cute.

Frankie:  (sarcastically) A Baby camel, no not a baby camel. Apparently he is going to be the King of the Jews. A very special baby.

Goldie:  But they have a king.

Frankie:  Maybe he'll be a better King.

Myrrvin: Can't be much worse.

Goldie and Frankie together: Myrrvin.

Myrrvin: What?  You were both thinking it, I just said it.


Myrrvin: Are we nearly there yet?

Frankie:  I have no idea.

Goldie:  How much further?  My feet are killing me.

Frankie:  We have been travelling a long time, so I doubt it will be much further now.

Goldie:  You said that an hour ago.

Myrrvin:  Bet they don't even know where they are going.

Frankie:  They are following a bright star, they said.

Goldie:  Brilliant, that’s just brilliant.  I mean there aren't many of them in the sky are there.

Myrrvin:  We're doomed, lost, never to return home again.

Frankie:  Wait.  Look, if I'm not mistaken that's where the King lives.

Goldie:  Finally, a break.

Myrrvin: A well earnt rest. Wake me up in a couple of hours, just going to have a long long snooze.


Myrrvin: (sleepily) What, What's happening? What's going on?

Frankie:  They said it wasn't the right place.

Goldie:  What do you mean, not the right place?

Myrrvin:  No baby then.

Frankie:  Yes, just not here, they need to keep looking.

Myrrvin:  Noooooooooooooo.

Goldie:  Great job they did of following that bright star then. So now what are they going to do?

Frankie:  Keep following that bright star, I imagine.

Myrrvin:   Nooooooooooooooooo.

Goldie:  Well they better make sure they keep an eye on it this time, as I don't think I can go on much further.

Frankie:  Oh come on you two, it will all be worth it in the end.

Myrrvin and Goldie together:  (sulkily) Whatever.

Frankie:  Ok but just you wait and see.

Myrrvin:  (gasping for breath) Can’t go on.

Goldie:  I don't think I'm going to make it.  (quietly) Help me.

Frankie:  Wait.  I think we're there.

Goldie:  What, don't be daft, this is no place for a King.

Frankie:  It must be, they are going in.

Myrrvin:  (sleepily) Fine by me, snooze time here I come.


Goldie:  Hey my turn, let me see.

Frankie:  Wait a minute.

Myrrvin: Ssshhhhhhh, camel trying to sleep here.

Goldie:  He's so cute.

Frankie:  He is isn't he? And I heard them say that his name is Jesus, God’s Son.

Myrrvin:  (moodily as they are keeping him awake) Well, as you two won't let me sleep, let me see. (Pushing his way through)

Frankie and Goldie together:  Hey.

Myrrvin:  Aww what a cutie. See I told you he would be worth all that hard work, but you wouldn't listen, would you.  Tut tut.


© Derek Walters. All rights reserved.
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