Summary: Folks are startled when an alien lands and wants to know what Christmas is all about, but not nearly as much as when they realize how shallow their attitudes are.
Style: Dramatic.  Duration: 1min
Actors: 5M/F, 1C, +V
Scripture reference: Matthew 2, Luke 2




(Setting: A typical shopping mall or street. Several shoppers enter carrying lots of packages, chatting; secular holiday music can be lightly played in the background.  Alien enters looking and acting weird.)

ALIEN: (Robot type voice) Hello earthlings.  I am Boink from planet Zoink,.

(ALL drop packages, gasp, one faints dead away.  Mother pull child defensively into her arms.)

ALIEN: Fear not.  Tell me.  What is the meaning of all this? (Sweeps hand)

(Shoppers reply in fearful tones.)

1: It's Christmas.  

ALIEN: Christmas?

1: You know, the holiday - Christmas.  Shopping, giving presents.... (Alien keeps looking confused)

2: We decorate trees and put out colored lights and hang up stockings.

3:  We sing Christmas songs   (Starts a really weak rendition of jingle bells then drops silent. Alien has to lean forward to hear, which makes all the people shrink back in fear)

4: (Who has picked up the dropped bag of cookies; offering it to alien) We eat Christmas cookies.

Child: (Assertively and cheerfully) We tell stories about the baby Jesus.

ALIEN: (Straightens up and dropping some of the robotic voice to sound enthusiastic and joyful) Jesus! We had Jesus on my planet!  We built a throne from precious gems for Jesus.  We brought presents to Jesus.  We worshiped Jesus with thousands of songs and crowned him King of kings and Lord of Lords.  What did you do for Jesus on planet earth?

1: (Ashamed, everyone else drops their head and looks ashamed) We crucified him.


© 2005 Kathy Applebee .  May be used freely to teach, preach and glorify God.
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