Summary: Middle-aged Marjorie is asked to play a part in the Sunday School Christmas play. Puffed up with pride, she wrongly imagines that she has a starring role. She is therefore shocked to find that the BOAD is in fact the backend-of-a-donkey. The play was first performed by a church women’s group which is why the main characters are female in this script, but some could be male. Keywords: pride, Christmas, pageant.
Style: Lighthearted.  Duration: 10min
Actors: 1N, 4F, 1M, 3M/F
Scripture Reference: Proverbs 29:23

Boad - Marjorie
Sunday School teacher - Linda
Vicar's wife - Ruth
Two dressers
Choir leader - Joan

Brief scenes in the church foyer and Marjorie’s house, with most of the action taking place in the dressing room, backstage at a Christmas play.

Signs: dressing room, Backstage, Church foyer, Marjorie's house
Donkey head (x1)
Donkey costumes – (1) Front Body (2) Back Body-with tail
Grey blanket
Mary & Joseph costumes


SIGN - 'Church foyer'
Narrator : Our story begins in the church foyer, with the Sunday School teacher talking to her Aunt Marjorie.
Linda: Aunt Marjorie, I need a favour.
Marjorie: Certainly dear, if I can.
Linda: We need someone to be the Boad in the Sunday School Christmas play, and you'd be perfect!
(Marjorie mimes while narrator says…)
Narrator: Marjorie puffs with pride, imagining a Boad to be a nymph-like creature, in a filmy costume - green and gold perhaps, with sequins strategically placed to catch the light…..
Linda: The thing is, Aunty, we need someone your size, because the kids are too small.
(Marjorie does 'floaty' nymph-like movements and says…)
Marjorie: But I'm 51 dear, won't I be too old for the part?
Linda: No, no, Aunty, just right!
Marjorie: But what about rehearsals, dear? You know I'm busy with the Op Shop and the Ladies Guild…
Linda: Oh, no problem - it's just a walk-on part. Be here early on the day to get dressed and you'll be fine.
Marjorie: But what about the costume - shouldn't I try it on?
Linda: No need to, it's a one-size-fits-all costume. Don't worry.
Marjorie: Okay then dear, count me in!
Linda: Oh thanks, Aunty Marj - you're a real spunk!
Marjorie: Well, I've no idea what that means dear, but I'm looking forward to it, already!
(Linda and Marjorie exit)
Narrator: Marjorie is used to her niece's casual approach to Sunday School productions. She wonders, briefly, where nymphs will fit into the Christmas story, but everyone knows about Linda's artistic flair, and how she loves to extend everyone's imagination!
SIGN - 'Marjorie's House'
(Marjorie mimes as the narrator says…)
Narrator: On the performance day, Marjorie allows herself plenty of time to get ready. She styles her hair and brightens her makeup for extra effect. She even makes sure she's wearing her prettiest lingerie, in case the costume is a bit see-through! Satisfied that she looks her best, she goes to the church hall, feeling confident and just a little excited.
(Marjorie exits and returns when dressing room sign is in place).
SIGN - 'dressing room'
Narrator: In the dressing room Marjorie is greeted by the Vicar's wife, Ruth, who shouts…
Ruth: The Boad's here! Where are my helpers?…
Narrator: Marjorie's sense of expectation grows as two youth leaders enter.
Ruth: Okay Marjorie, let's get this costume on.
Marjorie: Shall I strip down to my necessaries, then?
Ruth: No, no - the costume will fit over the top. Okay girls, hold the sides. Now then, Marjorie, step into the legs and I'll do the back fastening.
Narrator: Marjorie does as she is told. The costume feels bulky and is dull grey, with no filmy bits or sequins. It only comes up to shoulder level, and Marjorie is about to ask what's going on top, when Ruth shouts…
Ruth: Okay Joan, we're ready for you!
Narrator: Joan, the choir leader, appears in the doorway, dressed in a similar grey outfit.
(Marjorie looks at her quizzically, but decides there must be TWO Boads).
Ruth: Follow me, Marjorie. I must say, you're a good sport to take this part!
Marjorie: (looks puzzled and mutters…) Oh....?...really?...why would…..?
(All exit until backstage sign is up, then re-enter, making sure Joan is behind Marjorie at all times, with donkey head-piece held at her side, out of sight.)
SIGN - 'Backstage'
(Mary & Joseph enter and stand to one side)
(Ruth, Marjorie and Joan mime as Narrator says…)
Narrator: Marjorie follows Ruth backstage. Joan follows behind them, and Marjorie notices that Joan is putting something on her head. Before she can get a good look at her, she sees two fellow church members, dressed as Mary & Joseph, waiting in the wings of the stage. She smiles at them, and says…
Marjorie: I'm the Boad, you know. (smugly, preening, flitting about)
Joseph: Yes, we know. I was the Boad last year. (Then, spelling out the word Boad loud & clear) B.O.A.D. - backend of a donkey!
(Marjorie faces the audience, looking suitably stunned. Horrified, she feels behind her back to discover the tail on her costume!)
Ruth: Okay, Marjorie, bend over and hold onto Joan's waist.
(Marjorie puts her arms around Joan's waist, and Ruth throws the blanket over them).
Ruth: (shouts) CUE MARY, JOSEPH AND THE DONKEY! Good luck, people …’re on! (waving them all onstage)
(Joseph leads the donkey ‘onstage’ with Mary walking beside, then all exit).
©  Copyright Jennie Chappell, all rights reserved.
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