Summary: A monologue by Zacharias right before the birth of John. This was written as part of an Advent series. Others in the series are Gabriel, Mary Ponders, and The Temple Pair.
Style: Dramatic.   Duration: Approx. 5 minutes.
Scripture:  Based on Luke 1
Actors: 1M





Zacharias: I’ve had a long time to think.  I’ve been alone with my thoughts for months now, unable to voice them, unable to express what was deep inside.

I was working one day at the temple and all of the sudden a man, an angel, was standing there.  Right beside the altar.  It of course scared me.  I about dropped the incense I was carrying.  His first words to me were, “Don’t be afraid.”  Really?  You just appear out of nowhere, some place where no one else is suppose to be and I’m not suppose to be afraid. Good luck with that.

And then he goes on to tell me that my prayers have been answered and that my wife, Elizabeth, will have a son.  Not only would we have a son, but this son was to get the people ready for God. And we were to name him John.

Now, I didn’t mean to question God or anything, but it was only natural.  We are both old and well beyond our child bearing years. The next thing I know, my questioning has led to me being mute. The angel then tells me that I will be mute until my son is born.  

So here it is nine months later and everything the angel said has happened. My wife got pregnant and the big moment is almost here.  I’ve had months to think about this moment. Months to think about what my first words would be.  There are times when I was sure my first words would be angry, times when I was sure that my words would be joyful, and times when I was sure I would be silent forever.  

But now here in this moment, I know what it will be, for it can only be one thing.  Praise. How can I do anything but praise God, praise Him for my long desired son. Praise Him for a long awaited savior.  Praise Him for answered prayers and kept covenants.

He’s here.  His name will be John.


© Michelle Patterson, All rights reserved.
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