Summary: Christmas is a time when so many focus on Christ. However sometimes it is hard to focus on the relationships within our own families, and on those that still need to learn to trust and love Him.
Style: light-hearted   Duration: 12 mins
Actors: 2M, 3F



 Daughter (Susan) (college age ok)
Mom -  Joanne
Dad – Jack (nerdy looking)
Aunt Mary (reserved; quiet)
Uncle Bob (very jovial)


(Scene – living room with small table with Christmas table cloth and small lounge chair with newspaper. Mom is fussing with the table cloth.)

Susan – Hey mom, (coming in the door) where do you want these groceries? (carrying a grocery sack)
Mom – Oh just put them here on the table. Thank you so much for going to get them for me. I am just not sure where all the time is going!
Susan – That’s ok, I love to go shopping a day or two before Christmas. ( jokingly) It isn’t too terrible having to park over a mile away from the store! (looks at mom who is looking inside the sack of groceries)  And walk uphill both ways! (again no response from mom)  It was the blizzard part that got to me…..
Mom - (shocked) Blizzard! They weren’t calling for any bad weather today.
Susan – I know, mom.  I was just trying to get your attention. You seem kind of zoned.
Mom -   Sorry,  honey.  I am just thinking about your aunt and uncle, and if they will show up or not.
Susan -  I am sure they will show up, snookered!  I do not know why you and dad waste your time every year inviting Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob.  They come over and eat, open presents and then leave before we even have birthday cake for Jesus or go to church.  And do you know that last year I caught Uncle Bob trying to spike the eggnog!
Mom – Now Susan, he claims that was just his cough medicine and he slipped while pouring some…
Susan – Seriously, Mom, cough medicine doesn’t say Jack Daniels on it!
 (Dad enters)
Dad -   Hey, how are my favorite two girls?
Susan – Hi Dad, how was work?
Dad -   Busy, busy…everyone trying to get their last minute shipments before the holidays.
Mom – (stern voice) Jack!
Dad  - I mean “before Christmas”. Sorry, I just get so used to saying that at work that it is hard to flip back.
Mom – I know, Jack, but we decided we were going to take a stand. We were going to say Merry Christmas, and not Happy Holidays.
Dad -     (all smiles-  gives wife a big hug)  You’re right, just like always, and that is why I love you so much. (moves in like going to give a kiss)
Susan – Um, excuse me.  I am still in the room.
Mom – (patting down her clothes and hair) And I still have a lot of things to get ready before they get here. (Mom exits with groceries)

(Dad sits down, gets newspaper and starts to read it. Susan walks around room idly, then sits on arm of lounge chair.)

Susan – So, Dad, I was just asking mom why we waste our time every year inviting Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob over.  They really don’t care about the true meaning of Christmas. All they care about are the presents and the food!
Dad – (slowly folding up his paper)  Susan, I think we need to look at the situation a little deeper than just food and presents.
Susan – I don’t know what you are talking about. That is all I see. They come, they eat, they open presents and they scram. Sometimes they try to spike the eggnog. Sometimes they come trashed.  Why do we waste our time with them at this time of year? Aren’t we supposed to surround ourselves with other people who believe what we believe?
Dad -     Ok, let’s look at this with the eyes of Christ….
Susan – What, a baby?
Dad -     You know what I mean. As through his teachings and ministry.  When you see your Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob all you see are the unsaved, sometimes uncouth family members that you have put up with for about 18 years now.
Susan – You’re telling me!
Dad -    But what if we look at them through Jesus’ eyes, as those to be saved. Those that we should share our lives with and show our salvation to.  Sometimes we need to do more to show people Jesus’ love and compassion than just talk or preach to them.  
Susan – Ok, but this has been going on for how many years? Why do we keep trying? Shouldn’t someone else give it a shot?
Dad -       Whom do you think we should hand this over to?
Susan – I don’t know.  Maybe grandma and grandpa?
Dad –    I love your grandma and grandpa, but they have washed their hands of your aunt and uncle. They have been hurt too many times by them over the years.
(Mom comes back into the room)
Mom –     Ok, guys, they’re here!
(Mom exits)
Susan – Here we go again.

(Mom brings in Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob)
Uncle Bob – Hey there, everyone! How are you all doing?
Aunt Mary – Yeah, how is everyone?
Mom & Dad – Great! Good! (shaking hands and hugging)
Susan – (off to the side)  Hi. (not excited)
(Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary come over and start fussing over Susan, hugging on her, etc. She looks uncomfortable)
(Aunt Mary wanders over to one side and starts to sniffle and cry- no one but Susan is watching )
Susan – Aunt Mary, what’s wrong?
Aunt Mary – Nothing, honey. I just… you know I sometimes wonder about all of this.
Susan – All of what?
Aunt Mary – You know, the whole Jesus thing.  I just don’t understand all of it.
Susan – What, that Jesus was born?
Aunt Mary – No honey (smiling sadly) the whole … Jesus was born to die for our sins so we could be with God in heaven.
Susan – (looks confused) Aunt Mary, I didn’t think you believed any of that?
Aunt Mary – Oh Susan, do you think your Uncle Bob and I are totally daft? We have been listening to your  mom and dad for years now.  We had to pick up on something!
Uncle Bob – (walking over) Yep, we started going to church a couple of months ago. We met this couple at the local campground one evening and they invited us to their church.  It seemed kind of strange at first but then all that stuff you guys (pointing at mom and dad) have been talking about started to really click!
Dad – Wow,  Bob, that’s great! We had no idea…….
Bob – Yeah, we kept thinking about telling you, but we were afraid that you would be upset we were not at  your church.
Mom – Heavens no,  Bob. We are just ecstatic that you are attending church!
(awkward silence)
Mom – Let’s all have some cookies.
(Mom, Aunt Mary, Uncle Bob exit)
Susan – Hey dad. (motions for him to come over) I think I get it.
Dad – Get what?
Susan – All these years, all the craziness,  you were planting a seed.
Dad – well, uhm….
Susan – You were getting it ready for the right people to approach them.
Dad – We all play an important role, some of us prepare the ground, some plant the seed and some get to harvest.
Susan – Wow,  I never really thought of it like that.
Dad – Like what?
Susan – We are like farmers.  Farmers for God!
Dad – (smiling slowly) I never thought of it like that either. (laughing)
Susan – Thanks, Dad. I’m so glad we were there to plant the seed for Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary.

Dad  - Who would have thought our mission field was our own family?
     Or alternate:
Dad – (smiling slowly) Yeah, sort of gives new meaning to the term "mission FIELD." Doesn't it?
(both exit)

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