Summary: Two angels discuss Christ’s coming as a baby in Bethlehem.
Style: Dramatic.  Duration: 8min
Actors: 2M/F

2 Angels


A1:  (Excitedly) It’s here! It’s here! The time has come at last! It’s finally going to happen!

A2:   What is? What’s going to happen?

A1:   What the prophets have been telling the humans for hundreds of years. It’s all about to come true!

A2:   About the Son you mean? About Him going down to earth?

A1:   Yes, yes, of course. Oh, I’m so excited – and we’ll have our part to play, you mark my words.

A2:   So He’s really going to go? We’d better prepare them. This is going to knock them for six.

A1:   Well they’ve been waiting for it to happen for years so they should be ready really.

A2:   Yes, but they always get the wrong end of the stick, don’t they – you never know with humans; but then, of course, when they see Him, they’ll know, won’t they?

A1:   How do you mean?

A2:   Well, when He appears in all His glory, there’ll be no doubt about who He is, will there?

A1:   I’m not so sure – you see, He’s not going to appear in all His glory.

A2:   Oh, I get it  -  He’s going to go incognito at first and then whip off His disguise and say ‘Ta da!’

A1:   No.

A2:   What then?

A1:   He’s going to become one of them.

A2:   A human?  No, He can’t – surely – how will people know who He is?

A1:   It might take a bit of time.

A2:  So He’s going  to become one of them for a bit and then reveal who He really is?

A1:   For 33 years actually.

A2:   Thirty three years? How’s He going to do that then?

A1:   He’s going to do the whole human thing – so He’ll experience everything what they do.

A2:   Oh, no! He doesn’t deserve that! Where will He start?

A1:   He’ll be born as a baby.

A2:   A baby? But what about His majesty and His glory?

A1:   All left behind  -  here.

A2:   Well at least He'll be born in a palace somewhere I expect.

A1:   No.

A2:   Where then?

A1:   In a stable.

A2:   A stable? A stable where animals are kept? You must be joking! How come?

A1:   Well you know how humans often like to count things?

A2:   Like their money you mean? Why can’t they see that that won’t last for ever?

A1:   Well this time they’ll be counting people and everyone will have to travel to the place where they originated from so that they can be counted.

A2:   Whatever for?

A1:   Who knows – but it means that Mary – that’s who’s going to be His mother – will have to travel away from home just at the time when He’s going to be born and there’ll be so many people that they won’t be able to find a decent place to stay.

A2:   And this Mary – surely she’ll be someone important – after all, she’ll be giving birth to a king.

A1:   No, she’s just an ordinary girl – engaged to a carpenter actually.

A2:   Does she know who she’s giving birth to?

A1:   Well Gabriel has been to tell her, but Joseph, who’s she’s engaged to, is going to take a bit of persuading.

A2:   I bet he is!.....................So let me get this straight  -  will anybody know just who this baby is?  I mean, won’t there be any trumpets heralding His birth – any national
 celebrations, any parties in the streets? I’ll just be bursting to tell everyone just who has just landed on earth.

A1:   I’m glad you’ve said that because quite a few of us will be appearing in the night sky to tell some people about His birth, and you’re included.

A2:   Yipee! About time too! So we’ll be going to the main leaders, kings, rulers and so on?

A1:   Not exactly. It’ll be to some shepherds looking after their sheep.

A2:   What? What have they done to deserve such an honour?   

A1:   Well, He Himself will be a shepherd to people – to lead them in the right way, so that’ll be quite fitting really.
A2:   So just shepherds – no kings, no rulers, no important people?

A1:   You haven’t got the hang of this have you? There aren’t any favourites with our God – everyone from the least to the greatest is loved just as much by Him.

A2:   (sulkily) So no kings then?

A1:   Well you might be surprised to hear that some wise men from the east will be coming later to find Him – because at least they recognize His royal status and
 they will be going to worship Him and will take costly gifts to present to Him.

A2:   Well, thank goodness for that! (Pause) By the way – I forgot to ask – just exactly why is He putting Himself through all this?

A1:    Don’t you remember what the prophet Isaiah said? He’s going to be despised and rejected by men, oppressed and afflicted and He is going to bear their sins.

A2:   Oh, He really does love them, doesn’t He? Let’s get going to those shepherds –  they need to know that a Saviour is coming to them and they can be the first to welcome Him.  
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