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Summary: A shepherd and one of the three wise men experience the peace of Christmas together as a result of an unexpected meeting.
Style: Dramatic.    Duration: 7min
Actors: 2M
Scripture: Luke 2: 7-15 Matthew 2: 1-2, 7-11

Reuben - a shepherd
Caspar – a wise man


(The scene is a field outside Bethlehem. Reuben, a shepherd, is sitting on the ground looking somewhat bewildered, when a figure on foot appears from stage left (the east). )

Reuben: (Startled) Woh, who are you?

Caspar: I might ask you the same thing, friend. Who’d want to be out here in the wilderness on such a cold night?

Reuben: Well I’m Reuben and I work here as a shepherd. It’s our job to look after these sheep and keep them safe from wolves and other predators….(then looking accusingly at Caspar)…and sheep thieves wandering round the fields at night.  You haven’t answered my question.

Caspar: Oh, sorry. I can assure you I’m not a thief. I don’t even like lamb.  My name is Caspar.

Reuben: (Scared.) C-C-C-Caspar! Y-Y-You’re n-n-not a g-g-g-ghost are you?

Caspar: Good heavens no. I’m alive and well. I’m a king actually.

Reuben: (Still unsure) A king eh? (then sceptically…) You don’t look like a king. Where’s your crown?

Caspar: Well, when I say king, I’m probably more of a wise man.

Reuben: Wise man or wise guy? Look mate, I’m sorry if I sound a bit sceptical, but you  turning up unannounced is the second thing that’s come out of nowhere tonight,  and I’m still pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming or not. What are you doing  here anyway?

Caspar: I ’m trying to catch up to my two compatriots. They’re riding camels, as I was,
 but my poor old fellow blew a sandshoe a few miles back and I told them to go on
 ahead. It’s a wonder you haven’t seen them. We were following that (pointing)
 unusually large star up there that we’ve never seen before.

Reuben: (Slowly and suspiciously.) Riiight. Yes, I’ve been watching it myself. It sure is

Caspar: Yes it is that.

Reuben: And it seems to be moving towards Bethlehem.

Caspar: Yes, I think so. (then thinking…) Now, when you say I’m the second thing that’s
 appeared tonight, what or who was the first?

Reuben: Oh, some bloke that was dressed up as an angel. He was sort of an apparition
 at first, but then he materialised and said that he’d come to bring us some glad tidings. Then all of a sudden there were more of them – a whole choir singing beautiful music. It was all pretty overwhelming….and scary! We were freaked out big time.

Caspar: (Nodding) Yes, I can imagine. (Then thinking…) What sort of glad tidings was he
 talking about?

Reuben: He told us that there was a baby born in Bethlehem tonight who’s the son of God
 and the saviour of mankind. Christ the Lord he called him. All a bit out of the blue really, but it’s got me wondering. My mates have all cleared off to see if what he said is true. Someone had to stay here with the sheep, and I drew the short straw.

Caspar: (Thinking.) Hmmm, it’s interesting what you say about the baby, because that’s the very reason the three of us were headed in this direction. We’d heard a prophecy about it back in the east and thought we’d make the journey to pay homage to this new king. We decided to use that (pointing up) new star to guide us because we figured that it must’ve been there for a reason. A bit of a risk I suppose, but we weren’t doing anything else at the time.

Reuben: Risk is right. It’s really easy to get lost out here, but so far it seems to have
 worked out ok for you.

Caspar: Well I hope it does, because we’ve all brought expensive gifts for the baby and
 the place where we bought them has a no refund policy.

Reuben: Hmmm. Pity. (Pondering) You know, this is sounding more and more like I’m not dreaming. It’s a bit much to take in, but I think it’s too co-incidental to not be really happening.....with you hearing of the future birth of the baby from so far away, and the appearance of a star that no-one has ever seen before, and those angels visiting us shepherds out here in the fields. I don’t reckon anyone could dream that up do you?

Caspar: No I don’t….and this conversation we’re having is making too much sense to be
 part of a dream.

Reuben: (Looking in the other direction.) My mates have been gone a long time too. There must be something big going on in Bethlehem or they’d be back by now.
Caspar: Yes, it would appear so. (Pause) Look, I really should be on my way to see if Balthasar and Melchior have reached Bethlehem yet, and to find out what I can. I guess you can’t leave the sheep and come with me can you?

Reuben: No I’d better not, but I don’t think I need to go to Bethlehem to find out anyway.
 Somehow I know that the son of God has been born. I feel very different to how I felt before because I believe that. I’m not frightened or uncertain any more. A real sense of peace has come over me.

Caspar: (Nodding understandingly.) Yes, I fully understand. (Pause) Well, Shalom, Reuben. I’m really glad I met you here tonight. It’s been enlightening sharing such a wonderful event with you.

Reuben: Shalom Caspar. Good luck to you. Oh, and I’m sorry about your camel.

Caspar: (Nods in thanks) Thank you. (Exits stage right).

Reuben: (Sits down and looks up in wonder at the star above.)

© Copyright Keith Lowe, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
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