Summary: A comedy based on the Shepherds going to see the new born baby. The setting is firstly based on a hill where the story is told by a father & son and then follows the shepherds journey to Bethlehem.  
Style: Light-hearted.   Duration: 12min
Actors: 5M, 1M/F + 1M, 1F (non-speakng)
Scripture: Luke 2:8-20


Characters: father, son, 3 shepherds, Angel, 2 non-speaking parts of Mary & Joseph.


Scene One

Son:  Dad I’m bored.
Dad:   Already, but we’ve only been here 10 minutes.
Son:  Well, it’s the same old thing every night, nothing exciting ever happens.
Dad:  What you mean by that.
Son:  Oh come on dad, it’s the same old sheep on the same old hill, just eating and sleeping.  I mean even the sheep are bored.
Dad:  It wasn’t always like this you know.  In fact I remember being told as a child.
Son:  Hang on, careful dad, sure you can remember that far back.
Dad:  You cheeky devil, just for that I’m not going to tell you the story now.
Son:  Go on dad, please.
Dad:  Well I remember being told that something exciting did happen on this hill, that will always be remembered.
Son:  What a murder, a yeti, a strange scary creature.
Dad:  No, an angel.
Son:  An angel, dad please what could possibly be exciting about an angel.  Did he lose his way?
Dad:  No, apparently he just appeared from nowhere with some exciting news about a king that had just been born in Bethlehem.  Shall I carry on or is it too boring for you?
Son:  Well you’ve started now so you may as well finish, it’s not as if I’ve got anything else to do.  Just give me a nudge if I start to snore too loud.
Dad:  So let me think, I believe it went something like this.  Shepherds were watching their flocks one night.

Scene 2

Shepherd 1:  Man, it’s cold.
Shepherd 2:  Told you to bring a coat.  
Shepherd 3:  You could always shear a sheep, and nick his.
Shepherd 1:  Good thought, now which one’s got the shaggiest coat.
Shepherd 2:  You can’t just shear its coat off, he’ll freeze to death.
Shepherd 1:  Rather him than me.
Shepherd 2:  (under his breath)  Ooo, I don’t know.
Shepherd 1: I heard that.
Shepherd 3:  You could just put the sheep around your shoulders.
Shepherd 1:  Yeah I could just put the sheep around my shoulders.  Do you know how heavy they are?
Shepherd 3:  yYeah, but it’ll keep you warm.
Shepherd 1:  Lugging it around will keep me warm, you idiot, and probably kill me in the process.
Shepherd 3:  Win, win situation then.
Shepherd 1:  I’ll give you win, win…………………..
Shepherd 2:  Oi you two, stop messing around.  We’re supposed to be watching the sheep, not scaring them.
Shepherd 3:  Yeah, now apologize to them for scaring them.
Shepherd 1:  (to the sheep)  I’m sor………… what am I saying.  I am not apologizing to sheep.
Shepherd 2:  You just so nearly did.
Shepherd 3:  Now who’s the idiot.
Shepherd 1:  Nearly isn’t actually doing it so nah ……………  (A bright light shines all around)   Oh my gosh what is that.
Shepherd 3:  Aliens, quick run.
Angel:  No, please don’t be afraid I have good news.
Shepherd 2:  If that news is you’re not going to kill us, then I suppose we can stay.
Angel:  Your saviour has been born.  Christ the Lord.
Shepherd 1:  Well thanks for letting us know, please say hello to him for us.
Angel:  You will find him in a manger….
Shepherd 3:  Why couldn’t they afford a bed.
Angel:  …born this very day…
Shepherd 2:  I imagine he’s very tired then.
Angel:  …in Bethlehem.
Shepherd 1:  Just a guess here, I take it you want us to go visit.   (Angel disappears)  A simple yes would have done.
Shepherd 2:  Seems we’re off to Bethlehem then to visit the King.
Shepherd 1:  Do you know the way?
Shepherd 3:  Just follow the yellow brick road.
Son:  And did they.
Dad:  Er no, but they did go to Bethlehem.
Son:  And did they see the child, just like the angel had said.
Dad:  Well aren’t you suddenly interested. I thought you said you’d be snoring by now.
Son:  Come on dad, did they or didn’t they?
Dad:  Give me chance and I’ll carry on.

Scene 3

Shepherd 2: If we are going to see this baby I suppose we should take a gift of some sort.  Any ideas?
Shepherd 3:  A crocodile.

Shepherd 1:  Oh yeah, cause there’s loads round here and the perfect gift for a BABY, d’oh.

Shepherd 3:  (mimicking) D’oh.

Shepherd 2:  That’s enough you two, concentrate on what can we take.

(All Shepherds: stop and scratch their heads for a long, long, long, long, time)

Shepherd 1:  This is no use is it; the baby won’t be a baby if we wait much longer.

Shepherd 2:  He’s right, come on let’s go, we’ll just have to be his gift.  Which way?

All Shepherds:  This way (they all turn to walk in different directions) .

Shepherd 2:  Ok, funny. Now come on, this way before the baby turns into a young man and we’re too old to walk.

Shepherd 1:  Man it’s freezing, are we nearly there yet?

Shepherd 3:  That’s it, we should have brought a sheep with us as a gift, you wouldn’t have been so cold then.

Shepherd 1:  And how do you figure that out?

Shepherd 3:  WYyou could have carried it over your shoulders and his shaggy coat would have kept you warm.

Shepherd 1:  Oh yeah ,and I thought we’d been over this and decided the sheep would be too heavy and probably kill me.

Shepherd 2:  It would be quieter though, as you wouldn’t be moaning.

Shepherd 1:  Charmin, I’ll just shut up then shall I.

Shepherd 3:  Best thing I’ve heard you say all night.

Shepherd 1:  Whatever.

Shepherd 3:  Just walk a bit faster.

Shepherd 1:  Are we nearly there now?

Shepherd 2:  NO.

Shepherd 1:  What about now?

Shepherd 3:  Beginning to wish we’d sheared that sheep now, after all.

Shepherd 1:  Aww, so that I would be lovely and warm.

Shepherd 3:  No, so I could’ve stuffed his coat in your mouth.

(Shepherd 1 goes over to hit shepherd 2 when he is stopped by)

Shepherd 2:  Oi ,you pair, I think we’re here.

Shepherd 1:  You sure?

Shepherd 3:  Only one way to find out, let’s go in.  (Pushing shepherd 1 to the front) You first.

Shepherd 1:  (pushing shepherd 2 to the front) After you.

Shepherd 2:  Ok stop pushing, we’ll go in together, ready?

Shepherds 1 & 3:  Maybe.

Shepherd 2:  (Grabbing the other 2 shepherds) Let’s go.

(The shepherd’s enter the stable and see the baby in the manger just as the angel had said and then bow down.)

Scene 4

Shepherd 2:  Wow, that was amazing.  I can’t believe we were the first people to see him.

Shepherd 3:  And we got away without giving him a gift, how cool is that.

Shepherd 1:  (ignoring shepherd 3) I know, the 3 of us, of all people.

Shepherd 3:  And we got away without taking a gift.

Shepherd 2:  Well we are the best shepherds around.

Shepherd 3:  In fact I feel like I’ve been given a gift instead. (Checks his pockets)

Shepherd 1: I for one ain’t gonna argue with that.

Shepherd 3:  Nothing, how weird.

Shepherd 1:  Who you calling weird, weirdo?

Shepherd 3:  What? I wasn’t calling anyone weird.

Shepherd 1:  Oh, that’s alright then.

Shepherd 2:  So what now?

Shepherd 1:  Back to the sheep, I spose.

Shepherd 3:  But I feel kinda different.

Shepherd 1:  You are definitely different mate trust me.

Shepherd 2:  Different how?

Shepherd 3:  Like I wanna sing and dance.

Shepherd 1:  Erm, well you do that, me I’ll be walking right over there so my ears don’t break.  (to shepherd 2) you coming?

Shepherd 2:  No, I actually know how he feels. I feel it too.

Shepherd 1:  Uuurrrggghhh

(Shepherds 2 and 3 start to sing and dance praises to the Lord as they start their journey back home whilst shepherd 1 walks far away from them)

Shepherd 1:  Oh wellI, spose, if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.  (He joins the other 2 singing and dancing praises to the Lord)  (The shepherds leave the stage.)

Son:  So, simple shepherds like you and me were the first people to see Jesus.

Dad:  Yep and according to it, it changed their lives forever.

Son:  I bet.

Dad:  In fact some say on this very night if it’s really quiet you can still hear the singing from the shepherds that night.  

Son:  So why are you still talking.  Ssssshhhhhhhhhh

(very quiet singing can be heard in the distance).

Son:  Wow!


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