Summary: Newspaper editor Sam is having a hard time finding a story, but with the help from an unexpected visitor she is able to find the true meaning of Christmas.
Style: Drama.   Duration: 30min
Actors: 8M, 4F, 3M/F + 2V

Sam Wright- The newspaper editor who’s more concerned about getting a good story than anything else
Matt- The angel that helps her realize the true meaning of Christmas
Emily- Sam’s Assistant who is over- worked but knows the true meaning of Christmas
Biblical Characters:
Mary -2 lines
Joseph –no lines
Angel 1 – angel that talks to Mary-3lines
Angel 2- angel that talks to the shepherds-1 line
Three wise men
Inn keeper-no lines
Sheep-no lines
Angels-no lines


Scene 1
(Props needed- chair, desk, computer or laptop, newspaper, stapler, picture frame, binders, bell, phone, and cell phone. Others props may be used to make it look like an office.)
(Curtains open, lights on)
(Sam enters in from the right with three or four binders in her hand. The phone rings. Sam struggles to answer it)
Sam: (picks up the phone ) The Bugle Daily News, Sam speaking. (pauses, but stays busy. Looks at the binders) Yes, sir. I Understand that we need a story by tomorrow. (Emily walks in from the right).  Sir, don’t worry, I promise you, we will find you a great story for you before tomorrow. Yes, Yes, I know. Ok, I will talk to you tomorrow. (Sam hangs up). Please Emily, tell me you have this wonderful story that is going sell millions of newspapers tomorrow morning?
Emily: I believe I do. (Emily hands her a piece of paper. Sam walks and reads the paper and Emily slightly follows behind while telling her about it.)  It’s a traditional story about a boy who people say is the King and … (before she can finish she interrupted by Sam).
Sam:Let me guess this (air quotes on king”) King” is born in a stable and a bunch of people see him. Everybody claims that this baby is the Messiah, right?
Emily: That’s some of the story, but…. (Emily  is interrupted before she can finish).
Sam:  But, what? I am sick and tired of people going on and on about this Jesus. It seems to get worse, especially around this time of the year. You go find me a story that can sell! Maybe some story about an old lady having a heart attack while fighting over a Tickle Me Elmo, or maybe twins that were separated from birth, because their drug addict mother could not take care of them, and now they’re superstars. That’s a story that I want . One thing I have learned over the years is that readers hate hearing about religion. They would rather hear about heartache and drama. Now Emily, go find me a real story!
Emily: But Mrs. Wright, it’s Christmas Eve.
Sam: I don’t care if it’s Christmas eve or not. The News never sleeps and if you don’t have me a story by midnight tonight, you’re fired! So go find me that story. (Emily runs out to the right). I swear, assistants these days. They can’t tell a good story from a bad one.  I guess I am going to have to do this myself. (Sam tries to focus, she doses off to sleep. The curtain closes)

Scene 2
(Props- Same as scene 1)
(Sam is sleeping on the desk. Matt the angel enter from the right. Matt taps on Sam, but Sam does not wake up. He then tries to shake her, she still does not wake up. Matt looks around and finds a bell and rings it. Sam jumps up and is surprised at what she sees.)
Sam: (stuttering) Who are you?
Matt: What do I look like?
Sam: (Freaks out, slightly leans on the table) Oh, my goodness, where am I? Am I In Heaven?
Matt: Not exactly. You’re at 213 West Main Street, Nashville, Tn., home Of the Bugle Daily News. Hey, do you have anything good to eat. It’s been a long trip, and I am starving? (looking around trying to find something good to eat.)
Sam: (Freaking out) Ok. I was sitting here trying to find a story. The phone rang. I answered it. Emily came in, then (pauses) I must have fallen asleep! That’s it! It’s all a dream. Ok. So all I need to do is wake myself up.
Matt: After you’re done talking to yourself, can you help me find something to eat in this joint.  All I can find are canned spaghettios and ramen noodles.
Sam: (finally comes to her senses and sees Matt) what are you even doing here, and who are you again?
Matt: I am here to help you with your story. I have a great lead.
Sam : Really? (grabs a note pad and pencil)Ok, go.
Matt: Ok. A long time ago in the city of Galilee a woman named Mary… (is interrupted by Sam)
Sam: Let me guess, This Mary is the mother of Jesus.  And this same Jesus is supposed to be the Savior of the world.  Blah, Blah, Blah. People have heard this stuff before. This is exactly what I was trying to tell Emily. You guys don’t seem to get it.
Matt: What don’t we get? God sent His Son to one day become a sacrifice for our sins.  Ok, since you seem to be the genius, what do YOU think Christmas is all about?
Sam: Making money, of course. It’s all commercial. Do you know how many people buy our newspaper this time of year?  Thousands. These people are trying to find the best sales, reading the kids letters to Santa, and figuring out how they can decorate their Christmas tree differently this year. If they wanted to hear about Jesus, they would go to church, not read a newspaper.
Matt: That’s the way you see it?
Sam: That’s the way it is.
Matt: I see. So just say we did a little research on a story, would you be interested?
Sam: What type of story?
Matt: A story that will change lives of millions.
Sam: Millions?
Matt:  Millions. Are you coming?
Sam: I don’t know.
Matt: What do you have to lose?
Sam: (Thinks for a moment)Ok,  let’s go.
(Both head out left of stage. Curtains close.)

Scene 3
(Curtains open) Sam enters from left stage slowly, walking to right stage. Matt is following behind her.)
Sam: Where are we?
Matt: We are in Galilee, where the story first began.
Sam: the Story?
Matt:  Yeah, the story. Here you go. (hands her a Bible) You are going to need this.
Sam: A Bible?
Matt: Yes, a Bible. It contains all the information you will need for this story.
Sam: (With attitude) Look, mister. I don’t need someone barking orders trying to feed me this religious mumbo jumbo.
Matt: (with attitude) Look, missy. If you want this great story, you are going to have to listen to me. Now open up that bible!
Sam: Yeah. Whatever.
Matt: (Slightly shakes his head) Now turn to Luke chapter 1 and start off with verse 26.
Sam: ok. (Sam stats to read verses 26-27. While she is reading, Mary and an angel come out Mary comes out first with the angel on the side, hidden. The Biblical characters mime to Sam’s reading.)
Angel: Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.
(Sam reads verse 29)
Angel: Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the son of the highest: and the lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: and he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and his kingdom there shall be no end.
Mary: How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?
Angel: The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the son of God.
Mary: [After pondering] Behold God's servant. Let it happen according to his will.
(Angel and Mary freeze in position. Sam lifts her head from the reading the Bible)
Sam: You expect me to believe this?!  This virgin is magically going to have a baby. Come on, can we say urban legend or what.
Matt: So you still don’t believe this story?
Sam: (hands crossed) Nope.
Matt: You are one of those people who think you must see to believe.
Sam:  Yeah.  Exactly!
Matt: (walking away from Sam, heading toward the left stage)  Well, we are going to change that.
Sam: (runs up to matt) What do you mean by that?
Matt: Let’s just say that after this experience, you will have a different view of the Christmas season.
(They both exit left stage)
SONG: Mary, did you know

Scene 4
(Sam and Matt enter in from left stage)
Sam: Where are we?
Matt: Welcome to Bethlehem. Home of where the Savior was born.
Sam: Ok.  And? (sarcastically)
Matt: (shakes his head) Just open up your Bible to Luke chapter 2 and start reading.
(While she starts to read Mary and Joseph enter from the right, and the inn keeper from the left. Freeze until she is done speaking)
Sam: Ok. And it came to pass in those days that there went a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world shall be taxed. And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David which is called Bethlehem.
(Inn Keeper crosses upstage toward Mary and Joseph. Joseph helps Mary walk, as they approach the Inn Keeper. The following scene takes place just with music and no dialog. Joseph "talks" to Inn Keeper, motioning toward Mary (who is on his arm). Inn Keeper shakes his head, and points to manger, then leads them over, with arms crossed, shrugs shoulders in a kind of "take it or leave it" gesture. Inn Keeper walks away. Joseph and Mary stand looking at the manger. Mary covers her face and weeps on his shoulder, he consoles her briefly. He helps her sit down. Lights fade, music fades. Actors freeze.)
Sam:(looks up from reading)  Ok. Just say this so called Jesus is king. Why would a king stay in a stable?
Matt:  Because He is a different kind of king; a king that is not interested in fame or fortune, but in saving souls.
Sam: Saving souls! (one hand on hip, with attitude) My soul does not need to be saved! Religion is for people who don’t have anything better to do.
Matt: You really believe that?
Sam: I am sure of it.
Matt: Ok. (starts to leave)
Sam: Where you going?
Matt: Let’s just say I am one of those people  who have nothing better to do.(exits right stage)
Sam: Hey wait!(chasing after him)
(Curtain close)
Song:  While You were Sleeping: by Casting Crowns

Scene 5
(Sam and Matt enter from right stage and walk toward left stage, but stop when they come across sheep. The star needs to be at the left side of the stage.)
Sam: Where are we?
Matt: (Ignores her question) I decided we are going to take an old fashioned Road trip.
Sam: Great! I have just the thing that can help us get there. (grabs her cell phone) My Verizon wireless phone has navigation and it will tell us how to get to our destination. (plays with her phone) All I have to do is put in where we are going. Where are we going?
Matt: you see that star?
Sam: yeah I see it, how can you not miss it.
Matt: That star will lead us to the King.
Sam: ok. (hesitates) how am I supposed to put that into my GPS? . Right under location put really big star.
Matt: Don’t worry about your GPS, we will just follow that really big star.
Sam: Are we going to call a taxi so we can follow this big star?
Matt:  Nope. We are going to do it the old fashion way……..Walking.
(Shepherds and angel enter in from left stage. Other characters don’t notice it.)
Sam: (First looks shocked then she huffs and puffs under her breath, takes off her shoes, and slightly mocking Matt)-the old fashion way… walking. (As she starts to walk she notices sheep wondering around.) What are these sheep doing here?
Matt: They must be lost.
Sam: Where are the Shepherds?
Matt: They have an appointment with an angel.
Sam: They what?
Matt: Look. (On the left side of the stage are seen the shepherds and the Angel)
Angel: Don't be afraid… I bring you great news. It will change the world. The Savior has been born tonight in Bethlehem; he is Christ the Lord. You will find the baby wrapped in a warm blanket, lying in a manger.
Matt:  Suddenly there appeared with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God.
[Hallelujah chorus begins loudly, Angel spreads arms out majestically, and Shepherds look around in fear. After approx 10 seconds of music, Angel exits, music fades, and Shepherds speak]
Shepherd 3: Quick, let's go to Bethlehem, and see this wonderful thing that has happened, which the Lord has shown us!
[Shepherds exit]
Sam: Did you see how beautiful that angel was? And those shepherds were scared to death. You know it might not be a bad idea to check into this story. You know, maybe to check to see if it’s real. Where are we headed next?
Matt: We are going to visit someone called Jesus.
(Sam and Matt both exit  from right stage)
(Curtains  Close)
(Song: Beautiful Star of Bethlehem)

Scene 6
(Matt and Sam enter from the right and Mary, Joseph and the Wise Men are by the manger. Mary is holding the baby.)
Matt: So after a while, news had got out about Jesus being born. Herod, the king at the time, sent out some men to spy on Jesus, but when these men seen Jesus, they knew he was the son of God. They started praising him and giving him gifts.
(The first Wise Man comes up and gives Mary the gift of gold. The next wise Man comes up gives the baby Jesus frankincense. The last Wise Man comes up gives the baby Jesus myrth.)
(After the wise men give their gifts, Sam goes up to Mary)
Sam: Can I hold your Baby? (Mary hands her the baby) This is so amazing. (looks down at the baby) He is perfect in every way. When I look into his eyes I know that he is not only going to do great things in his life, but that he is the son of God. (she hands the baby back to Mary) Thank you. (looks over to matt) Are you ready?
Matt: yep. Did you get everything you need?
Sam: That.  And more.
(curtains close, characters exit)
(Song: Joseph’s lullaby, by Mercy Me)

Scene 7
(Sam is at her desk sleeping. A bell rings and wakes her from a long nap. She quickly gets up, and yells for Emily.)
Sam: Emily! Emily!
Emily: (Emily enters from left stage) Yes.
Sam: You know the story you had on the king born in Bethlehem?
Emily: Yeah, it’s right here . Why?
Sam: I’m going to run it.
Emily: (confused) You’re going to run it? Just a few hours ago, you hated it. What changed?
Sam: Let’s just say I found the true meaning of Christmas.
Emily:(still looking confused) Ok.
Sam: Oh Emily.
Emily: Yes.
Sam: Tell Mr. Smith I am going to write a personal note on the front page.
Emily: Ok.(Emily leaves)
(Sam comes in front of her desk. Speaks to the audience)
Sam: I find it so amazing how sometimes we get so caught up in the worldly side of Christmas, we often forget its true meaning. Christmas is not about how many gifts you received under the Christmas tree or how many great deals you have find at your favorite store, and it’s not about who can run the best story; it’s about the birth of our savior who died for our sins.  So instead of racing to your favorite store, I encourage you instead to race home, open up your Bible and read all about it!

(Curtains close)
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