Summary: Part 6 of a series on based on the Journey of the Magi – it is suggested that this skit be used some time after Christmas – eg, the first day of Sunday School in the New Year
Style: Light-hearted.  Duration: 12min
Actors: 3M, 3+C

3+ Children


(3 Magi enter, exhausted – collapse into 3 armchairs on stage left. Make all the appropriate noises.)

C: Ah, it’s good to be home!
B: I concur, my good Caspar, I concur.
M: No place like home! Great to hear the sound of the water in the fountains.
B: Ah! Those fountains! What a sight for sore eyes!
C: Yes, and there’s nothing like my favourite armchair.
B: You know, I’ve missed the birds – to wake up to a peacock. Oh! How good is this? Come on, Melchior, come and sit down. A cup of chai is coming.
M: I’m a coffee man, myself … a nice strong Arabica.
C: Fatima is bringing everything. The nephews and nieces are helping.
B: What a wonderful home-coming!
M: Tomorrow, or maybe the next day, I’m going to have a good prowl around – visit all my favourite places
B: I’m sure – ah, here they come.
Fatima: [enters with chai, coffee] Well, here’s everything – your favorite chai, Caspar, and I’ve remembered that you’re a coffee man, Melchior.
C: Ah! Wonderful! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Balthazar – here, have some fresh chai, my good man!
(Child X; Child Y and Child Z enter. They hand round sugar and camel’s milk etc)
C: Hello, is that really you, [use name of child X], - my, how you’ve grown.
B: Goodness – I would hardly have recognized any of you! You’ve all shot up like sunflowers!
X: Have you brought us any PRESENTS Uncle Caspar?
C: What? Presents? Oh. I’d forgotten! But, as it happens … I think I have something in my camel bags for each of you.
X: What are they?
Y: Can we see them?
Z: Where did you get them?
C: Well – I can’t quite remember now – it’s all a bit of a blur. Give us a day or two, kids – you know what it’s like when you’re back from a hectic holiday.
Y: What?! You can’t remember?
C: It was all a bit of a rush getting back, you understand.
Y: You mean you’ve forgotten what you went away for?
B: Yes, we met so many people – all a bit of a blur now.
Z: Come on, Uncle! Surely you remember the STAR!?
B: [vaguely] Star? …. OH YES! THE STAR! We ALL saw it, didn’t we? Before we left? Was it that long ago?
XYZ: yes! Yes! Surely you haven’t forgotten THE STAR!
M: Of COURSE we haven’t – just a bit tired and shagged out following a prolonged walk! – And talking of shaggy – that reminds me of the shepherds.
X: Shepherds? What are shepherds?
M: They’re like goatherds – just . . . shaggier. We met them the night the star stopped. It was HUGE by that time! Brighter than we’d ever seen it before.
Y: So you really DID follow a star?
M: Oh yes! And it took us all the way to a little town called … um – It’s … a bit hazy now.
Z: What? Is that the name of the town? – “A Bit Hazy!” What a strange name!
C: Oh, Melchior, you’re getting as bad as us old duffers. It was called Bethlehem…means “House of Bread”, remember? That’s why we remembered it’s called Bethlehem. Remember? We bought bread there after 3 days without fresh food!
M: Of course – Bread-house: Bethlehem. So …. That’s the end of the story, you ankle-biters. So off you go and … do whatever it is children do - give us some rest.
B: The King? What king? The star led us to a BABY. It stopped over the place where the baby boy was.
X: Baby? What baby? You told us you were going to find a KING
Y: Z and I had a bet. I said you’d never find a king. S/He said you would.
Z: So you did?
B: Well, as it turned out, the BABY was the KING – newly born. And the Shepherds had a fantastic story to tell us how THEY found out about the king. But perhaps Melchior will tell you all about that in a little while - after
we’ve caught up on some sleep.
Z: So I won my bet!
M: Yes. I suppose you did. And what a king!
X: So what happened to your GIFTS? You said you were taking GIFTS?
C: [ he’s forgotten] Oh yes! Ah. Balthazar – YOU tell them, while I take a sip of my chai.
B: Err… ah. Well, we DID purchase gifts for him. [BUCK-PASSING] – Melchior. Can you remember what they were?
M: Of course! From some pirates! Gold, frankincense, and myrrh – and we gave them to him – well, to his parents – on his behalf.
Y: Where they nice?
M: What, the Pirates? Well – yes and no.
Y: No, not the PIRATES! … the PARENTS!
M: Oh, the parents!!!. Can’t rightly remember. Remember the parents, Caspar?
C: Certainly do, now I come to think about it. And they were very special people. I doubt I’ll ever forget them. What say you, Balthazar, my old friend?
B: What’s that? Ah… Oh. I concur, my good Caspar. Oh, this has been a very tiring Holiday! Fatima – when will you get these children back to school so we can have a wee rest?
Z: Did you have any BATTLES?
M: We had our moments. King Herod was the worst!
B: Oh Herod, yes, that’s right. How could I have forgotten!? Definitely, without a shred of a doubt. Herod. All Bad.
C: Of course yes – I was forgetting…HEROD! Now there’s an evil man!
Y: Did you FIGHT him?
C and B [ look at each other]: Did we?
M [exasperated]: In the end we didn’t have to. But we were glad we had our DAGGERS on board! We all had a dream, remember?
C: That’s right - we all had the same dream!
B: All of us.
M: We were warned not to go back to Herod after seeing the baby king.
X: We haven’t seen his star for a long time now.
Y: No, it’s gone.
Z: I wonder if the baby king’s all right?
C: Well come on then – we’ll show you all our treasures. Melchior – take them through to the courtyard
M: Oh! That’s just SO not fair! Just cos I’m the youngest! All right then. Come on, kids – this way [all exit]
© Peter & Mary Minson 2008
All rights reserved
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