Summary: How do children view the Christmas story when it’s first heard. Mary, new to the church asks questions that give us a unique view. This is a skit within a skit and has very simple sets. Keywords: Nativity play, Christmas, Children.
Style: Drama.
Duration: 15-20min
Actors: 1M/F, 9C
Scripture Reference: Luke 2, Matthew 2


Director- large kid or adult
Mary- she is new to the church, hasn’t heard the Christmas story and is confused
Joseph- he tries to explain the confusion.
Innkeeper- may wear a beard as if he is practicing in it.
Shepherd 1 - carry stuffed sheep and crook
Shepherd 2 - blanket over arm
Shepherd 3 - carries crook
Wise men


(Kids in street clothes, Mary has a pregnant belly on, (pillow hanging from shoulders), props, no sets, kids are mingling on set, director comes on)

Director- Ok guys, listen up! In this next scene Mary and Joseph have just come into town. They’ve spent all day traveling. Mary’s ridden on their donkey and is miserable. She knows the baby’s coming tonight and Joseph is kind of going crazy worrying about where they’ll stay. Mary, you have your tummy on… good, be sure to walk like you are pregnant. Ok, on page 3, start with Joseph calling the Inn.

Joseph- (he and Mary walk on stage toward the door off stage, he hollers) Hello the house! Anyone home?

Inn Keeper- (comes out of the door, with towel in hands) Not more? (throwing hands in the air) This place is a mess. I wish when the government made rules like this they’d make some plan to cover the trouble they cause. This king has just caused a major catastrophe. There isn’t a single bed left in this whole town. I’m really sorry.

Joseph- Are you sure? We’re gonna be in trouble, as you can see, if we don’t find a place to stay tonight, we have a baby on the way.

Inn Keeper- Oh my, that’s a new one. It’s coming tonight? (Mary nods her head yes) Oh my, well let me see. (thinks)

Joseph- Even a shed would do. Do you have anything like that?

Inn Keeper- Well, we do have a little shed out back that the animals stay in. It isn’t real clean and the animals smell, of course, but it is dry. Would that do, it wouldn’t cost you anything.

Joseph- Mary? What do you think? (she shakes her head again, definitely in pain) Ok, then we’ll take it.

Director- Ok, that was great, let’s move on to page 5 when the shepherds come in. Set guys move in the manger. (stage freezes while, Cherub Choir or cast sings “Away in the Manger”, then the director goes on directing the movement on stage as the following dialogue takes place)

Mary- Kyle, I’m confused. You told me this baby is Jesus, the most important baby ever born. So why is it born in a shed with stinky animals? That doesn’t seem right.

Joseph- I know it doesn’t but I think God did it on purpose. In the Bible Jesus was like that. Humble, you know, he didn’t think he was a big wig. I mean, I think it’s like an example of how we’re supposed to be. Just regular guys that don’t get all caught up in the big wig stuff.

Mary- But what’s the use in being God’s son if you don’t get anything out of it. I mean, to have the most important dad of all times and still live poor. It doesn’t make sense. (she takes off her tummy while he talks)

Joseph- When God sent his son to earth he knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Jesus gave up everything God’s son gets up there, and came down here for us. When he went back he got to be treated good again, just like we will. First we have to live here on earth and be humble like Jesus. Then we’ll go to heaven and get treated good.

Mary- Well I can’t wait. I’m not real sure about this humble thing, it isn’t so easy.

Joseph- Yep, that’s one reason Jesus came, to help us learn to be humble and loving. We ask for his help and he helps us.


Director- Ok people. Mary and Joseph you’re in the manger, the baby is here and now the shepherds have come to see him. When I give the signal, shepherds, you come on and walk to the manger. (waits for all to be in place ) OK! (points at shepherds)

Joseph- Welcome friends come in and get warm. What brings you to our humble resting-place?

Shepherd 1- Oh look, a little one. It looks like a newborn, am I right?

Joseph- You’re right, it’s been just an hour, mom and baby both healthy.

Shepherd 2- We were told to come here. You wouldn’t believe what we’ve just experienced. Do you believe in angels?

Joseph – (looks at Mary and smiles) Yes, in fact Mary here has actually seen and talked to one.

Shepherd 2- Wow, then you’ll believe our story. We’ve just seen a great crowd of angels. They came singing and telling us of a great child born tonight. Did you know a star hangs low over this place? (Joseph shakes his head no.) We knew this must be where the child is.

Mary- Sir, you’re at the right place. The angels told me that this child will be a great king, a leader of our people. This is God’s son, the Messiah.

Shepherd 3- Then it is only right that we kneel and worship him. Our new prince, come to save God’s people. (they bow at the child’s bed, all pray)

 Choir or cast sings “Silent Night”)

Director- Good job all. Mary, when you talk about the angels telling you about your child, look at the baby not at the shepherd, ok? All right, let’s take a little break here, I want to see my wise men before we go on. (she and the wisemen meet upstage while Mary and Joseph talk)

Mary- Kyle, why do you think it is that God sent angels to tell the shepherds about the baby. Why the shepherds and not other people in town, more important people.

Joseph- All I know is that in the Bible Jesus is always comparing himself to a shepherd. He is the shepherd and we are the sheep. He keeps us safe and watches over us. The shepherd is even prepared to die for his sheep the way Jesus died for us.

Mary- You mean this baby is going to die? (shocked) If God knew that, why did he send him here? That doesn’t make sense. If I had a child I wouldn’t send him somewhere to die.

Joseph- I know it’s hard to understand, but Jesus himself said he had to die, be a sacrifice so that we can be with him in heaven. When he died he took our place and canceled all the sin we would ever commit. We just have to ask him to take our sins and forgive us and we’re free of it. Then we get to go to heaven.

Mary- It’s a hard thing to get, the idea that because of this little baby my sins can be canceled out.

Joseph- Yep it does seem strange, but I forgot the best part. He does die, sin killed him, but it didn’t win, Jesus did. Jesus died on a cross, but sometimes we forget, like I did, the best part. He rose again, he won over sin. Of course that’s another story… we’ll do that one at Easter. (Slide of Christ in front of a cross, risen, while choir sings “Joy to the World”)


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