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Summary: “And they all one by one made excuses”. In the style of ten little Indians, each Christian bows out and there is no real commitment at all.
Style: Drama (with light touches). Duration: 4min
Scripture: Luke 14 Verses 15-24
Actors: 1N, 10M/F

Suggested guidelines: Narrator in the pulpit. The ten Christians are together, but spaced out a little, on centre stage. All exit one by one after they have said their lines.


Narrator: Ten striving Christians standing in a line, one of them just had to dash at the magic hour of nine.

Number 10: Right that’s it. It’s nine o’clock, it’s home for me. I’m off! (Exits)

Narrator: Nine striving Christians decided they would wait, but one just couldn’t give her all, at least not without her mate.

Number 9: I was just here because my friend was, now he’s gone I’ve got to go too! (Exits).

Narrator: Eight striving Christians, their minds so full of heaven, that one became no earthly good, and then there were seven.

Number 8: People need to know about redemption and the salvivic context of atonement, justification by faith and a belief in an eschatological dimension of Christology. This is fundamental. (Sees disapproval of others and exits)

Narrator: Seven striving Christians began to dance and sing, one really didn’t want to know, it just was not her thing.

Number 7: I can’t stand all this emotion, happy clappy, mass hysteria, I’m off. (Exits)

Narrator: Six striving Christians thought it all a bore, one of them, a “know it all” had heard it all before.

Number 6: We tried all this two years ago and it didn’t work, so why bother. (Exits)

Narrator: Five striving Christians began to pace the floor, one had an urgent meeting so he headed for the door.

Number 5: I really can’t afford the time. It’s the Deanery meeting tomorrow and P.C.C. the next night, social committees meet over the weekend to discuss the Garden Party, I’ve got house groups, prayer groups, bible studies and I just haven’t got the time to spare. (Exits)

Narrator: Four striving Christians as bold as bold could be, till one began to get cold feet, and that left only three.

Number 4: I’m afraid of where all this will take me, what it will lead to. I don’t want to get involved. (Exits)

Narrator: Three striving Christians wondering what to do, one was missing “Neighbours”, so excused herself and flew.

Number 3: (Picks up Radio Times, looks at watch then dashes out). You might well laugh, but would you miss it?

Narrator: Just two striving Christians, all the rest had gone, one felt she wasn’t good enough and left it all to one.

Number 2: I’m just not worthy for the task ahead, I will never be good enough at anything. How can God do anything through me? (Exits)

Narrator: One striving Christian called to witness in the forum, decided not to hang around, supposin’ someone saw him!

Number 1: (Collar up, slides away)

Narrator: No more striving Christians, what are we to do? A world out there awaits, could God be calling you?


(c) Copyright Sheila Hamil.
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