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Summary: A monologue in which a high school student is struggling to hear from God. In the midst of asking questions and trying to figure everything out, he/she hears a whisper and it’s from God, but doesn't understand how to handle it.
Style:  Dramatic.   Duration:  4min
Actors: 1M/F
Scripture: John 13:7


In school we’ve been told, “what if questions are not reasonable” from teachers trying to slow our silly questions, like “What if the school were to explode?”, but if anything, that has raised more what-ifs from me. Like, what if I fail this class and can’t graduate? What if my best friend actually hates me? What if I don’t get accepted into college? What if, what if, what if.

I’ve always had those little worries that mean nothing, they’re just a bunch of over thinking. But the biggest what-if I’ve ever had is, what if I’m not following God’s plan for me? For instance what if his plan for me is to not go to college and go straight into ministry? What if he doesn’t want me to be a Film Director? What if God is answering every single question I have but I’m just too stubborn to listen? Or what if I just can’t understand that He’s the one talking to me? Are my ears deaf to God’s voice?

My teacher told me that film wasn’t a reliable major; God can speak through people, right? Was that him? How do I know? I wish someone would just explain to me what is happening. How can I even figure out where I’m going in life if I can’t hear God? How in the world do I know if I’m following His plan? Is it possible I don’t have the ability to hear from him because of being young? Could God not want to talk to me? How do I have conversations with God?

I thought if I just kind of said “Yo wassup God, you got anything for me today?” that I’d get somewhere, but no. It gets me absolutely nowhere. God why are you playing games with me? What is this? Just give me something, anything to know that you are actually hearing me and that you are real.


What… Did… uhm… did God just speak to me… Uh… he.. I.. I heard a voice say not to worry, that He knows I’ll make the right decisions by him. Is this really God? Or am I going crazy? Why did it take me so long to hear from him? Was I doing something wrong? Were all of my sins too bad and unrepented for me to get an answer? Was I just asking in the wrong way? I have so many questions, but I guess now that I know how to hear from God I can ask him more freely what to do and how to do it.


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