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Summary: Two kids playing the "who do you like best" game get stuck on an important question.
Style: Dramatic.  Duration:  4min
Actors: 1M, 1F


(GARY: & LINDA: stand or sit facing each other. They're in kind of a contest to challenge each other.)
GARY: Ok, here's one for you. Which do you like best, McDonald's or Burger King?
LINDA: (Sarcastically) Wow! Like that's a real hard one. I'm a Whopper kind of girl. Is that the best you can do?
GARY: All right Miss Whopper, Who do you like best, the Reds or the Dodgers?
LINDA: Another no-brainer! I've always thought I looked better in red.
GARY: (begins to pick-up the pace) TV shows: Seinfield or Roseanne?
LINDA: Ooooo. Ah-h-h-h.... Roseanne!
GARY: Movies: Aladdin or Hunchback?
LINDA: Aladdin.
GARY: The Beatles or BoyzIIMen?
LINDA: The Beatles, but don't tell my dad!
GARY: Your Mom or your Dad?
LINDA: What?! You can't ask that!
GARY: Come on, are you quitting? Do I win? Did I ask a question you can't answer?
LINDA: No, that's just a stupid question. Ask me another one.
GARY: Okay, one more try. Who do you like best, your friends, or... God?
LINDA: (starts to protest, then reconsiders.) Now wait a minu... Hey, that's not a bad question. I think the answer is supposed to be God.
GARY: Is that your answer?
LINDA: I don't know. How do I know the answer to that?
GARY: Stop stalling. What do you think this is, anyway? It's just a stupid game, not Bible school! WHAT'S YOUR ANSWER?
LINDA: (turns very thoughtful) Well, I think I would die for God, if I had to, but I can't think of many people I'd be willing to die for...
GARY: So that means you love God best, right?
LINDA: On the other hand, do I spend more time doing what God wants me to do, or what my friends want me to do?
GARY: You really don't know, do you. I WIN!!! Finally I beat you at your own game. (GARY: gets up and happily runs off stage.) I win I win I win I win. I found something LINDA: doesn't know. I win I win I win.....
LINDA: (is not thinking about GARY: at all) On the other hand, I don't worship my friends do I? On the other hand, do I tell God the same stuff I tell my friends? On the other hand........
(Lights fade or LINDA: delivers last line to herself as she walks off the stage.)

By John Wayne Samples , ©1996 JSam Communications, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This script is available at no charge to church theatre groups who do not charge to watch the performance, and who include the author's details in an appropriate credit.

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